Monday, 29 December 2008


2008 is almost over and I am glad of it. It seems this year that things have just happened- happened without me doing anything or attempting anything, just happened to me. The only thing I instigated this year was getting a new job. Which was awesome, until my contract expired and wasnt renewed.... but now I have another new job, which will hopefully prove to be much better.

I didnt blog as much as I wanted to, partially because I was too busy trying to make life normal, but mainly cos everytime I sat down to write I had nothing to say. I stopped buying stuff, to save money and also because the accumulation of stuff had become pretty depressing. Instead of buying things to feel better, I just tried something else. Something else turned out to be reading Apartment Therapy and GoFugYourself, which apart from making me desperately want to go to Ikea was free.

Four significant people in my life have moved away, the shortest distance being Hamilton. One other went to Sydney, the other 2 are overseas. Its funny cos those four people were my main people to go in a crisis. As in, "I dont know what to do now, I dont want to go on, I need help". All gone! I wonder if perhaps the universe is giving me a sign to grow up, or if its just been the year for it.

This month is the first month since 2001 that i havent bought Australian Vogue. Not last month but the one before was the first year since 2003 that I havent bought Harpers Bazaar. I havent missed either. I'm not even worried that the next one will come out and I will have a forever imperfect collection. Instead all I want to read is Elle Decoration - a direct influence from Apartment Therapy.

I've culled my wardrobe down to one ikea kids cupboard and one clothing rail. I have culled my house down to essentials and things I absolutely love. And books. I have grown my hair longer than its ever been before. I got a scary looking mole removed cos I couldnt stand another summer of seeing those awful skin cancer ads at tram stops making me feel scared, and after all the drama (and valium) for a 15 minute proceedure it was all ok.

I havent kept any of my resolutions. I cant even remember what they are. I'm not going to make ones for 2009, cos I cant be bothered to inflict the guilt on myself. Whats the point?

One good thing- I finally picked up the sewing machine i've had on layby for months. Tomorrow I'll set it up and start to teach myself how to use it. Then I'll alter/repair all the stuff I cant wear at the moment cos its ripped/too long/needs taking in/or out and voila! Almost new selection of clothes.

Next year I am going to do things cos I want to, not because I have to, or because its for someone else, or because I think it will be the right thing. I'm going to get some balls and just go for it. I'm going to look after my body better and give it the right stuff- enough vitamins, fruit, vegies and proper things. A year of clenching my jaw and losing hair from stress is making me want to treat it right. I'm gonna wear unapologetic clothes, cos who cares?

I leave you with my inspiration. Happy New Year.

pics are from the sartorialist

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Its that time of year again...

Yep you all know what I mean- bather season. I assessed my bather situtation a week or so ago and realised that I probably needed to get a new pair for this summer. You can imagine the churn I felt in my tummy. My all time favourite pair are gross now they have to be chucked but this is totally the end of an era. I had so many good times with old-navy-blue-halter-neck-boy-cut-bathers. They were lovely in their prime! Last year the new kids on the scene were kind of ghetto fabulous- black and gold bling haha and they are still going strong. But I really need 2 pairs in rotation. So its out with ol' bluey and I have shopped for another pair.

There is shopping and there is bather shopping. It is so hard to dress for bather shopping. You will have to wip in and out of that outfit all day. Pants - no good, body suit- mmm not bad but who's gonna wear a body suit? Anyway, the find actually happened when I was in my feral work uniform wandering past and something pink caught my eye. I can't believe how painless it was to get them. I love them and now I am set for summer! So don't be afraid just be on the lookout! If only I could afford/pull off these Chloe ones- click to check out the cut outs!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

This week...

I have not only learnt what a proscenium arch is, I heard someone unrelated use it in a sentence!

I used a simpson quote today seamlessly in a sentence, and the dude I said it too laughed hard enough to make it totally worthy

I might be moving to sydney....

I will drink my weight in vodka to supplement my annual leave payout

I will wear something amazing- on friday

I have not paid enough attention to my hair

It has been a crazy week for almost everyone I know, in some very good ways and some very bad ways

I just spent 45 minutes (possibly longer) watching Nick Cave on Youtube in readiness for All Tomorrows Parties

I have realised I secretly love Steve Tyler.

The end.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


One thing I love about Melbourne is how during peak hour trains run between Flinders St station and Alamein/Blackburn stopping all stations INCLUDING East Richmond. This means I can get to the city in 5 minutes, and work in 20.

