Monday, 14 December 2009

great hair...

I love this hair.  I often wonder what colour mine would be if I let my natural colour grow through- would I last for it to get this long and stay au natural?

Sunday, 29 November 2009

books I have yet to read....

but have owned for years....
  1. Edith Wharton The House of Mirth
  2. Fyodor Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment
  3. Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights
  4. Salvador Dali Hidden Faces
  5. Judith Thurman A Life of Colette
  6. Arthur Miller A View from the Bridge
  7. Jules Verne Five Weeks in a Balloon
  8. F. Scott Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise
and have recently bought....

  1. Roald Dahl Collected Short Stories
  2. Amanda Foreman Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire
  3. Anain Nin/Henry Miller A Literate Passion
  4. D.H Lawrence Twilight in Italy
  5. Kirk Lake A Biography of Rufus Wainwright
  6. Cecil Beaton Portrait of New York
Quite a few of these books have been attempted and failed at (Crime & Punishment) or never started cos of preconceptions (Wuthering Heights).... Its a challenge alright! Some of these books are huge! Plus the fact that I am only halfway through the Marie-Antoinette biography.

On the plus side I am having a definite phase of reading historical books, biographys, etc. And most of the new books I am busting to read, so they will be easy.

but the rest..... jesus. Thank god theres nothing on tv worth watching* and I have almost finished the Mad Men dvds.

*except Two and a Half Men.

Friday, 27 November 2009

whats your summer challenge?

I have 4.

1. To do 20 mins of walking each day (this challenge was issued by someone else, not me)
2. To run 5kms
3. To finish my correspondence course
4. To read all books I own but havent read yet.

The deadline for all these is end of February.

I will update.

Technically, all 4 are easy. But, we all know if it was that simple i'd have done it already. I'm talking about you, course, and also you, unread books.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

i cant tell you how much I love this mans collar

from the sartorialist

I'm reading Marie-Antoinette: The Journey by Antonia Fraser and while normally historical or period books take me months and months with many other books read simultaneously this one is stunning. I want to read it all the time. It makes going to work so annoying.

Next up though is Nin/Miller A Literate Passion, the love letters between Anais Nin and Henry Miller. I love them both so much, I am bursting to read this.

three cheers for amazon and the current awesome exchange rate!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Thursday, 5 November 2009

mmm love streetstyle

Tommy Ton's blog jaknjill is well loved here.  Check out this 
gallery on that he's made of his favourite streetstyle dressers.  I love that all the women are unique and wear their clothes not the other way around.  I looked through it all and then came back so many times! Fifty bazillion points if you also spot a certain stylist...

Saturday, 10 October 2009

my personal style assessment

I had my personal style assessment/wardrobe consultation/personal presentation workshop/whatever you want to call it. You may remember that I was sceptical, heavily. And this continued right up until about 2 hours into the session.

It went like this: he turned up, armed with a large mirror. We (me, him and my mum) had a long question and answer section about ourselves, our lives, jobs, families, friends, how we see ourselves and how others see us, and why we are having the session. We talked, for a long time. It was a bit awkward doing this with my mother. I kept silent when he asked her questions and vice versa, although I could see her itching to have her 2 cents when I answered questions. Answering the questions was probably the most confronting part.... A few times I felt extremely wanky, vain, self-absorbed, overindulged, but I think thats pretty standard when you answer questions about how you see yourself and what your friends say about your outfits.

After this part he gave us a bit of a preliminary assessment, which was when it all got a little emotional. There was nothing said that I didnt already know, really, but it was all things that you sort of refuse to admit until someone says it to your face and you know they are right. As in, I repress my personal expression, hide my style under a bushel, and am afraid to express myself through my wardrobe. (the killer came when I repeated this to my dad, who said "yeah, I'd agree with that".)

This almost made me cry, but then I wasnt the only one when he told my mum she was so afraid of being inappropriately dressed that she played it far too safe, and that she pressed this onto both me and my dad as well (possibly contributing to my repression?)

