Friday, 30 May 2008

Stuff that I like...

Mmm I was at the op shop yesterday and I spent a total of $15! I bought a vintage blouse, a lollypop pink cardigan with pearl buttons, a bow ring and this ornament thing for my room. All very exciting things! Did Zoe and I tell you about our new op shop rule? We decided it was only worth spending under $10 on something crappy or actually invest in something decent. Let me say there have been no really decent things yet but it has definitely curbed the crap impulse buying.

Here are some things that I've seen and liked recently...

I love the colour and contrast of this jacket

ok and I have probably posted this one before?? but again with the recent Trinny and Susanna goodness- I realise that Scarlett's dress would be perfect for my apple shape to wear to a wedding coming up! maybe a bit booby tho... (please just ignore her hair and Natalie Portman altogether)
and these girls- I love their casual colour and how comfortable they look. And the hat! Why do I never remember to wear my hat?? Its all in the details don't you think?

and the contrast here between the tights and sandals is so good- and again the general colours and comfortableness of it all. Just goes to show you can dress with comfort and style on days off!

p.s check out the SATC movie premiere party pics here courtesy of our favourite

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Style Transformation

Massive lack of posting lately is due to a) new job overload, b) death of laptop and c) because of a and b, complete lack of things to write about.

I have experienced a period of Not Wanting to Buy Anything. This was great cos I wore more of the clothes i already own, had money left over each week before my next pay, and didnt waste my time slogging round the shops moaning about how theres nothing to buy. (well, i did moan about that a little bit, i'll be honest)

But now I've come out the other side into a new phase- Reinventing My Look. New job, new look, and I have already worn more interesting, exciting and "me" things in 4 weeks at the new job than I had in 4.5 years at the old job. And i may be getting a bit up-myself here, but i feel these days more like I dont care what anyone else thinks, and that me feeling disappointed at the end of the day that I didnt wear the dressier option and instead wore jeans is more important than worrying if anyone is talking about me. Big. Deal.

Problem now is, where do I go from here? I have enlisted a stack of magazines, 2 quality fashiony friends, and sex and the city to help me out. (PS cant WAIT for the movie and it had better inspire me hardcore, I tell you what!)

heres what I have so far:

I love this ad so, so much.... the headband, the pearls, the eyeliner, its so cool.

This is a detail of a full outfit from the sartorialist, but for me this tiny section is enough. the black tights, the gold band on the dress, its so relaxed and yet fabulous...

This I like for the chic simplicity (also from sartorialist- see our links list). And I think i want a blanket-scarf- so warm!
This combination of her gorgeous hair (this is from Facehunter- see links) and her Chanel-esque dress, the black and white, the pretty flowers, its simple but fierce and lovely.

And finally, Emmanuelle Alt (both these are from sartorialist). Cool, this woman is just cool. Very rock, very french vogue, very right, all the time. If I could transplant those exact 2 outfits I would be happy.....

Where to from here? I think these pictures suggest i am moving into a harder style, as opposed to comfy jeans and tshirts, etc, but also a more refined style. I am not one for boho, or 70s (except 70s jeans) or hippie styles, they just make me look frumpy, silly, and a bit podgy. I am also not one for flowy, frilly, overly girly styles. After watching Trinny and Susannah and studying their books at borders lol, I come to the conclusion I am either a Skittle or an Hourglass. Leaning more towards Hourglass cos I have pretty broad shoulders. Maudrey and I agreed that while T & S's rules on dressing for your shape are definitely something to keep in mind (ie, skivvies really DO look ridiculously bad on me precisely because of said broad shoulders, large bosom and relatively short neck) it is possible to dress for your shape, while still following your own trends and always trying things that may NOT work just in case you have struck upon a miraculous cut of something and in fact you look amazing. Therefore, I am going to have a scrapbook-brainstorm now and write some lists of Things I Like, Dont Like, Look Good In, Look Silly In, Hate, and Love.

And tomorrow I will pop up to Mecca for some red lip gloss. This is going to help the transformation, I can just tell.

If any dear readers can see some trends emerging from the pictures i put up, or any glaringly obvious items I should own, please speak up! I often cant see the wood for the trees.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Logies II

I could go on for hours about the Logies fashion, but I wont, I will just say I quite liked Kate Richies dress, although it pains me to admit it; I quite liked Natalie Bassingthwaites dress; I hated most of the others, and I absolutely LOVE this:

About time a man tried something a little interesting/fabulous! I wish they bothered more often. I think a lot of the girls last night could have learnt from Rhys too- you're allowed to be as fashion-y as you want, you dont always have to play it safe!

Logies- hit or miss?

I love Australia and I think we have great fashion- where was it last night at the logies though?
(For our non aussie readers- the logies are an annual tv awards show)
I really couldn't see anyone who's dress I envied or who's machismo was heightened by a hot suit. I don't want to sound incredibly harsh but I was really disappointed! I thought that most of the dresses looked like they were some thing I would have loved to wear to my formal back in 2001! There we some that weren't too bad but nothing amazingly inspiring.

Here's a recap...

Saturday, 3 May 2008

unexpected income!

Yesterday I kicked ASS at work and bulldozed my way into a cash bonus, and then spent the tram ride into the city planning how to dispose of this new money. I had a list, as usual, and it was just a matter of priorities/the best usage of birthday gift vouchers and cash.

As I have come into a little money I thought it would be a good idea to stock up on some things that I love to bits but have to accumulate as presents usually as they are just a teensy bit out of my budget for everyday spending. I am talking about Beauty Products. I wrote a list (another one) and it appears I use a combination of cheap, tried-and-true products, spiced up with a few luxurious and really good products. For example, I use Cetaphil as a general cleanser, and Cetaphil moisturising cream as a face moisturiser when I need something reasonably heavy, but in winter or very dry skin phases you cant beat Jurlique Day Care Face Cream (now called Moisture Replenishing Day Cream).I dont always use this cos it can be a little heavy but I use Jurlique Exfoliating Cream (not sure of real name, used to be Face Wash Cream but they've had this image overhaul, but it looks like porridge or muesli if you're trying to find it) every second day. Its the only exfoliator I've found that actually exfoliates, but without drying at all, or scratching half my face off, or leaving me with a rash. Its gentle enough to leave you glowing, but not so soft as to have no effect. 125ml is about $60 but I find its so worth it. I also love the Rosewater hydrating spray, and the handcream.... I have some of that at home now, so for my new job I am treating myself to a tube of Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. It smells amazing, and will be great to keep at work.
Obsessed with sun protection as I am ( I use Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive sunscreen everyday, I find it a little less oily than the Clinique City Block), I have become a little preoccupied with freckles and sunspots on my face, and wondering if its possible to fade them.... and so from I have ordered the Chanel anti-dark-spot serum. I am not looking for anti-aging, necessarily, just to try and stop these spots before its too late, and hope I can get a nice clear complexion.

Finally, I am grabbing a tube of 8 Hour Cream, I use it for chapped bits (lips, flu-ey nose, etc) heels, and pretty much anywhere that is irritated, dry, upset, hurt, scabbing/scarring or less than content.

*It appears that this post has changed from being about my new lack of impulse buys to being about the crap I put on my face.... anyway

Basically the rest of my bonus I spent on a yummy cashmere jumper. I wanted one for ages, and David Jones had a mothers day special thing, and for $199 I have a super soft, super delicious, super warm little jumper that I will get years of wear out of and be lovely.