Friday, 26 October 2007

LIMs Rule Of Shopping

Today we've been msn-ing about shopping rules- or what SHOULD be shopping rules, more accurately. (The msn-ing is because we are both at work, and this is how we often spend our days)

1. If its the right thing, but the WRONG colour, dont buy it.

2. If it is SLIGHTLY too tight, but should be fine, cos you're going to go to the gym more often anyway, dont buy it.

3. If you've been dreaming of the uber-item, and you find something similar, hold out for the Golden Item- you will wear the lesser one a few times before you realise its Not Quite Right, and then be annoyed with it, and incapable of buying The Real Thing, cos now you have something thats almost the same.

4. If its what you want, but when you try it on it makes you look bigger/wrongly proportioned/slutty/early-to-mid-90s or cuts the circulation to your arms off, dont buy it, instead think of something else you want.

5. If you're on holidays, and you find something fun, that you wouldnt buy in Melbourne, but hey- you can wear it by the pool and no one knows you here anyway, dont buy it. Or you will be stuck forever with a crap tshirt/dress/sarong/hat that you cant throw out cos you bought it on that awesome holiday with blah-blah.

6. If you start trying on random "this'll be funny" stuff with your friend and you find something that actually kinda looks pretty good, but its red, and you hate red, dont buy it. You will only look at it once a week and think- that would be perfect, but its red. I dont wear red. (insert your own colour of hatred if its not red)

To be continued (its almost 5.30 have to pack my bags ready to leave on the dot)

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Its Bachelorette to you, thanks

It hasnt sunk in yet but uni is finished, unless I fail something, cross your fingers for me, so now I can fully devote my time to thinking about things I would like to wear/buy/investigate.

I am listening to Bat for Lashes on youtube as I write and I have to say I want to like her so much I go straight to JBs after work and buy it, but I just dont. Meanwhile I cannot stop listening to CSS and Grinderman, and have developed a definite unhealthy obsession with Nick Cave. He is the same age as my father, he is balding, he is somewhat grumpy, but my GOD is he one hot man.

I went to see Grinderman at the Forum last week, and it was the best gig I have ever been to (barring Prince, of course). The energy of these guys! Its just amazing. I took some majorly blurry pictures but you can still recognise Nick Cave and how hot he is.
Blurred. But I like to think it adds to the atmosphere of the photo.

In other news, facebook is taking up most of my worklife- does anyone else have this problem?

Maudrey and I are vacationing in Cairns in a week or so and we will send you all postcards... It will be a vacation in the way I imagine the word "vacation"- lots of drinks with umbrellas, lounging beside pools in 50's style bikinis, big sunglasses, lots of sunscreen and a ginormous pile of fashion magazines.

I am also trying to restrain cravings for the new cadburys chocolate with clinkers bits in it- sooooo yummy.

And finally, this has been the most pointless post ever, but it has succeeded in wasting some work time for me as none of my friends have done anything interesting on facebook in the last hour.

Monday, 22 October 2007

how many clothes make the perfect wardrobe?

Jesse on Hel looks said this and it got me thinking...

If I wore only my most favourite clothes everyday then perhaps I would be happier with my outfits? I love reading Hel looks for the outlandish statements that people make about their fashion choices...

"I only wear Gucci or YSL shoes"

"I am inspired by a NASA scientist on holidays"

"I only wear second hand clothes or clothes I can get for free"

I love pink and Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and the kind of romantic roccoco gilded styles but I was wearing jeans and a RED (!!!) top on the weekend- this might be someone elses dream outfit but its not mine so why should I be wearing it?

I love how KL wears his rings and collars like a uniform and how Anna Piagi has her hats. I don't want anything in particular to be my signature style just yet but that is no reason for wearing clothes that are cute but aren't ME!

Friday, 19 October 2007

eight morsels of randomness

Avast tagged. Here goes...

When it's quiet at work, I really enjoy searching my hair for split ends and snipping them off.

My ringtone du jour is 'Jump around' by House of Pain.

I simply can't bear people cleaning their nails with other nails- the clicking sound that results from this public grooming makes my skin crawl.

I have dual nationality.

If I had to choose my celebrity doppleganger I would pick Sophie Dahl in a heartbeat.

I love listening to really bad pop and gangsta music when I work out.

I will soon be adopting a cat with one blue eye and one green eye.

I am awful at figuring out what someone means when they spell things out aloud. It is still an effective tool in keeping things secret from me.

The others who I have tagged know who they are...

Monday, 15 October 2007

Its nearly party time

And I want to celebrate finishing uni by partying hard at a bar somewhat similar to this one, featured in Kylie's "Spinning Around" video, where we can wear a little bit o Stella McCartney and a little bit o vintage, and everyone looks awesome and is friendly and the music is good and everyone dances! Any ideas?

I'm not saying I want to writhe on a bar wearing gold but one of my friends might want to....

I have been watching Kylie on youtube and it makes me wanna be a better dancer.... and I do like her new song! And new look.... its a good re-invention this time, I like it.

Thats all. Now I have to go back to the essays.... Send us bar ideas!! If we like them we will invite you to the party..... but you have to do your research on Kylie and come dressed appropriately with several dance moves....

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


ok for some reason ( I suspect operator error) my links in the post below dont work... so dont click on em. Use the link list instead....

AND: Fred is Easy Street Fashion and has done his 8 facts already ( I love the stuffed thingy), emma is If You Cant think of anything nice to say..... I really should have made more effort with the tagging thing. Sorry!!

Ow Anthony! Dont tag so hard!