Next we did "figure analysis" and "colours" (!). Figure analysis was nowhere near as horrifying as I thought it might be. Our analyser pointed out every single amazing feature of both of us and what we could do to enhance these lovely areas, and what we could do with clothing to minimise the less than ideal areas. Understand this was not done in a Trinny and Susannah way, but instead was more like "Now, if your jeans have low pockets, they will sit across your widest point, which is precisely where you dont want them to sit, try a pair that have no pockets across this line and therefore will not enhance this area." It was GENIUS.

I took some clothes along and it was really interesting to see that what I was actually wearing that day really didnt suit my figure (pockets in bad places, sleeves finishing at unflattering lengths, jumper length also quite unflattering (note all three of these things all finished at my "widest point" therefore making me even WIDER)) but the three pieces I brought along were all perfect. These were a black dress that I love but dont wear very often, my new leather jacket, and a cashmere jumper. These were all impulse buys that I could not leave behind cos they made me look and feel so good- why dont I always shop like that? (I do now).

Finally, our colours were done, which is quite a prolonged process but was quite fun. I am a Winter. I cant exactly explain what a Winter is, but I know I like those colours so I think thats all that matters.

The best things I got out of this session are,

1. Finding the perfect hem length. For me, straight across the middle of the knee (slimmest part of my leg). For my mum, just below the knee. Very slight adjustment, but makes ALL the difference. Get someone to analyse this for you, then have all your hems adjusted. You will never look stumpy and dowdy in a dress again.

2. Realising that some colours honestly and seriously can make you look amazing. And that others wont. So dont settle for that "nice" colour that really has no impact whatsoever when you try it on. Instead, try a few other colours and wait til you get one that makes your skin look increadible.

3. Having someone point out the most awesome parts of me has given me a lot of confidence to actually USE these parts to advantage. I know I have a little waist and quite big bottom, but this is actually pretty freaking cool (he said I have an "hourglass" figure. I almost kissed him.) and I should be proud, not hiding.

4. When I go shopping now, I look for different things- namely, is this top/jacket sitting at my "widest" point? Are the sleeves making my bust look wider? Is this neckline flattering? Could I get this adjusted to be a better length?

5. When trying things on, some things will just look perfect. They will suit you, enhance you, flatter you, make you feel stunning. You should always buy these. Then wear them everywhere. Why would you waste your money and your self-esteem with anything less?

6. You should buy things because you love them. As our analyser pointed out to me (as my eyes welled) why cant I buy a pink shirt if I love it? If it lifts my spirit and makes me happy to wear it, what more could I want? It's completely irrelevant if I "have nowhere to wear a pink shirt" or if "it's WAY too dressy". If I cant wait to wear it and it makes me happy, who cares?

I said this last point to a good friend of mine and she looked at me in amazement and said "No one has ever pointed that out to me before. That makes getting dressed so easy. Just put on what you WANT TO WEAR." We contemplated this previously taboo point for a few minutes.

Everything sartorial I have ever complained about in the past has become irrelevant now. I just wear whatever makes me feel happy at the time. So far I've worn 3 things I've never worn before. And the sky has not fallen in. And I've felt great, all day, every day.

Finally! I have not really bought anything since the assessment (much more discerning these days), but today I went out with no intention of buying (always the best time to actually find things) and came home with a vintage YSL 80's-by-way-of-40's black tuxedo style jacket. Big shoulders, little waist. A bit Balmain, a bit Dynasty. TOTALLY AWESOME. I wore it out of the shop (Shag, on Chapel St, if you are interested) over my tshirt and pants, and loved it.

Any questions on the style assessment I'm happy to answer.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Sunday, 4 October 2009


Oh no! I'm turning into Maggie Alderson! I'm about to lament about packing!

