Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Time for new hair?

I am thinking about cutting my hair. At the moment it is below my shoulders..... the longest its been for a long time. But I am frustrated at the moment cos its always too fluffy, frizzy, flat, dull, kinky, wavy, stupid. I want it to be lush and shiny and move and be sleek and soft. I dont know if its the products or what I'm doing but I am pretty annoyed with every last strand right now!

I am considering a bob. Not a Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction type bob but a soft, messy, easy bob. Like the one above! The shortest layers of my hair at the moment are about the perfect length. But the question is: if I cut it short, will it bounce up frizz up poof out go nuts? I think so. But then maybe its all in the cut (is this just blind hope)? And if i go to the right hairdresser it will be perfect? Has anyone ever been to Shibui on Toorak Rd? (is anyone other than Kat and Laura reading this?) Any suggestions?

Saturday, 24 February 2007

No Pinafore for me- YET

I bought a black pinafore/dress a few weeks ago in oodles of excitement and i've worn it twice and both times its been wrong. You know when you are aiming for a look and you cant quite get there?? You're heading in the right direction, but somehow the parts dont make a whole? This is my pinafore. Its just not right for me. Luckily though, my housemate has the same one in white and it looks fab on her and she wont let me return the black one but is going to buy it off me! So it will be going to a good home (or a good bedroom in the same home) and I can appreciate it on someone else, while continuing the hunt for my own one true pinafore. Or maybe I'll head in another direction, towards Sparkly Tunic Town.... and get a fringe.

Friday, 23 February 2007

Freaks with matching underwear

What is it with those people who seem to have a problem with fashion? Or not a problem as such, but who disagree with your view of fashion and take it personally? One person I know recently described me as a "freak" when she found out I mainly wear matching underwear. I dont understand what her issue is here- I know that not everyone likes or wants to wear matching sets, but that hardly makes me a freak.

This and other incidents just make me wonder why people who are shopping and wearing clothes at another level entirely to me and my friends seem to have such a problem with it. My frient Kat wears amazing outfits to her new job and has to listen to her mentor make sarcastic comments about it all the time (slight exaggeration). This mentor apparently wears those tshirts that are v-necked and v-backed to the office each day and on the occasion Kat offered her some advice she showed up at work the next day wearing the exact outfit prescribed. So does she just have no real style of her own? Or not enough confidence to express that at work? And she's a bit bitter about it so has to pay out other people who are daring to wear things she would never think of?

I dont get it. I like to bitch about outfits just as much as the next girl but i would never insult someone to their face on their choice of clothing- thats just being insecure.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Just what we all want to be..

Bottega Veneta, aside from the stunning dresses and great plaits, has generated this quote from's Sarah Mower: "he [Thomas Maier] has in his sights a woman who likes to look like a woman- curvaceous, individualistic, and beautifully grown- up". Doesn't that conjure up the most perfect image? A stunning, confident, stylish woman.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Not new jeans?

Is this really the shape of jeans to come, as suggests? They are awfully cool and I would totally love them, but then I've always been a fan of wide leg pants in general. I love and worship my Tsubi high waisted wide legs and am desperately waiting for Fat to get me in the skinny leg version (why is it taking so long?) but these with the cuff on the bottom are different again and great in this colour.

Mischa Clones

Is anyone else sick of seeing todays teenage girls getting around town dressed as identical mischas/marykateandashleys/lindsays/nicoles?? Personally the short-shorts/baggy-yet-revealing singlet/big sunnies/messy, poofy, up-hairstyles/mega tans is starting to wear thin. You may think you all look cool and trendy and individual, but in fact you all look like each other and the celebrities you are basing this on have moved on. Its time you actually expressed your own personalities through your outfits, not some lame overly skinny b-list celebrity who is dressed by Rachel Zoe- whose own outfits, by the way, also need to move on, away from 70's glam with wavy hair and floor length gowns.


This (and the others) outfit from D&G's Fall 2007 almost make smoking look cool. I think this dress would look great on Linda Evangelista. Also love the leopard clutch.... would be good with black. Click to enlarge!

Giorgios coat....and others

This beautiful coat is from Armani's Fall 2007 new range..... love the collar and the colour. This combined with The Sartorialists coats from Milan (on make me want more, more, MORE coats. I think this means that the little black tweedy double-breasted round-collared pea coat I saw yesterday in Target will be mine tomorrow. I can always sell it on ebay if it doesnt hold its wardrobe position once the Stella Target coats come in to play.

Sick and tired of body balance....

At work today and feeling the pain from doing 2 classes at the gym yesterday. I am 21 classes into the "30 classes in 30 days" challenge and I am so over body balance if I have to do one more downward dog or freakin crocodile position I am going to kill one of their calm, meditative, deceptively flexible instructors.

From now on I am doing body pump and spinning. Might be more work but at least its not boring! Plus the music is better.

Current favourite song- "Fucking Boyfriend" by the bird and the bee- its on itunes

Handbag of the Day....

New bag! This is an interim bag until I can save up the money for the real thing- a Mulberry Elgin in Oak. A poor substitute, perhaps, but cheap and real leather and nice and casual. Also completely different from what will be my next new bag- the silver brocade hobo from Spencer and Rutherfords new winter range! Hopefully it will arrive in the next few weeks.... meanwhile, Handbag of the Day..... its actually a lot bigger then it looks.

Monday, 19 February 2007

Love In Melbourne

Welcome to my new blog! My friend says I need a mission statement/objective to outline what Love In Melbourne is all about, so here goes....

Basically I'm recording everything I am loving/ looking for/ coveting in and around this city and the world... fashion, clothes, stylish influences, new things, pretty things, stunning things. It will probably be interspersed with rantings about my job and annoying things that happen along with cool things I see and do- music, bands, exhibitions, you get the idea.

First mission is to get some pictures happening and up here! Stay tuned for some gorgeous possible outfits.....

Too Cute

This is my very first posting and I am testing out how to work all this stuff. This was the only handy photo I had but you have to admit its pretty cute. Golden Retriever puppy- 7 weeks old!