Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Tram Tales

On the tram on my way to work today I saw a man, reasonably elderly (like, 65?) wearing the standard beige slacks and matching beige collarless jacket. Where it got interesting was that he had paired this charming neutral ensemble with a lovely pair of cream and blue snakeskin lace up shoes... and a hot pink belt. The belt was special as you could only see it when he moved and the jacket lifted up. And it got me thinking- does he secretly love pink? Is it a kind of gay symbol? Is it just the only one he owns, and he bought it cos it was cheap? Or (and this is what I'm hoping) is it deliberate, and deliberately clashing with those ridiculous shoes? Is he wearing this as a style statement?

I love people watching. Particularly when I can invent a story about these people. I wonder every day what motivates people to choose their outfits. I believe there are people out there who are completely unaware of fashion and choose clothes purely on function and purpose. Its chilly, I'll wear my polarfleece zip up cardi on my way to work. I have to walk, I'll wear socks and sneakers over my stockings. But what about people who go to effort, yet still pretend they dont care about fashion?

Like the women who glare at you on the tram and huff around like they are far too busy and important to be interested in flimsy silly things like high heels, and they wear solid comfortable shoes they can get their orthotics into, but they have a sheer burgundy top on with some diamantes and a flower brooch? Were they just after a bit of prettiness, to soften them? Or did they think "work today, I'll wear that nice red top". Whats the thought process?

My other favourite conundrum is the incredibly overdone young woman. She's got hair so blonde it looks like it will snap clean off in chunks, she has a headband, big earrings, a necklace, a low cut singlet, a mini vest, a belt, an armful of bangles, extremely tight jeans, boots over the top, and soooo much makeup they look kinda like they found some clay on the way to work and rubbed it into their skin. And then they have more mascara than you own at home on, with pale pale pink barbie lips. Are they 100% on with fashion? Are they revered and adored by their friends? What on earth do they wear to go out?

About half the time I see myself in a window somewhere and wonder why on earth I thought my outfit was a good idea, usually because I havent tried hard enough or chose the safer option. But after years of doing this I am finally starting to learn to get a bit wilder. This includes high heels and makeup.... ok I havent actually worn high heels out during the day just to shop but I am working up to it!

I am hoping that when (and it is when, not if!) I get a new job this will coincide with a change in wardrobal direction. I am thinking heels for work, perhaps even eye makeup to work, much much more fashion risks, and a lot more extravagance. I want the clothes I wear to express how I feel. And I dont want people to see me as a safe, moderately stylish/classic dresser. I want them to think I am fashionable! And always look great! (This may be aiming to high).

The thing that made me decide this is in the new Harpers Bazaar they have an article on "cool girls" which says that while Chloe Sevigny makes the best dressed lists often these days, she spent 5 years experimenting, creating her own style, and often ending up on the worst dressed lists, until she got it right for her, and people started admiring her style rather than freaking out about it. I think I've got five years to stuff around while I suss out mine.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

ReOrganisation Part II

But first- I realise that once again I have failed you in the hyperlinking world. If you tried to click on the Copenhagen Bike link and it took you to some smug Wikipedia page about wrong hyperlinking I apologise. It took me there today and I was horrified and embarrassed. teehee.

Anyway. The job hunting is going well (2 applications off already), and the ebay empire had begun again. So far, 3 pairs of pants that I havent worn in months are gone, next to go will be some jeans, then there will be an opshop journey for the items that just arent worth ebaying. Plus I think opshopping is good for the soul. If I can sell some stuff and make a little return, then I can afford to give things away to other people.

Ooo and I also have made the big step of getting broadband at home! Which means I can now blog happily while supervising the bunny playing round the totem tennis pole (he must be tethered for fear (mine) of escape (his).)

Thats all for now.

Oh except I've been keeping up with the Haute Couture and I must say I commend Chanel for trying to make it a little younger- the others do seem very late 70s elderly society woman in rich burgundy satin etc etc. Still whoever was taking the photos must have been above the models somehow or something- they all look kinda stumpy,which we all know is NOT the case.

see? Adorable little puff of ballerina pink. But stumpy! and this is one of the better pictures.

Monday, 21 January 2008

A study in Two Shops

Where is the standard of behaviour in public? I went to Kmart yesterday as it was next to the pet shop where I wanted to buy a goggly eyed black fish, and it was a pigsty. There was stuff all over the floor, all over the shop. I almost got lynched by a giant woman after saying to my boyfriend "that kid is throwing stuff all over the floor!" (didnt realise it was HER kid.... she cracked it.... but didnt make the child clean up!) Why dont people take responsibility for themselves or their children in places like this? Is it ok to throw things around because its Kmart?

In contrast, I went to Cactus Jam on Saturday where they are having a sale- there are some seriously lovely things and most stuff is 40% off or more. I bought a beautiful dove grey dress... its divine, but its NOT a very fashion forward shape... its super flowy and baggy... not exactly form-fitting.... doesnt really fit with my new years resolution... but it was 50% off and it is beautiful. Not 100% sure that it suits me but I should get over that. Meanwhile you should get down to their sale before it runs out- or wait til they get in all their lovely lovely new season stuff cant wait!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

New Years Resolutions

This year I have vowed to NOT spend money on CRAP clothes that I will only wear for three months.
Miss Zoe and I were shopping in the city on Tuesday and there were so many hardcore things that we would have loved to buy and all the things in the crap stores were so crap and seethrough and nasty!
My wishlist would have read like this...
Visor hat in DJ's - $200
Stella McCartney Cashmere Silk Hoody in hot pink - $1999
Lover pink dress- $262
I would much rather have these things than half of my wardrobe- so hopefully ebay will serve me well this week!