I've just been away on a week long camp and I took three bags and still had to carry odd ends and bits! lol  I took one enormous bag, a green bag and also a bag with all my bedding (so it doesn't count).  The enormous bag was VERY heavy- so heavy in fact that every guy I got to carry it for me (how could I possibly carry it?!) asked me if I had a body in it.
I think the reason I packed so much was that I had ALOT of different clothing scenarios to account for.  First of all, the camp was up in the Dandenongs (Melbourne's kinda mountains) and I was told it was going to be freezing.  I took alot of jumpers and my big finnish winter coat and big pink gumboots for playing muddy games.  It was, however, too muddy for games so they were mostly played inside, and the weather was gorgeous and warm so I barely wore a jumper.   I basically wore the same thing everyday so all my natty ideas of remaining clean and dry and warm were totally redundant AND I FORGOT MY TOWEL.  sigh the worst! 

Next time I am going to pack a towel and just the clothes on my back (yeah right).

a  Vintage Mod SAMSONITE Fashionaire Marimekko Suitcase from etsy

Sunday, 13 September 2009

one week later...

This is my wardrobe containing the things I a) actually wear or b) really love, and wear on special occasions. (note: there is half a clothes rail also holding these items not pictured).

I have a pile almost as tall as me of things that are going, and I have 13 items listed on ebay.

After consultation with Maudrey I have decided that everything in the Maybe pile is going. Then I am not going to feel guilt or remorse when buying new things. I will buy quality not quantity, I will buy things I love, I will not be struck down with thoughts of "But dont I already have something like this? I should really just wear that" cos I DONT HAVE THOSE THINGS ANYMORE! I have:

  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 2 pairs of pants
  • approx 10 dresses
  • approx 20 tshirts/tops
  • approx 5 other tops (shirts etc)
  • a few jumpers/trackpants
  • 3 jackets
  • 4 cardigans
  • 1 long coat
  • 4 skirts
  • 4 wool jumpers
Thats it (except obviously for underwear and accessories). And now I can build on this! Very much looking forward to shopping. Very discerning shopping. Within a defined colour palette, and with definite ideas of how I want to look.

I need some new shops to visit. Hit me up with ideas, please.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

im forgetful in the face of something new...

I've been NOT buying any magazines but waiting for my next Vogue delivery..... this morning that fact completely slipped my mind and i was seduced by the new Harpers Bazaar.... complete with tiffany-blue notebook and pencil..... Only just remembered now that I wasnt meant to buy any mags..... I suppose when I get home tonight my Vogue will be waiting.

Have you seen the new Harpers? New editor, new look? On first flick-through it seems slightly less beautiful, with slightly less luxurious fonts that the old one.... I always thought Jamie Whatshisname was a good editor, I wonder how the new leading lady will go. What do you think?

Final Wardrobe Picture from after the Big Chuck of last weekend will be posted soon....

spring clean help!

if you're anything like me you will have a slight/giant obsession with making lists. Shopping lists, cleaning lists, to-do lists, any and all kinds of lists.

This morning i came across this:

Its the Martha Stewart Spring-Cleaning printable checklist. You're Welcome. There is also one for Preparing For Summer, which would be perfect for once you've spring cleaned!

Oh, and Amiriche- the style assessment is booked for the 26th September. I'll report back!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Value City!!!

Wow! I'm in love (in melbourne harrharr) 
I've finally been to Value City Super Savers in Preston!  It was like a treasure chest full of amazing vintage finds and extreeeeeemely reasonable prices! (and no this is not an ad for them!)
I bought ...
  • 2 cardigans - one covered in roses and the other black sequined
  • a cape - fuchsia with black lace
  • a shirt- pale apricot 
  • and a gold bow necklace
all for only 20 sequins! amazing! I was very pleased with myself for not getting more but maybe I will go back in a few weeks to see if the marimekko-esque sundress and gold opera jacket are still there? wink wink
I love love love to go to op shops.  The hunter gatherer instincts kick in and my eyes are like magnets being drawn to the colours and prints I love. I can't wait to take Miss Zoe soon and my sister in law when she gets here for chrissy yeah!

spring clean!

I mentioned to a woman I work with that I would be cleaning out my wardrobe this weekend, and she nodded wisely and said "Mmm. Clears the mind".

This is the entire contents of my wardrobe. Minus shoes and accessories.