One thing I hate about Melbourne is trying to hurry past all the slowpokes on swanston st, rushing to the station to catch your precious 5.19 to Alamein from platform 6 and then waiting..... waiting....waiting..... announcement "The 5.19 to Alamein has been delayed, and is now is expected in..... "etc etc wait wait another announcement wait wait wait and then a voice "Passengers for the Alamein train please note this train is now departing platform 2". Cue mad rush of all the passengers waiting for the 5.19, and the 5.27, and the 5.34 to platform 2, where we wait.......

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Back to Basics

Life has been stressful lately and my skin has suffered. I've been trying all sorts of things to help it out but to no avail. My skin is generally very dry and prone to eczema, and the dryer it gets the more sensitive it gets. Everything seems to make it worse, or not make it worse so much as do absolutely nothing, therefore increasing dryness and sensitivity.

So, because nothing makes any difference and I could go on forever buying $40 jars of gloop until I am homeless with several big bags of skincare products to carry around, none of which I can use, I have decided to cut back. And go back to the most basic stuff I can find. Enter:

I'm going to use up my Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser, which is lovely but expensive, and I cant really find any difference between it and Cetaphil, which you can buy a litre of for less than half the price of 250ml of Avene. I'm also using Avene Skin Recovery Cream because its honestly the nicest moisturiser I've ever used. Its soooooooo good for sensitive upset skin, but I only use nit when my skin is sore cos its expensive.

So today I went down to Priceline and picked up some Vitamin E Sorbolene, and guess how cheap it was. $2.80. No kidding. And you really cant beat sorbolene for a moisturiser. Once the cleanser runs out I'll buy a giant Cetaphil, and combined with sunscreen will be my whole routine.

Oh, and I've also got some rosehip oil I'll use as a serum thing underneath the sorbolene. The hard part about all this is that I feel like I am not doing the right thing by my skin regarding anti-ageing/sun damage etc. I'm pretty sure thats just because I read so many magazines that all go on, and on, and ON about new developments in anti ageing, and skin technology, and what the new thing you can do for your face it....... its magazine peer pressure.

I think though, that the main thing is the sunscreen. Also, Vitamin E is so good for skin, so supplementing with the rosehip oil or bursting vitamin e capsules on your face has got to be good for you. And having skin that is happy and moisturised and calm is going to be better than having red, itchy, angry, sore skin.

So I will push past the peer pressure and try keeping things simple. And see what happens, and hopefully i'll get good results. And if not, I think the next thing for me to try is hard core mega expensive stuff to use in combination, to improve the skin at the same time as keeping it nice.

Skincare is so tricky and complicated, and its made more so by all those freaking articles out there.... its wierd deciding not to have anything to do with them, kinda like deciding to throw out all nice handbags in favour of using a hiking backpack to carry stuff in or wearing polar fleece jackets instead of nice smart jackets, cos they keep you warm..... Its like stepping off the train, not travelling on with all the new skin developments but instead stopping in a nice field where you can hang out and just relax. And its way cheaper, and much easier. And if the economy is falling apart, we need cheaper, and if your life is as stressful as mine has been lately, you need the simplicity.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Dandy Dandys

If there are any Dandy Warhol fans in our readers- you should have been at the Palace last night!! It was the gig you always wanted them to play, or at least, the gig I have always wanted them to play. Seriously awesome.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Peaches and Cream

I secretly enjoy knowing what Peaches is up to- did you know she has moved to New York and is writing for Nylon?

Here is her first piece and here is the review of it in the guardian... lets just day its not exactly the most complimentary review that there has ever been in this world. While I agree with the review to some extent, I still am interested in whats happening to Peaches and I am totally dreaming of living in New York (after a few years in Berlin of course) so this paragraph made me think I better get going:

My best friend here is a boy named Bunny. We spend our days traipsing around Manhattan—him in skin-tight plaid trousers, huge geek glasses, and a mass of red hair sticking out haphazardly from beneath an Amish-style hat. We buy pizza from street vendors, run through Times Square marvelling at its energy, and source new vintage boutiques. Nights involve dancing at Beatrice Inn or Lit, watching the Misshapes spin some tunes, or catching one of the amazing bands Brooklyn has to offer.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Two New Shoes!

