Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Heaven in a Shop, Amsterdam.

Party Dresses:

Wedding outfit:

Could you choose a wedding dress from the rack?

was that a rhetorical question?

Those shoes lined up there are vintage mens wedding shoes. Above them is a row of vintage top-hats.

After I took that last photo I saw a sign saying "No photography". I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself! The shop was too fabulous.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Far Far FARRR to long!

hello blog! I haven't written here in so so long! Hmm I was having a little fashion rant to Miss Zoe the other day and it's still bothering me!  This year I am trying to be the best and most professional I can be and that definitely translates to the day to day clothing choices.  I am free from having to wear a uniform this year which is so fantastic and I am doing kinda artsy stuff so I can afford to be a bit "out there" as some ppl  like to say...
So why is no one else at my course doing the same? track pants? when we have professional people come in to work with us it just makes me cringe to see the others in hoodies and track pants and runners! It's such a bad look to make a first impression on someone you may want a job from later! 
I am taking the opportunity to dress adventurously and try new things to better figure out my style and what I like and feel comfortable in but also like I am not just lazing around the house on a sunday morning! 
I think the Marni Fall 2008 collection would feature heavily- sigh check these out..

see the whole collection here