I started 3 hours ago and I'm about half way through. I got off to a good start, all energy and lets-get-through-this attitude. I pulled the stripy bags out of the shed (where most of my clothes have been living for 3 months, uninterrupted). Once I had everything piled on the bed... energy started to wane... it was easy enough to get a "keep" pile going, full of things I wear all the time. The maybe pile was huge. Like, twice the size of the everything else. Scarily big. This was when I flagged, and started checking facebook and texting people for help. Just when I'd started sooking to my housemate about it, my lovely boy turned up with a mini-quiche and a raspberry macaroon for my lunch! Perfect timing. While I was munching I realised that looking at all the clothes I no longer wear but cant get rid of was depressing me. I feel guilty getting rid of them, but cant bear to look at them any more. It makes me feel clogged and down and too heavy in the stomach to do keep them, but I also have this "But I always wanted a fake fur chubby...... this jacket is soooo nice, even if its a little short.... maybe I should hold onto this dress, its black, everyone needs a black dress..... I bought this at a concert.....aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

And now, I have a pile of Things-To-Try-On before going further. I have an Out pile, which is continually growing. And my Keep pile has stayed relatively stable, which is important as its made up of the things I actually wear all the time. Here are the questions that are keeping me from moving forward now: How many black skirts do I need? Is it worth keeping dresses cos they would be good on a hot summer day? What if it belonged to my dad, who never wears it, and I thought it would be awesome but its really just an oversized, heavy, beige mans cardigan? What if its a divine, supremely lovely Cavalli silk skirt, but you've only worn it twice in..... ummm..... at least 2 years, maybe 4?

Bored and looking at online catalogues for a new fridge. Need to try on about 20 items to decide on which pile they belong. Cbf.

Have tried on all "maybes". Only put one in the "no" pile. (the mans beige cardigan). This is not enough. So now I'll go through the pile and assess it using the three questions I found on Apartment Therapy in a nice closet organising post:

Do I love it?
Is it flattering?
Is it the image I want to project?

I've covered the flattering issue by trying them all on.... the tough ones are still to be covered. Will I ever wake up in the morning wanting to wear a pink floral patterned, high waisted, full a-line skirt? I doubt it. But I might!

herein lies the next problem.

Further steps to be taken include: sorting "No" pile into "Opshop" and "ebay" categories. Leaving this post here for the time being though. But rest assured the bed is a lot clearer now than in that photo up there.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

how do we feel about...

hiring a personal stylist?

After my sulk 2 posts ago, my mother (who knew nothing about this) emailed me today and asked if I would like to go to this personal stylist man with her. First appointment is a "personal assessment" then next appointments include assessing the wardrobe you already have and culling, before going shopping together and being told what to buy. Or maybe I am being too sceptical.

My reservations are thus:

  • I dont know this person- what if I completely hate their personal style? How can I trust them?
  • What of their fashion credentials? What if I know more about fashion than them? (this may be unlikely, but possible!)
  • I feel like I know what they will say to me, and I dont want to pay $300 to be told I have a small waist, therefore should wear full a-line skirts with pretty cardigans in a lovely 50s style. If I wanted to wear those type of things, I would wear them already. And sometimes I do, but I dont need someone else to tell me that.
  • What sort of stores will they take me to? They better be good. And by good I mean somewhere I've never been before, with incredible clothes, at good prices (doesnt have to be cheap, just worthy).
  • I want them to understand me when I say pretentious things to them about the style I want. And to be intimately knowledgeable about people like Emmanuelle Alt and Scott Schuman.
Am I asking too much? Does anyone have experience with these people? Do they know what they're doing? In a Grace Coddington way, not a Sportsgirl way?

Please report back,

Monday, 24 August 2009

things to think about...

stripy tops
wide-leg pants
extraordinary jackets
impressive belt
super shoes
low necklines
tough jewellery
unusual colours - like dark butter yellow and bright kelly green
baggy tops

Sunday, 23 August 2009

wearing my leather

I feel like everything I wear these days isnt "me". I cant work out what "me" is, but yesterday I tried this jacket on and it was so perfect, I couldnt NOT buy it, even though I was most definitely not in the market for another leather jacket.... I think I am going to have to put away all clothes that are not right, and go with a really small wardrobe of things that feel good to wear. Do you ever get that, when everything looks wrong and makes you feel uncomfortable, in both a physical and mental way?

