Saturday, 21 March 2009

thoughts of today

isnt it funny how with old friends you might barely ever see them but when you do nothing has changed, you're still friends, and anything exciting happening in their lives is just as exciting for you to hear about. you know these people will come and get you when something crap happens.

i never seem to turn to the right people when something bad happens. instead i send out pleas to entirely the wrong group of friend, the ones who claim to be friends with you and "care", but who in actual fact are busy washing their hair when you are desperate, and dont seem to care that they havent seen you in months, despite your reasonably frequent texts for help. i really need to re-think my disaster strategy.

I also need to re-think my spending strategy. I am not impulse buying anymore, and I am certainly not buying anywhere NEAR as much as I was 12 months ago, but I should be saving as much money as possible in readiness for NY and Paris. And I'm not. And I will regret that!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


b&w stripe top
pink baseball cap (or any awesome colour)
eye makeup remover
hot glue gun
return new purse that cards dont fit in
risotto rice
2 baskets for storage
1 smaller basket for pencil storage
remove everything unsightly to shed
ebay junk

Monday, 16 March 2009

been a while....

things have changed here at love in melbourne. and so the blog will follow.

recent news: I finally cancelled my gym membership after having only attended a handful of times since moving house almost 2 years ago..... saving myself $35 a month which I can now spend on.... shopping in New York and Paris this coming May/June when i go overseas.

In lieu of the gym I bought a nike plus runner thinga, which i LOVE LOVE LOVE and today I ran my furthest EVER and was congratulated by Paula Radcliffe (whoever that is). But I usually get Lance Armstrong. So maybe i'm moving up in the world? (further investigation reveals she is the world champion marathon runner, or something, and she is pretty hot with great arms... so, yeah).

Anyhoo I joined emi's run challenges and they rock. you can see them here.

In other news I am once again selling everything I hate and dont use on ebay, or giving it to the local op. I'm not sure if its the lack of space in my house, the lack of organisation in my life, or just an urge to clean things out and make them more simple, uncomplicated, and easy to be around. Or is that just how I feel at the moment? At any rate my house is becoming much less slapdash and much more minimal. And its great. At the same time I've started a new job with a full uniform and so all shopping for clothes has virtually been made redundant as I now do not need anything to wear to work. So the spendage has gotten a lot less. I've even started wearing things I already own! shock, horror. And I love it. I am wearing things I havent worn in years but always loved and therefore could never throw out. Like my World mens shirt, navy blue with tiny coloured hearts all over it.

Mind you, some things dont change. Thanks to many pictures but mainly this one (of Emmanuelle Alt via the sartorialist):
I desperately want to wear harem pants all the time and with many different shoes. Luckily though I recognise this is something I am only going to like for about 8 weeks so I'm splashing out on a Supre pair. And let me share this with you- they are SO comfortable. I want to do everything in them, all the time. Run, yoga, shop, hang, go to the bar, etc.

So yeah. I also want a leopard print coat. But that can wait. (sales in paris?). In the meantime, I will continue to wear my own clothes - revolutionary - and keep learning my sewing machine so I can alter stuff as I see fit. It keeps me busy enough, and right now laptop is about to run outta battery...... til next time.