Monday, 29 December 2008


2008 is almost over and I am glad of it. It seems this year that things have just happened- happened without me doing anything or attempting anything, just happened to me. The only thing I instigated this year was getting a new job. Which was awesome, until my contract expired and wasnt renewed.... but now I have another new job, which will hopefully prove to be much better.

I didnt blog as much as I wanted to, partially because I was too busy trying to make life normal, but mainly cos everytime I sat down to write I had nothing to say. I stopped buying stuff, to save money and also because the accumulation of stuff had become pretty depressing. Instead of buying things to feel better, I just tried something else. Something else turned out to be reading Apartment Therapy and GoFugYourself, which apart from making me desperately want to go to Ikea was free.

Four significant people in my life have moved away, the shortest distance being Hamilton. One other went to Sydney, the other 2 are overseas. Its funny cos those four people were my main people to go in a crisis. As in, "I dont know what to do now, I dont want to go on, I need help". All gone! I wonder if perhaps the universe is giving me a sign to grow up, or if its just been the year for it.

This month is the first month since 2001 that i havent bought Australian Vogue. Not last month but the one before was the first year since 2003 that I havent bought Harpers Bazaar. I havent missed either. I'm not even worried that the next one will come out and I will have a forever imperfect collection. Instead all I want to read is Elle Decoration - a direct influence from Apartment Therapy.

I've culled my wardrobe down to one ikea kids cupboard and one clothing rail. I have culled my house down to essentials and things I absolutely love. And books. I have grown my hair longer than its ever been before. I got a scary looking mole removed cos I couldnt stand another summer of seeing those awful skin cancer ads at tram stops making me feel scared, and after all the drama (and valium) for a 15 minute proceedure it was all ok.

I havent kept any of my resolutions. I cant even remember what they are. I'm not going to make ones for 2009, cos I cant be bothered to inflict the guilt on myself. Whats the point?

One good thing- I finally picked up the sewing machine i've had on layby for months. Tomorrow I'll set it up and start to teach myself how to use it. Then I'll alter/repair all the stuff I cant wear at the moment cos its ripped/too long/needs taking in/or out and voila! Almost new selection of clothes.

Next year I am going to do things cos I want to, not because I have to, or because its for someone else, or because I think it will be the right thing. I'm going to get some balls and just go for it. I'm going to look after my body better and give it the right stuff- enough vitamins, fruit, vegies and proper things. A year of clenching my jaw and losing hair from stress is making me want to treat it right. I'm gonna wear unapologetic clothes, cos who cares?

I leave you with my inspiration. Happy New Year.

pics are from the sartorialist

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Its that time of year again...

Yep you all know what I mean- bather season. I assessed my bather situtation a week or so ago and realised that I probably needed to get a new pair for this summer. You can imagine the churn I felt in my tummy. My all time favourite pair are gross now they have to be chucked but this is totally the end of an era. I had so many good times with old-navy-blue-halter-neck-boy-cut-bathers. They were lovely in their prime! Last year the new kids on the scene were kind of ghetto fabulous- black and gold bling haha and they are still going strong. But I really need 2 pairs in rotation. So its out with ol' bluey and I have shopped for another pair.

There is shopping and there is bather shopping. It is so hard to dress for bather shopping. You will have to wip in and out of that outfit all day. Pants - no good, body suit- mmm not bad but who's gonna wear a body suit? Anyway, the find actually happened when I was in my feral work uniform wandering past and something pink caught my eye. I can't believe how painless it was to get them. I love them and now I am set for summer! So don't be afraid just be on the lookout! If only I could afford/pull off these Chloe ones- click to check out the cut outs!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

This week...

I have not only learnt what a proscenium arch is, I heard someone unrelated use it in a sentence!

I used a simpson quote today seamlessly in a sentence, and the dude I said it too laughed hard enough to make it totally worthy

I might be moving to sydney....

I will drink my weight in vodka to supplement my annual leave payout

I will wear something amazing- on friday

I have not paid enough attention to my hair

It has been a crazy week for almost everyone I know, in some very good ways and some very bad ways

I just spent 45 minutes (possibly longer) watching Nick Cave on Youtube in readiness for All Tomorrows Parties

I have realised I secretly love Steve Tyler.

The end.