So we have been tagged. I am going first- 8 Random Facts about Me. This is really hard! But here goes.....

When I was little I had dead straight hair. When I was in high school it went CURLY- like thick, corkscrew curly. Lately, its been getting straight again. Weird. At the moment it is kinda wavy...

In my backyard lives a teeny bunny named Eddie. He is a grey dwarf lop bunny.... he has a green harness, loves to hop around while tethered to his hutch, and does racing laps of the loungeroom. He has a pretty bad turning circle, and screams to a stop so his legs flip out behind him- hilarious.

I dont like gold jewellery. In fact I hate it.

I have an obsession (bordering on unhealthy) with Art Deco furniture and accessories. Currently I am lusting after a floor lamp....

At my parents ranch I have 2 Palomino ponies- one big, one small, both gorgeous, fat, and naughty. The mare is going into foal this year so I will be a grandmother!

My all time absolute desert island top 1 musician is Prince. This is definitely an unhealthy obsession. But you just cant beat him! ( I agree the recent album was average. I cant find my copy to listen it into goodness... so pretend I never said that.)

I have a Diploma of Music and play flute. I also play electric guitar in mine and maudreys band- I am kinda a cross between Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and say, Courtney Love on guitar. In an outfit that is a little bit New Young Pony Club, little bit Kylie Minogue. We need a singer, bassist and dance trio, and our World Tour 2007 starts soon.

last one!! ummm.... I am reading Marilyn French's "The Womens Room", a feminist novel. I dont want to go all feminist on you, cos this blog is not about that really, but if theres one thing that makes me angry, its people other than the woman or women in question judging and making choices for them.

I now tag JohnnyOnline, emma, fred, the stiletto effect, and maudrey. Thats all. I cant be bothered with all 8- its the end of the day. And I never bought into all that chain letter passing one, anyway. There, thats 9 facts for the price of 8.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Ahh, procrastination

Its my 2nd last week of uni, and my day off. I have approx. 8000 words to write and one exam to do before next Friday. I am yet to start any of it. Instead, I am procrastinating.

For example, today I have so far changed sheets, washed dishes, tidied, moved linen to a new drawer, made a shopping list, made some phone calls, wiped down the outside of the kitchen cupboards, spent some quality time on facebook, emailed some people, read some book, and finally, in desparation, tried to pour the beans out of the bean bag into a box, so i can wash the cover, cos the bunny weed on it. Do you know how hard that is!!?? TOO hard.

So now I am wondering- is it ok to watch a movie whilst studying? Will anything sink in? Does it matter? Can I eat a massive bag of maltesers? Does the study cancel out the calories? Should I go into the city to buy/borrow the textbook I need for the exam today, or leave it til next week?
Also, a few weeks ago we recieved a comment asking for help. Anonymous (i'm guessing not her real name) wants shoe shops and strong bobby pins. I havent posted about it yet as I was waiting for inspiration and some helpful advice from friends, and then forgot, and then miraculously came across some helpful info from friends, and remembered! So here it is:

Bobby pins are tricky. You can buy hairdresser-strength ones in massive containers from Hairhouse Warehouse or Petra, I am not sure how strong these are. Best to ask the "hairdressers" who work there. But you can get lots, and in many sizes including HUGE.

Otherwise try an actual hairdresser, or a smaller shop/salon. Theres one in Clarendon St Sth Melbourne, near Park St, if that is close to you.

For shoes, our favourite is Zomp (in the city, preferably). Obviously it depends on budgetary allowances, but David Jones have seriously stepped up lately and have TONS of hot shoes. If you are desperate try Myer in the city but its more pain than its worth. If you want classic Zomp usually have some stunning shoes for less than $200. As well as some extremely stunning shoes for more than that!

You hopefully will find black peep toes almost anywhere, the gold ones might be harder.... and here is where I run out of steam. I am not really a "shoe girl" but instead just wander the streets aimlessly until shoes find me... which is more often than not at Zomp. They often have sales. I tend to avoid things like Nine West (except for the amazing silver sneakers which I own and LOVE) and Zu etc, because I like my shoes either comfy and happy for work or crazy and extravagant for play, but they might have some gold shoes- specially leading up to spring racing. I also frequent Payless Shoes on Elizabeth St, for "trendy" pairs- they cost almost nothing and wear out at about the same time you get sick of wearing them. Perfect.

Does that help? Do any readers have any better ideas? If you let us know, we can put them in our shop link list so everyone can play.

So now its back to the facebo- I mean study. If I dont post for a while its because I have had a massive, last minute panic attack and am desperately trying to work out how to do the least amount of work and still pass.

Monday, 1 October 2007

And we're already at Paris!

Its Paris already and that is my favourite Fashion Week but here are my highlights so far from New York, London and Milan:

These amazing shoes are from Christian Louboutin, made specially for David Lynch's Fetish exhibition opening soon in Paris- aren't they fabulous!!?

This is from Versace: love the hair, the colour, the shape, and WHERE did Carmen Kass get that cleavage! Its incredible!

Dolce & Gabbana.... there were several dresses similar to this one, but I love this the most for the garden colours- its so beautiful.

And this is by far my favourite dress out of all collections so far- its Roberto Cavalli, Lily Donaldson looks amazing and eerily unlike herself, the hair is gorgeous and the dress is just stunning- the colour, the print, the shape- its all just stunning.

What has everyone else liked? I thought the Marc Jacobs prints were awesome, and am looking forward to Chanel as usual this week as well as Dior....

(pics are all from