Sunday, 16 May 2010

movin' on

Do I have the right to be offended and a little upset when I see someone has deleted me as a friend on facebook, when in fact I have just finished deleting someone myself?

Should I care? Obviously we are not friends anymore, havent been for a long time, dont want to be either, so does it matter?

Seems like a lot of things are changing at the moment and I am not sure what to do with it all. I think its all part of moving on and changing and "growing up" though I am coming to resent those words, and I should just accept and get on with it.

Its ok to not be friends with someone on facebook- it is not symbolic of anything much in real life, unless you make it be. And if you're NOT real life friends, why fake it on facebook? You dont need facebook to validate real friendships, so why allow it to validate limited profile friendships?

I think I just feel sad cos I am well and truly out of that loop of friends now. But new loops and good quality old loops are more valuable, I think.

In other news, inspired by Maudrey I am now rewarding myself for each assignment completed and hence have done TWO IN ONE DAY. As my previous record was approx 1 every 12 months, this is a massive improvement and just goes to show that rewards indeed motivate.

First reward: "1001 Buildings You Must See before you die..." totally awesome.
Reward 2 (yet to be purchased): some form of chic brown lipstick. not brown-brown, just stylin' browny-shade yum.

thanks for letting me talk through that out loud. I think I am on the verge of making a list, or indeed, a PLAN. Whoa. 27 years old anyone?