I find it hard to buy shoes cos I am plagued by hang ups about them including:

Wanting good quality

NOT wanting to pay a fortune

Wanting decent soles- not dead flat and hard stupid soles, but comfortable good-for-my-feet soles

NOT orthopedic, uggggggggggllllllllyyyyyyyyyy moulded rubber soles in elderly colours

I am currently investigating rubber arch support things to stick in shoes that have no support, but they seem kinda expensive and not guaranteed to stay in place. I have also found these

Promising, yes? Finding these in real life is not so simple as googling "Dr Scholl" was.

My point is, I've been looking for a pair of pretty gold sandals that look nice enough for work purposes but are not skank high heels. I have found at least 10 pairs that are basically very thin pieces of hard leather that may as well be wooden (and in some cases actually was) with some straps of gold leather stuck on in blister-making formation.

Today I went into the Diana Ferrari shop on Swan St to buy some sensible shoes for my mum, and when I paid for them the lady told me everything is 30% off. So I went back for a second look, and I found not one but TWO pairs of gold sandals not only with a heel, but with a leather sole that has a layer of rubber underneath- thin enough to not be visible, but thick enough for some extra comfort. Theres still no arch support, but they are reasonably comfortable. I chose the paler gold version over the more bronze-y ones, and then found a patent pink pair in slightly different style with a small (2cms) wedge heel!! Also comfortable, with the same rubber sole (good grip!) and Cheap. Like both pairs for less than $80. Amazing. Totally set, shoe-wise, for summer now and I didnt even have to back into Mollini.

Monday, 13 October 2008

something different

i've started a new thing.... in order to give myself a little personal time, and get myself in order for the grand start of 2009, and you can follow my progress here , if you would like to.

Have you ever wondered?


dictionary results for: sar·to·ri·al
/sɑrˈtɔriəl, -ˈtoʊr-/
[sahr-tawr-ee-uhl, -tohr-]
1.of or pertaining to tailors or their trade: sartorial workmanship.
2.of or pertaining to clothing or style or manner of dress: sartorial splendor.
3.Anatomy. pertaining to the sartorius.
[Origin: 1815–25; <>-ial] —Related forms
sar·to·ri·al·ly, adverb Unabridged (v 1.1)Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Front Row

I've enjoyed Paris fashion week thus far- but I think my favourite thing about looking at the shows on style is clicking on the "front row" link and seeing a) who is in the front row and b) what they wore- I mean who knew Thailand had a princess?? I love looking and seeing whether they are head to toe in the designer, grinning like the cheshire cat or just expressionless (read:smug)

also here are some of the looks I liked best this time around....
Marni- hehe I feel like a magpie when I am looking at this all the shiny things!
Oscar de la Renta: the colours are so gorgeous and I love floral prints at the moment
I just love the OTT-ness of this necklace and the colour combination and everything- I dunno it really appeals to me( also lovely makeup)
and Burberry- I love the colours here- its all blended together so simply but such a stunning effect

Saturday, 27 September 2008

What game?

I loathe football and everything its associated with, so today I thought would be a quiet time to visit the Art Deco exhibition. Upon arriving it was quickly apparent that EVERYONE who loathes football in melbourne had had the same thought. It was busy. But still lovely, and awesome, and inspiring, as Art Deco has been doing for me since year 11 art. My favourite pieces were the dresses near the end, and the posters.... I love a good ocean liner poster. All time top five desert island favourite piece is this photo by Cecil Beaton of Miss Nancy Beaton as a shooting star (photo from designboom). I love Cecil Beaton and all his photos, particularly the ones of the Queen and her sister, but this is just divine. I am 100% with maudrey when she says if she's ever photographed for Vogue etc she will ask to be portrayed as a shooting star.....

Friday, 5 September 2008

just another dress

this was in MX yesterday and on fug. I really love it...

What dyou reckon?


Oliver Peoples:

Marc Jacobs:

Free poll by
What glasses should I get?

Black OP

Black MJ

Tortoise MJ

Pink Chanel with flower

Pink Chanel -are they weird or awesome?

(The results can be seen here)

Thursday, 4 September 2008

A Luxe Day

Went to the Fash week Luxe Collective on Tuesday night..... It was a nice show, beautiful set up, awesome catwalk, very cool. The collections were also pretty dang cool, I covet several dresses, one in RASPBERRY pink/red, beautiful, one-shouldered ANYTHING, hems cut higher at the front then flowing into a mini train at the back...delicious.

