Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sydney Style? (website for Elle US) always has a great street style section- this time around they have focused on Sydney. Click here to have a look...

What do you think? Do these Sydney girls have style, or could we Melburnians do it better?

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Got great bosoms?

I went to Target tonight to check out the much-hyped Collette Dinnigan Wild Hearts lingerie.... I've been pestered about this no end and I have maintained I would not go and look because I KNEW the sizes would be ridiculous to the point of depression. But eventually I gave in to curiousity... and I was right. Stupid sizes, and more to the point, by the time I arrived (the stock went on sale on the 17th April)- almost NO briefs left. Tons of bras in small sizes, no knickers. Seems to me that everyone ELSE has gone in there, found no bra to suit, bought a pair of pretty knickers, and left.

In order to avoid both these problems, heres a couple of places to try if you are a) bigger than a C cup, and b) interested in something attractive, matching, and fitted properly:

Storm in a D Cup

They stock loads of brands like Fantasie, Freya and Fayreform, Goddess and Vestiny, in cup sizes D to J. Shop online! Its a great site.

My favourite online store is Bellaforma

They stock similar brands to Storm in a D Cup, in sized from 6-30, and B-L. This is a gorgeous site, I spend tons of time on here daydreaming- they also have an excellent sizing chart.

Closer to home, try Brava Lingerie

This is also a stunning website with online catalogue, and they have a real-life store too- at 487 High St, Prahran.

Brava also mention on their website that they collect pre-loved bras for disadvantaged Fijian women who cannot afford new bras. You can drop off your old bras at their store, even slightly worn out ones (as the parts can be made into new bras). Any sizes are welcome, but particularly needed are larger sizes- so if you have a few slightly worn bras lurking in your drawer buy some lovely new very well fitted sets and donate your old ones to some women who could really use them! I have always felt a bit odd giving underwear to op-shops, or throwing them out, and this is the perfect solution.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Street Style- Richmond

Kat, 23.

favourite shops/designers: This dress is from Alphaville, also Obus, Harem, Leona Edmiston, and non-affordable stuff like Chloe clothes and bags, Chanel tweed jackets and Burberry trench.

any outfit inspirations/influences?
In love with Prada stockings and and shoe clash...heaps of colours and patterns are very fun.

I love Dita Von Teese's classy outfit and amazing hair, she knows how a woman should dress....despite being a burlesque dancer.....Katie H has improved her dress style eg. Red dress with top cape thingy and that a-symmetrical sparkly pink thing she wore a while back...

I hate jeans and a black top, I hate baggy unshapely dresses and I hate flannel....and big shirts with little belts, 15 year olds with messy hair and too much make-up, bad fabrics, clothes that arent lined...

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Wear your conscience on your sleeve

Yeah so recently my mindset about clothing and more importantly the buying of clothing has shifted.

I hated all the bits of tat that I was "snacking" on in all the el cheapo stores (we all know which ones I mean). They aren't what I want to be wearing. They are made from crap fabrics that make your underarms smell funny 20 minutes into wearing them and generally I chuck them out after about three months beacause they have fallen apart, smell bad no matter how much you wash them or have gone see through.

So this brought up two big problems. Firstly the money wasted on the crap items and two the effect on the environment and economy of my disposable wardrobe.

The high turnover of stock in these stores leads me to think that they are not using ethical labour. Who is making these clothes? are they being paid properly and treated fairly? I doubt it. Where are these clothes going when I chuck them? Hopefully the majority are being sold in opshops but that still means there are some in landfills -yuck!

So over the last few months I have stopped buying crap and now I ...

1. have more money for the important purchases
2. smell better
3. wear nice clothes that don't show my bra colour
4. try and buy more from opshops or swap stuff with friends - very fun!
5. feel great wearing fair trade clothes where everyone involved is happy

A great place to look at if this post is something you are thinking about is the
New Internationalist. They have lots of fair trade products and answer some common questions.

stay tuned for more!

