Sunday, 13 September 2009

one week later...

This is my wardrobe containing the things I a) actually wear or b) really love, and wear on special occasions. (note: there is half a clothes rail also holding these items not pictured).

I have a pile almost as tall as me of things that are going, and I have 13 items listed on ebay.

After consultation with Maudrey I have decided that everything in the Maybe pile is going. Then I am not going to feel guilt or remorse when buying new things. I will buy quality not quantity, I will buy things I love, I will not be struck down with thoughts of "But dont I already have something like this? I should really just wear that" cos I DONT HAVE THOSE THINGS ANYMORE! I have:

  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 2 pairs of pants
  • approx 10 dresses
  • approx 20 tshirts/tops
  • approx 5 other tops (shirts etc)
  • a few jumpers/trackpants
  • 3 jackets
  • 4 cardigans
  • 1 long coat
  • 4 skirts
  • 4 wool jumpers
Thats it (except obviously for underwear and accessories). And now I can build on this! Very much looking forward to shopping. Very discerning shopping. Within a defined colour palette, and with definite ideas of how I want to look.

I need some new shops to visit. Hit me up with ideas, please.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

im forgetful in the face of something new...

I've been NOT buying any magazines but waiting for my next Vogue delivery..... this morning that fact completely slipped my mind and i was seduced by the new Harpers Bazaar.... complete with tiffany-blue notebook and pencil..... Only just remembered now that I wasnt meant to buy any mags..... I suppose when I get home tonight my Vogue will be waiting.

Have you seen the new Harpers? New editor, new look? On first flick-through it seems slightly less beautiful, with slightly less luxurious fonts that the old one.... I always thought Jamie Whatshisname was a good editor, I wonder how the new leading lady will go. What do you think?

Final Wardrobe Picture from after the Big Chuck of last weekend will be posted soon....

spring clean help!

if you're anything like me you will have a slight/giant obsession with making lists. Shopping lists, cleaning lists, to-do lists, any and all kinds of lists.

This morning i came across this:

Its the Martha Stewart Spring-Cleaning printable checklist. You're Welcome. There is also one for Preparing For Summer, which would be perfect for once you've spring cleaned!

Oh, and Amiriche- the style assessment is booked for the 26th September. I'll report back!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Value City!!!

Wow! I'm in love (in melbourne harrharr) 
I've finally been to Value City Super Savers in Preston!  It was like a treasure chest full of amazing vintage finds and extreeeeeemely reasonable prices! (and no this is not an ad for them!)
I bought ...
  • 2 cardigans - one covered in roses and the other black sequined
  • a cape - fuchsia with black lace
  • a shirt- pale apricot 
  • and a gold bow necklace
all for only 20 sequins! amazing! I was very pleased with myself for not getting more but maybe I will go back in a few weeks to see if the marimekko-esque sundress and gold opera jacket are still there? wink wink
I love love love to go to op shops.  The hunter gatherer instincts kick in and my eyes are like magnets being drawn to the colours and prints I love. I can't wait to take Miss Zoe soon and my sister in law when she gets here for chrissy yeah!

spring clean!

I mentioned to a woman I work with that I would be cleaning out my wardrobe this weekend, and she nodded wisely and said "Mmm. Clears the mind".

This is the entire contents of my wardrobe. Minus shoes and accessories.

I started 3 hours ago and I'm about half way through. I got off to a good start, all energy and lets-get-through-this attitude. I pulled the stripy bags out of the shed (where most of my clothes have been living for 3 months, uninterrupted). Once I had everything piled on the bed... energy started to wane... it was easy enough to get a "keep" pile going, full of things I wear all the time. The maybe pile was huge. Like, twice the size of the everything else. Scarily big. This was when I flagged, and started checking facebook and texting people for help. Just when I'd started sooking to my housemate about it, my lovely boy turned up with a mini-quiche and a raspberry macaroon for my lunch! Perfect timing. While I was munching I realised that looking at all the clothes I no longer wear but cant get rid of was depressing me. I feel guilty getting rid of them, but cant bear to look at them any more. It makes me feel clogged and down and too heavy in the stomach to do keep them, but I also have this "But I always wanted a fake fur chubby...... this jacket is soooo nice, even if its a little short.... maybe I should hold onto this dress, its black, everyone needs a black dress..... I bought this at a concert.....aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

And now, I have a pile of Things-To-Try-On before going further. I have an Out pile, which is continually growing. And my Keep pile has stayed relatively stable, which is important as its made up of the things I actually wear all the time. Here are the questions that are keeping me from moving forward now: How many black skirts do I need? Is it worth keeping dresses cos they would be good on a hot summer day? What if it belonged to my dad, who never wears it, and I thought it would be awesome but its really just an oversized, heavy, beige mans cardigan? What if its a divine, supremely lovely Cavalli silk skirt, but you've only worn it twice in..... ummm..... at least 2 years, maybe 4?

Bored and looking at online catalogues for a new fridge. Need to try on about 20 items to decide on which pile they belong. Cbf.

Have tried on all "maybes". Only put one in the "no" pile. (the mans beige cardigan). This is not enough. So now I'll go through the pile and assess it using the three questions I found on Apartment Therapy in a nice closet organising post:

Do I love it?
Is it flattering?
Is it the image I want to project?

I've covered the flattering issue by trying them all on.... the tough ones are still to be covered. Will I ever wake up in the morning wanting to wear a pink floral patterned, high waisted, full a-line skirt? I doubt it. But I might!

herein lies the next problem.

Further steps to be taken include: sorting "No" pile into "Opshop" and "ebay" categories. Leaving this post here for the time being though. But rest assured the bed is a lot clearer now than in that photo up there.