What I didnt like so much was the SKELETAL models.... they all had nice hair etc... but girls that skinny scare me. Walking in those ridiculously high, and teetering shoes, you shouldnt look like you'll collapse into a pile of pick up sticks..... anyway. I also didnt like the dresses that were shown that have been available to BUY in david jones for MONTHS..... that is NOT what fashion week is about, but other than that and the fact I still dont like Aldo shoes, it was a good night!

I think I will go to RMIT show on saturday night also, that should be interesting at the very least. I also want to do the rounds of the following Melbourne fashion-related things....

the Kimono exhibition at Immigration Museum
Art Deco exhibition
Fashion Noir
Belle du Jour at ACMI

lots of fun to be had!

Friday, 29 August 2008

Bourke St puts it on

The new sportsgirl next to Dotti opens tomorrow- its meant to have like stylists and all this fancy stuff..... and mecca is open at myer AND the new david jones bit should be opening soon too!!
My pick at Mecca is the this 3-pan eyeshadow palette, complete with Kajal Eye Liner, is hot off the red carpets of Hollywood. With both matte and shimmer shades, plus an onyx kajal liner, the gray and pewter hued palette was inspired by fall's couture fashions. Enclosed in a fab faux-patent leather casing, the palette is wrapped with a gorgeous rosette accessory. Don't you DARE get there before me cos they are limited edition!!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

right now

I covet: all black- from head to toe-, zips, very polished and pretty hair, tough shoes, ruffles, florals, fur muffs, new books, covergirl Queen Latifah mascara, comfy shoes for walking around, extreme-denier tights (i'm talking 120 denier PLUS- if you can find them), wine after work, and skirts that give you a waist and a bubble bottom (tulip shaped, in other words). And now I am going to put every single piece of clothing I own but never want to wear again (for now) into a big bag and hide it somewhere for 2 weeks. And see what happens.

Monday, 18 August 2008

A Diva through and through but...

I love Diva. No really - I love it. I love that I can pretty much guarantee to find a knock off to add to my rose jewellery obsession, be able to find "musthaves" for my new "transformation" or most recently raid "Carrie's Closet" (didn't we all cringe but secretly love that one). The thing is in Victoria alone there are approx 33 stores. That is ample access for the 2 million women of Melbourne to kit themselves out in the same stuff. So here is my dilemma. Where is there fun and different stuff that doesn't cost the earth. You guys are gonna love me! check out Etsy- A place to buy (and sell!) all things handmade. Full of cute stuff I mean look at all the catergories! hehe geekery!
Accessories Art Bags And Purses Bath And Beauty Books And Zines Candles Ceramics AndPottery Children Clothing Crochet Everything Else Furniture Geekery Glass Holidays Housewares Jewelry Knitting Music Needlecraft Paper Goods Patterns Pets Plants And Edibles Quilts Supplies Toys Vintage Weddings Woodworking

I really enjoy browsing this site and its great to get some one of a kind things- hehe there's even things to encourage my raging appetite for all things twilight!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Dear Mecca

Why, oh why are you moving to Myer?

You are such a good fit with David Jones! Myer has none of the cred of DJ's, and you will be subjected to the crammed, ugly walkways of Myer..... please dont do it! Your David Jones space was always so lovely and clean, minimalist, we could cruise in, wander around, enjoy ourselves..... At Myer we will be pushed and shoved, forced to step aside for prams and idiots, forced to listen to teenagers screaming about the Basement.... while Britney Spears new fragrance ad plays on repeat on a tv nearby....

Looks like your Little Collins st store will be getting a lot more visits. I'm sorry Mecca, but I feel disappointed in you. I love you and all your products, and you are basically the only place I go to for makeup and a lot of other lovely things, and Mauds perfume alone is enough to make you a great destination- but Myer? I wont do it.

And while I'm angry with you, I'd also like to point this out- why do you keep a record of our purchases, send us nice letters about new products, as well as very pretty brochures, but you never reward us for frequent shopping? It would go a long way to repairing the friendship.

Love Zoe

Monday, 11 August 2008


This is my new baby..... Isnt she sleek and shiny? She totally fits with my latest aesthetic which is simplicity. Everywhere I look there seems to be people talking about simplicity, paring things back, keeping it simple. Almost minimalist.