Monday, 14 April 2008

I dont get into politics, but

I just caught the tail end of an A Current Affair's story on Therese Rein which seemed to have "fashion experts" discussing how the PM's wife could improve her style.... And then gaped with surprise when Tracy Grimshaw said EXACTLY what I (and hopefully every other normal person on earth) was thinking- that Therese Rein has raised 3 kids, built her own multi million dollar business and supported her husband in becoming our PM- dont they have anything better to discuss than her CLOTHES? I am all about fashion, but honestly- Therese clearly has better things to do with her time than worry about whether she is dressed appropriately to be the PM's wife. And I appreciate that she has her own life, her own business, and isnt just a little wifey that wears twin sets and modest hemlines while she smiles beside her husband. It makes me feel that we may be in good hands with ol' Kevin, who clearly loves and supports his wife in whatever she wants to do, and respects strong women with brains and money of their own.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

last days of 24.....

Turning 25 and need makeup inspiration? Here it is......

Hats should be HUGE in 2008- starting with Winter. If we can do it all winter, come summer we will be stylish and sunsafe.
This is from one of my all time favourite Vogue shoots. So pretty! Lets all wear giant pearls and have tea at Hopetoun Tea Rooms. Divine. Mimco have some cute hats- not too outrageous, but still warm and chic. The Dietrich Trilby and Bow Mod Top Hat are my favourites.

Good for the planet, good for the purse

It seems that new season stock is sloooooowwwwwllllyyyyy making its way to the shops of Melbourne, for which I am extremely grateful. For too long now there has been nothing, NOTHING, to buy.

I am doing very well with one New Year Resolution- not to buy junk. I have only bought three cheap tops this year, and I returned one to Myer. As soon as I walked out of the store I realised I would never wear it and it was $40 wasted. Thank heavens for Myers returns policy! The other two were a stripy tshirt that I saw on my way out of the change room at Target- didnt have a tag, didnt have a price, didnt try it on- got to checkout- SEVEN DOLLARS. Fits perfectly. Wear it at least twice a week. The other one- slightly more expensive at $14.95, is black and drapy and sequinned, something I've been looking for for a long time. So totally justified.

Other than that, one black skirt, one pair of jeans on sale, and a couple of dresses, I've bought nothing. And I cannot think of anything I want, let alone FIND anything I want. I've been inundated with mags lately through a couple of flights/airport newsagencies and then a glut of subscriptions arriving all at once, and theres a lot of great stuff out there that I like the look of, but where is the actual stock???!! Since I stopped buying things on impulse ("its only $29.95!") I find I shop with things in mind already, not just to see what I can find. This works better for my wardrobe overall, and seeing as how I cant find anything I want, its better for my purse.

Shops I am trying out these days (perhaps slightly out of budget but hopefully inspirational):

Order and Progress, Curtin House,
Marais, 1/134 Little Collins St
Christine, 181 Flinders Lane

As well as current favourites, Husk and Cactus Jam. This whole not-buying-junk thing has led in another direction too- that of environmentally friendly shopping. Maudrey and I discussed this the other night and she pointed out that not only is that cheapo top going to wash badly and lose shape and you will hate it and regret spending the $25, its also going to be thrown away after no time at all, after being made from nasty materials probably by a poor child slaving away in a sweat shop. Not only is buying good quality things rarely better for your day-to-day budget its also better for the environment- less waste, less energy used to create it (well, at least you;re not contributing to this problem) and a wardrobe that lasts longer, gets worn more and is appreciated 100%.

We will start investigating some environmentally friendly labels and shops soon so we can pass them on..... Any ideas we could follow up, or stores we may have missed would be lovely!

Monday, 7 April 2008


Yes yes, posting has been few and far between.... things have been rather up and down at my abode the last couple of weeks but in another week or so (ish) things will be more better and more different, so things may or may not change on the posting front, but Maudrey and I have been discussing it, and never fear! (minor distraction by the dancing Bonds ad)..... right. Things will start to happen here at Love In Melbourne, dont you worry.

In the meantime try the crepe place in Port Phillip arcade (its not in the arcade, its in the laneway part....). Its the best place for a light dinner on friday nights or something yummy during the day.... we will probably be there in the booth at the back sighing over either something fabulous or something infuriating.

And, a trend I am participating in right now (tomorrow, really) is buying something and improving upon it.... nothing new i realise, but when you cant find what you want (ie, a sparkly, frilly, 20's style flattering mini dress) buy the basic and joosh it up! (Basic is American Apparel racer back singlet dress, joosh will be numerous frills and ribbons and TRIM from spotlight/lincraft). Then you just need a gorgeous friend with a sewing machine and more talent than you to help you out! And you have something to wear to your own birthday, along with some heavy black eyeliner and lashings of turquoise glitter....... love it!