If I had to label what look I think I want these days, I would say........ quite masculine, very sleek, with old-fashioned bits like gloves and pretty headbands. Big pants, waistcoats, very tight-waisted dresses, high heels, very loose tshirts, man jumpers. And a little brown leather jacket that feels more like a cardigan is a pretty good start, i think.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

whats up, b.o.m?

whats with this weather? foggy at 4pm last week, gale force winds today.... this does not a pleasant walk to work make! Or indeed, a smooth hairdo.

The cure for this winter weather though, is simple: half price cocktails and The September Issue at Como cinema. Who's in?

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Regimes and Daydreams

I'm on a "too many pastries in paris + sick of spending $30 a week on metcards" regime of walking to and from work (3ks, 30 mins, hardly a hill in sight, not THAT serious) and its going well. Bought a new umbrella from NGV- just like this one from Stella Brella:

So now I wont even get wet in the rain. Still, I spend most of the walk wishing I was here, where in my daydream it NEVER rains in Paris and indeed, I would just spend my day wandering the streets in the sunshine, perhaps with a parasol instead. Its totally twee, I know, but wouldnt YOU like this view from your apartment?

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Heaven in a Shop, Amsterdam.

Party Dresses:

Wedding outfit:

Could you choose a wedding dress from the rack?

was that a rhetorical question?

Those shoes lined up there are vintage mens wedding shoes. Above them is a row of vintage top-hats.

After I took that last photo I saw a sign saying "No photography". I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself! The shop was too fabulous.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Far Far FARRR to long!

hello blog! I haven't written here in so so long! Hmm I was having a little fashion rant to Miss Zoe the other day and it's still bothering me!  This year I am trying to be the best and most professional I can be and that definitely translates to the day to day clothing choices.  I am free from having to wear a uniform this year which is so fantastic and I am doing kinda artsy stuff so I can afford to be a bit "out there" as some ppl  like to say...
So why is no one else at my course doing the same? track pants? when we have professional people come in to work with us it just makes me cringe to see the others in hoodies and track pants and runners! It's such a bad look to make a first impression on someone you may want a job from later! 
I am taking the opportunity to dress adventurously and try new things to better figure out my style and what I like and feel comfortable in but also like I am not just lazing around the house on a sunday morning! 
I think the Marni Fall 2008 collection would feature heavily- sigh check these out..

see the whole collection here

Thursday, 16 April 2009


hmm am I allowed to spend my bonus on shoes??? It will boost the economy!!
here's my 3 top choices...

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

sometimes I start work REAL EARLY

and when I leave the house, this is what I see....

Monday, 13 April 2009

hope gone wrong

found this sticking out of a bin near VCA...... i almost feel sorry for whoever gave up and stuffed it in there. But mainly I just find it funny.

i'm going to new york in 5 weeks, this makes me....

Saturday, 21 March 2009

thoughts of today

isnt it funny how with old friends you might barely ever see them but when you do nothing has changed, you're still friends, and anything exciting happening in their lives is just as exciting for you to hear about. you know these people will come and get you when something crap happens.

i never seem to turn to the right people when something bad happens. instead i send out pleas to entirely the wrong group of friend, the ones who claim to be friends with you and "care", but who in actual fact are busy washing their hair when you are desperate, and dont seem to care that they havent seen you in months, despite your reasonably frequent texts for help. i really need to re-think my disaster strategy.