Its interesting cos I feel like its one kind of style that suits me. I look uncomfortable in layered, boho hippie type outfits, overdone and silly in overly girly outfits and sort of bogan and squishy in Sporting type outifts. In high school and for a few years after I had extremely thick, curly hair, which has now calmed down to a still thick but more of a straight wave. But my hair for years stopped me from wearing frills (too much), florals (way too feminine), red (way too vampy) and any form of flowers in my hair (wayyyyy too Penelope Cruz). Now I could wear almost all of them (I would still avoid the red, though) but I am favouring sleeker things. Prints still feature heavily in my dream wardrobe, but they are paired with very little else, mainly just black tights and solid shoes. I want to wear one dress, not a dress over a top with a cardigan, 30 bangles a necklace and statement shoes. I want to wear a black tshirt with an amazing skirt and thongs. Or jeans and a striped top, with messy hair. Easy. Am I recovering from a hair episode that didnt sit right, or am I finding my own personal style? Either way, I like where this is going. It will make the "Should I Try This On?" debate much less frequent. And realistically, I know what suits me, I just get distracted by what looks good on other people.

The other thing holding me back right now though is the weather. I could easily wear jeans and a striped top (and ofter do) but not many people see this as they are almost entirely covered by a jumper, a coat, a scarf, and usually gloves and/or beanie. Bring on spring!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Self Preservation

A new cafe everyone is raving about located in Melbourne CBD...
Self Preservation is a Jewellery Store, Cafe and Art Gallery. Stocking local and international designers, as well as one-off pieces from their in-house studio. They also have a range of vintage and retro jewellery and collectibles. They serve coffee, breakfast, lunch, cakes and snacks, as well as a selection of beers and wines. In the Art Gallery at the rear of the store and upstairs they show emerging and established artists, as well as an eclectic collection of affordable art.

business-like fashion

I've recently become addicted to a website I found called The Business of Fashion, which recently published an article about the Top 10 Online Magazines which you can find here. If you are into online fashion magazines have a read and see what you think. I think its a great list and they all make a change from when its not show season.

Other than that BOF links to articles on the net about fashion, which is great as I find The Age's fashion section is not really updated often enough for my liking! However though, if you are after a something a little different on The Age (or Sydney Morning Herald) website try the Executive Style section- they seem to get a lot of style and fashion articles there that never make it to the Life&Style section.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Love her!

chip of ye olde block

I was at an engagement party yesterday (a rather dressy one) and one of my friends commented on the unkemptness of my chipped nail polish. Before I could say anything another friend defended my nails saying Oh that's just one of her things- she loves the way it looks. I was surprised- a) that someone else would notice! and b) that non-grooming could be a "thing". Did anyone read this article about it in the New York Times.
I mean its just chipped nail polish! hehe gotta love MK for her perfectly groomed un-groomedness.

Thursday, 31 July 2008


Are you loyal to one or two brands? Do you keep going back to them again and again, for years?

I am loyal to shops. I have about half a dozen or so shops that I visit everytime I go to the city/chapel st/brunswick st. I always visit them to see if they have anything new and interesting that I might like. These include Genki, Zomp, Shag, Target, and usually Retrostar in the city, Pets Wonderland, the Salvos, Kit, Fat and JB Hifi on Chapel St, and a few others around the traps.

I have other shops too that I dont go to every time but instead leave it a bit longer between visits (usually in the hope that they've suddenly got their act together). This category includes the ground floor womens fashion of David Jones, Sportsgirl, Sussan, Wittners, David Lawrence. Shops in this category are usually not there for long, often being upgraded for a while (Ojay) or banished forever (Portmans).

But as for labels, I dont really do it. My mum has been loyal to Laura Ashley for most of her life- this includes her wedding dress (it was the late 70s, after all). She has Laura Ashley clothes from most eras of her life, including now. She often hunts out other labels too, cos she "likes them" or "they fit" or some such.

Perhaps brand loyalty will come later.... I am yet to find a brand that will consistently suit me, fit me and like me, as well as me liking it, all the time. Maybe my taste is a bit too random to stay with one brand. I have bought three things from Witchery lately, but that doesnt really make me want to go back.