Oh boy. I've been toying with the idea of riding a bike to work for a while now- but always had issues- what about Helmet Hair, what if I get killed by a car, what if I fall off into the Yarra, will I stink when I get to work, etc, but this blog I just stumbled upon is easing my mind and encouraging me no end!

Isnt this picture the best! (its from the blog) She looks soooooo coooooool. Not sure how to get around the helmet laws here, or even if thats a good idea what with my being-killed-by-car fears, but how fabulous. Now I just need a bike!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Zoe's ReOrganisation

I am feeling a bit wierd and unsettled at the moment. Not sure why, I think its a combination of many things. Last year I finished uni after a hundred years of study so now I am supposed to be working full time..... which has translated so far into exactly the same hours, pay and conditions as when I was studying.... which is not the financial overhaul I was hoping for. So while I am panicking about my Employee Review I am also angry that a qualified, ready-to-be-full-time 24 year old is still being paid as a casual 18 year old. Which has led to me job hunting.

So money troubles combined with some "what am I doing with my life?" daydreaming, and reading "The Beautiful Fall" which has done me NO GOOD, as its all about Yves Saint Laurent's posse in the 70s and how they did things like strip off their floor-length Halston on a bar while their friends sprayed them with champagne- makes me want a new lifestyle. And a posse. And some vintage Halston (that will not be ruined by bar floors or champagne, or probably ever be taken off).

All this means I am about to embark on a giant Re-Organisation. Which so far means throwing out/giving away anything I do not like, use, or think is pretty in my house. Then moving to the wardrobe and selling/opshopping anything that looks bad on, is uncomfortable, or hasnt been worn in ages (not including evening wear). Then going to work and cleaning my desk, filing everything that is piling up, getting the others organised, and becoming more efficient in time for review AND getting ready to leave job simultaneously in case the review doesn't work in my favour.

I will keep you updated with how its going. So far I have windexed my desk, and done SOME filing, and from here I go to Arts Hub to see if any new jobs have come up....

Friday, 11 January 2008

A Venture into Hatting

Hats have been occupying my thoughts for some time now. I've had a mild obsession with them (mainly vintage 20's ones) and hatboxes (mild in the form that I dont own any hatboxes, per se, but I WOULD own MANY if only I could find some that weren't ugly, or overpriced, but anyway...) and in fact I own many hats. I have a giant mimco black one that shades not only my head but also my shoulders and those of whoever is standing beside me; a vintage silk tie-on visor that is lovely but I cannot wear it for fear of ruining the fabric, or looking silly; a black and white spotty one that I wear while swimming in the ocean or pool; a turquoise velvet 20's cloche that I have never worn; and a pink poker visor that I thought would be good for everyday wear until the ebay seller posted it to me and I realised it had no sun protection value whatsoever, and really was intended solely for playing poker.

So, in light of recent resolutions and also my fear of premature ageing, I have come to the drawn-out conclusion that I need to be someone who wears hats. On a regular basis. It seems to be something that has been fashionably avoided for years and years, but I reckon it's making a comeback. The question now is, what style of hat is casual enough, yet not-baseball-cap enough, to wear down the street for a spot of shopping? I instantly rule out caps, legionnaires, and giant brimmed hats as too Grand Prix Grid Girl, too lame, and too difficult respectively. I think the perfect hat could be something with a fabric top that you can tie, thus avoiding too-tight-hat-hair and also looking a fair bit glamourous. Or a visor without a top at all, although you run the risk of your hair pushing out the top which looks a bit funny. Mimco make a visor that rolls up so you can carry it in your bag when you enter somewhere shady or airconditioned, but if you all rush out and buy one before I get there you are all DUMPED. Its a great hat though. Wide brimmed but not too wide, in black (lovely) and only about 40 sequins!

Failing that there is always the Kate Moss style (or Irina style, or Kirsten Dunst style) trilby hat which I love the look of but doesnt seem to provide much shade.... these revoltingly hot city days make me want a hat that will actually stop my face from feeling like its charring off as soon as I step outside, and hopefully protect some shoulder and decolletage at the same time. I am going to do a small late-night-shop tonight (see you at Mimco!) when hopefully it will be a little cooler/raining heavily and see what I can find.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Love In 2008

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the delay in postings but I've been away for new years and there hasn't been any internet for me to play on.

I went to Pyramid Rock with thousands of people younger than me (or so it felt) all of whom were wearing denim hot pants, singlets or bikini tops with Mischa Barton hair and chain necklaces- very Sportsgirl- or for the boys, shorts. Only shorts. This sartorial flair and individuality instantly killed any hope I had of finding some street style for you guys...sorry.

However I can report that the of 3 bands I wanted to see, the Howling Bells were walking offstage just as I arrived to watch, The Audreys were fantastic, and Sneaky Sound System played at 1am which was wayyyy past my bedtime, such was my level of exhaustion in the heat. New Years Eve Day was unbearable until we started pouring tubs of water over each other and rubbing ice into our faces, then it was just damp. But I can proudly say that I didnt get sunburnt, not even one little bit, so there will be no premature aging for me this year. Which is a good start to my resolutions for this year, which are:

1. Do more exercise (an obvious choice)
2. Have better hair and skin (including no sunburn- going well!- and lots of deep conditioning)
3. Stop buying crap. ie: no more $10 singlets, junky synthetic dresses that wash badly or stretch, or anything that doesnt flatter and improve.
4. Save money. To pay for all the good quality things I will be buying instead of the junk.
5. No more less than fabulous magazines. This includes all weekly trash, Shop Til You Drop, Russh, New Woman, and my standard hated Marie Clair and Madison. NO. MORE. They arent worth the money, and they dont even have any good pics to rip out.

That last one may or may not be ruined already, depending on if the British Vogue I bought for lunch is any better than they normally are.

Whats your resolutions?