I also need to re-think my spending strategy. I am not impulse buying anymore, and I am certainly not buying anywhere NEAR as much as I was 12 months ago, but I should be saving as much money as possible in readiness for NY and Paris. And I'm not. And I will regret that!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


b&w stripe top
pink baseball cap (or any awesome colour)
eye makeup remover
hot glue gun
return new purse that cards dont fit in
risotto rice
2 baskets for storage
1 smaller basket for pencil storage
remove everything unsightly to shed
ebay junk

Monday, 16 March 2009

been a while....

things have changed here at love in melbourne. and so the blog will follow.

recent news: I finally cancelled my gym membership after having only attended a handful of times since moving house almost 2 years ago..... saving myself $35 a month which I can now spend on.... shopping in New York and Paris this coming May/June when i go overseas.

In lieu of the gym I bought a nike plus runner thinga, which i LOVE LOVE LOVE and today I ran my furthest EVER and was congratulated by Paula Radcliffe (whoever that is). But I usually get Lance Armstrong. So maybe i'm moving up in the world? (further investigation reveals she is the world champion marathon runner, or something, and she is pretty hot with great arms... so, yeah).

Anyhoo I joined emi's run challenges and they rock. you can see them here.

In other news I am once again selling everything I hate and dont use on ebay, or giving it to the local op. I'm not sure if its the lack of space in my house, the lack of organisation in my life, or just an urge to clean things out and make them more simple, uncomplicated, and easy to be around. Or is that just how I feel at the moment? At any rate my house is becoming much less slapdash and much more minimal. And its great. At the same time I've started a new job with a full uniform and so all shopping for clothes has virtually been made redundant as I now do not need anything to wear to work. So the spendage has gotten a lot less. I've even started wearing things I already own! shock, horror. And I love it. I am wearing things I havent worn in years but always loved and therefore could never throw out. Like my World mens shirt, navy blue with tiny coloured hearts all over it.

Mind you, some things dont change. Thanks to many pictures but mainly this one (of Emmanuelle Alt via the sartorialist):
I desperately want to wear harem pants all the time and with many different shoes. Luckily though I recognise this is something I am only going to like for about 8 weeks so I'm splashing out on a Supre pair. And let me share this with you- they are SO comfortable. I want to do everything in them, all the time. Run, yoga, shop, hang, go to the bar, etc.

So yeah. I also want a leopard print coat. But that can wait. (sales in paris?). In the meantime, I will continue to wear my own clothes - revolutionary - and keep learning my sewing machine so I can alter stuff as I see fit. It keeps me busy enough, and right now laptop is about to run outta battery...... til next time.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

one for me

If I wanted to buy myself a present I think I might choose one of these:

from Dana Blair Designs

Thursday, 29 January 2009

hot much?

More than one 35+ degree day in a row is too much for me.... 3 days into the heatwave and I am wishing it was monday already..... The best part about it is- I cant WAIT to get to work where I control the aircon and its a divine 22 degrees at all times!

How do you keep cool? Do you have the luxury of home aircon? Or do you sit in front of a fan with some water spray and sulk, like me?

ugh i have tried to find a picture that accurately depicts the heat.... no can do. The worst thing for me is looking outside and seeing no clouds, no shade, and the sky so blue its hazy.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Great weekend!

does anyone else ever just really feel the need to DO something? not something big like save the world, but just something physical, to get something done, or to give someone a hand?

This weekend I hung out at my parents place, and my dad was cleaning out the pool - it hasnt been used in over a year, and was a solid green pond of slime. He had the bright idea that if I got in and created a whirlpool it would move all the slime to the centre then we could scoop it out... I wasnt keen. I could SEE the gunge in there. But I was bored, and really keen for some action... so I went down to help, and when dad said "press that switch and we;ll see if the pump works" I pressed the switch. The pump hose burst. Sprayed green water all over me. My shock was such that it took me several seconds to turn off the switch. I was soaked. Dad couldnt stop laughing. So I figured, I'm already soaked. In gungey water. He needs help. I might as well. So I put on my bathers and got in. YICK!!!!!

But it was great!! It was totally disgusting and there were all kinds of creepy things in there but it was sooooo fun. And mum made me lunch and I dried off in the shade and then- cleaned out the car. Ulterior motive for cleaning the car was that i wanted to drive myself back to the big city today. Which I did, in clean car, all by myself, for the first time. Yep, I'm 25, and pretty much never driven anywhere, and havent done a reverse parrallel park since I passed my Ps. But I did it!

