Sunday, 10 January 2010

first purchase for 2010

But first I'd like to say- Maudrey, it never rains but it pours. On the same day. We both posted! Or maybe its just Sunday boredom?

Behold: ok actually, hold on... I need toast and my camera to take this photo.

Havent got any toast. But I took a crap photos to show you all what I bought today... very first purchase of 2010, and a bargain at that, I think its been a good shopping year so far.

some pics I am enjoying...

1. Ashley Olsen from here.  Love the hair and eye make up.
2. Cosy comfy scarf that wraps around many times- this was on elle streetstyle I think.
3. Kinda like the one I want but this is slightly uglier and still too expensive lol.  Photo is the link.