If weather and money were no object I think I would be consistently loyal to Chanel and probably Gucci. But that is a whole nother league,

In other news, I finally worked up the courage to go out and buy a brand new laptop. Its shiny and black and does everything I want it to (except reformat my ipod without losing all my songs), and I can barely remember how I coped with my old one (I didnt, in the end). This means for you hopefully more posting, and for me means I can watch youtube, upload photos on facebook within the space of less than half an hour, bluetooth pics straight to ya, and FINALLY watch my videos of the Rufus Wainwright concert. Its like a dream come true.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Not it anymore....

Have "it" bags died? Not THAT long ago I pined for a Dior Gaucho bag (above) and then a Mulberry Elgin, but now its all disappeared..... There used to be so many! They all had names and they were all fabulous, but where have they gone?

I think the fact that there were so many and always new ones or new colours or new fabrics, it was impossible for normal (meaning non-massively-rich) people to either keep up or buy the Right One. And unless you were lucky enough to really LOVE one, how could you choose?

But these days it seems to have all just faded away.... you can still buy a lot of the bags in new colours etc, but no one talks about them anymore. Is it fashion death to be seen with an old It Bag? Or have we just moved on?

I personally dont want my bag to have any form of signage on it. I dont want anyone to know where I got it, what brand it is, how old it is, etc. I just want to carry it and love it and have it go with what I want. I couldnt carry a Gaucho, what would people think? SHE'S carrying a DIOR bag. It Bags seem to define you and your outfit, without you really getting a say. They are carrying you, really. I dont want people to judge me on my bag. My outfit, yes, but my bag cant speak for all of us! It has to fit in, go with the other choices of dress, shoe, hairstyle.

Maybe its too difficult to carry an It bag these days. Plus theres the fakes.... so many fakes. I dont have anything against fakes, but its gotten to the point where every "designer" bag you see is subject to great scrutiny- is it fake? she doesnt look like it would be REAL etc, and all of a sudden the gorgeous bag doesnt look so good- it might be FAKE. I do own a few fakes, but they pretty much never see daylight for fear someone will know better and point and giggle at me from across the street, before striding off with their original vintage Chanel 2.55....... I am not made to be carried by an It Bag, or vice versa.

Exceptions to this rule obviously include serious heavyweight bags like the above mentioned Chanel or a Birkin...... you can clearly tell the fakes, which I think means a lot to the real ones, and they are timeless and quite versatile, although I suppose if you took your Birkin to Coles on sunday morning you would still scream "I'm dressed casually but I am STYLISH, JUST LOOK AT THIS BAG"...... fashion is so fickle! A year ago I would have loved to have had that look at the supermarket.... but time has moved on.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

sometimes i wish i could wear a giant onesie overall thing during the day like i was a painter or a scientist, and then i could wear whatever i wanted underneath and no one would know! wonder what that means..... but it kinda is an awesome idea, you'd be comfortable, warm, wouldnt get dirty, have an air of mystery while still being able to DO stuff, like bend over without pants showing any butt crack or your top riding up etc.

anyway. i digress. Here are my favourite pics this week:

Christian Lacroix Haute Couture, stunning colours.

Keeps with NGVs art deco theme..... makes me wanna bow on my coat.... from Face Hunter

this dress and shoes.... so simple and stylish.... from Face Hunter

i'm sorry, but i just love it!! is conducting a personal style poll- the link is in our link list- the choices are

Agyness Deyn
Amy Winehouse
Angelina Jolie
Chelsea Clinton
Jenna Bush
Jennifer Aniston
Mary-Kate Olsen
Sarah Jessica Parker
Victoria Beckham

who would you vote for? In terms of personal style.... I wonder how many of them dont use stylists. I think Agyness and MK Olsen dont, and I would put money on Amy Winehouse and Angelina not using one either, but I'm not too sure about the others. I do love Posh Spice though! I dont think she would use a stylist, but maybe I am biased.

I think they are all stylish, but I think Amy and MK are my favourites on this list. Closely followed by Angelina and Agyness. SJP plays it pretty safe or "classic", which always reminds me she is NOT Carrie Bradshaw, Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea and Jenna, all pretty boring, really. Beyonce I think.... i dont know what i think. I've never really liked anything she wears, but I;ve always appreciated the glitter.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Did you wear a school uniform?

Or do you, now? If your school was particularly strict, did it have an affect on what your style is like now?