And now, to cap off my Australia Day long weekend, I'm watching Simpsons, the Royal Windors, Friends, Top Gear, South Park. What could be better than that?

Oh, and, I made Apricot Jam. From freshly picked apricots, delicious:

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

love in sydney??

I'm not a traitor... but I went to Sydney to go to All Tomorrows Parties and I loved it. I've been before, a few times, who hasn't? But this time i went on my own, stayed with a friend but travelled around on my own, and I remembered this: I dont hate Sydney.

Aside from the fact that Nick Cave is seriously unbelievable, and that ATP was honestly the best freaking music festival I have ever been too, I had a really good time. I even caught a ferry (!) and then a BUS (2 things I would never do in Melbourne) to Oxford St and went shopping. And bought stuff.

I agree that generically the shopping MAY be better in Melbs but theres a lot to be said for a completely new shopping strip, that you've never been to before. I bought a fab mens shirt from World (extremely awesome store dude informs me that a Melbourne store is trying to come about), they also sell great womens stuff and generally totally fun stuff and you can see their New Zealand website here..... PS if you have a larger than average (average being a c-d) TRY A MENS SHIRT. They button across the bust, and theres no gaping!!!!

I also almost spent about a third of my savings on some Nom*D pants but came to my senses... but Zambesi is of course also in Melbourne so I can always shop at home. Greatest find of my travels was by far Pink Zebra - and happily they have a Melbourne store. I bought some cashmere drastically reduced from almost 300 sequins to a much friendlier 70, and also a lovely soft singlet also on sale. Their Melb store is in High St Armadale which means its getting more and more worth it to travel out there. You can also buy online.

I love shopping in new places with different stores and genuinely different stock- it gets so tedious going to half a dozen stores only to find the same cheap trash in each one. (Also, I am OVER seeing the same jewellery but in very slight colour varieties in both Diva and Sportsgirl.... And I'm not afraid to say DIVA DOES IT BETTER GET OFF ITS BACK SPORTSGIRL- get your own junk its not that hard.)

Sunday, 11 January 2009


I only lasted one month without Vogue... I totally cracked out in the country and bought this months edition... I was swayed by the Daria at home thing, which was good.... still, I've flicked through it about 3 times and I am bored. BORED. BORED. Appreciating a lack of fashion stories that come direct from American Vogue (although I havent received my last one of that yet so I shouldnt speak too soon) but still bored. Step up, goddammit. I wanna see something that makes me desperate to buy it ASAP and read cover to cover. Not pick up a week later and flick through twice.

On another note Vogue Living is quite exciting these days!! I wish I had the funding to buy a place and decorate it as I wished.... or just the funding to rent somewhere awesome and decorate.... or just the funding to buy my new favourite thing:

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Did I mention I'm a mother again?

I was feeling some serious motherly guilt over the state of my lone bunny so I started looking for a ladyfriend for him. And found one, disconcertingly quickly. Her name is Sadie. After some initial uncertain bottom-sniffing and floor-thumping, they love each other.

PS I get bored with writing about the usual stuff so this year you'll hear more about me. Unless you dont like it, in which case I guess you wont read it. Simple!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

like a goldfish

my memory, that is..... I'm between jobs and boy has gone overseas for a few months and I sit at home..... since Sunday I;ve been spring cleaning, then today I have watched over 9 hours of Greys Anatomy. I dont even like it that much. Its just addictive. I've started talking like Cristina. Its not a good look. Anyway when I need a break or the medical scenes get too graphic for my delicate constitution I go online. And look at street style. And house style. And cool people wearing awesome outfits. With good hair. And pretty makeup. And then I think about getting a bit more dressed up, and feel like going and changing into a totally amazing new outfit. Then I get up and go into the room, and theres all my old stuff. Still the same. Nothing new, nothing exciting, just a whole lot of clothes that I cant get any imaginative inspiration out of. Then I dejectedly go back to the couch, re-start the dvd player, and sulk.

2 hours later, I do it all again.