I know that for years after high school I couldnt wear nail polish for more than about 5 minutes before feeling compelled to remove it before i had to go anywhere, a definite hangover from high school where it was banned. When I was at school I knew I was into fashion, but I had neither the money or the opportunity to do much about it. Living in the country where surf shops and having the latest Billabong skirt/hoodie/jumper was the golden ticket to being popular there was not a lot of room for high fashion. Instead I went the opposite direction- I never bothered. I even wore my uniform on out-of-uniform days, claiming to have forgotten (yet clearly leaving the house with my very un-uniformed brother) but really just not game to wear my other clothes out. My parents are very big on looking "smart" which has stood me well, but its not much chop on the playground.

When I finished school I almost literally had nothing to wear. I really only owned tracksuits, white school socks, and a couple of rather dressy things that were useless for day wear. It has taken years to build up a wardrobe of basics and yummy things starting from scratch. Add to that trying to find some style and there were plenty of mistake purchases (still are). My wardrobe at my parents house is full of this sort of stuff. Dresses with sheer overlays (heehehee), hilarious pun tshirts, bad jeans, old bathers, all sorts of awful items I would never wear in real life but somehow think I might regress to if I needed to go out for dinner in my hometown. I have actually done this a couple of times, and then wondered why I felt so dowdy, dated and ugly.....

Nowadays I would love to have a week back in high school, with all the others, to see whats what now. Will the popular kids still be popular? Will the slim beautiful girls still be slim and enviable? Will the cute boys still stir your heart? Better (or is that worse?) yet, how will I fit in?

Do you have any post-school uniform tales? Have you had a reunion where everything has changed? Are you still at school- whats your story?!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Love Art Deco

I cannot wait to get to the Art Deco exhibition at the National Gallery! Art Deco is my favourite style era and this exhibit is going to send me into a frenzy, I just know it.

Its on until October so theres plenty of time and you can also buy Unlimited tickets which are $55 for adults (less for concession etc), total bargain.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Winter Coat Drive

If you clean out your cupboard and find some old coats you dont wear anymore, or have replaced, maybe you could drop them off at one of these points around town for Off Your Back, a charity that is distributing winter coats to homeless and disadvantaged people:

1. MARS (Melbourne Art Rooms) 418 Bay St, Port Melbourne

2. LYGON COURT 333 Drummond St, Carlton Drop off - Car Park Attendant Â

3. YARRAVILLE SQUARE SHOPPING CENTRE Cnr High St & Williamstown Rd Yarraville Drop off at BiLo

4. BAKERY HILL SHOPPING CENTRE Victoria St, Ballarat Drop off at BiLo

5. RUSDEN HOUSE 662 Blackburn Rd, Clayton Drop off at Reception

6. TONIC 13 Martin Street St Kilda

7. SANDY 103 Tooronga Rd, Malvern

8. JANE RODWELL 43 Mercer St Queenscliff

9. EQ CAFÉ BAR Dure Dara100 St Kilda Rd Melbourne

10. FOLLY FARM 13 Cards Lane Olinda

1 1. ARTS CENTRE cloak room

I'm sorry I dont have any more information, but it is starting to get really cold so if you feel like a clean out, theres lots of others who could do with some more warm.


Do you find clothes or do they find you?

As mentioned, I've been searching for a coat for winter (which is already upon me). I thought I knew what I wanted, I thought I found it, and when it came to the crunch I could not do it. I couldnt pay for it, I couldnt take it, I couldnt go through with it. Searching for all that time, finding what I thought I wanted, and realising that I just didnt love it enough. The problem was that I could leave it behind.

I want more out of my purchases than that. I want to be scared to leave the shop in case someone else with more readily available funds swoops in straight after me. I have to run back to places after worriedly trying to make up my mind and then deciding I cant live without it. I want to LOVE things so much I HAVE to have them.

And so it goes that when you stop looking, you find beautiful perfect things! Like a lovely ivory coat half price and an awesome biker clutch bag also on sale. A black sequin cardigan and a hoodie covered in gold stars!

I believe that aside from the basics (including skivvies in good colours, any idea where they live?) you come across clothes by accident and thats the best way to buy. You can still avoid the impulse purchase, and sometimes you may not really NEED the awesome items, but they are the most fun, and the most likely to be worn.

And this brings me to my next point, which is slightly contradicting, BUT. Do you have a wardrobe half full of things you never wear? A maxi dress in an insane print that you cant wear cos its just a gaudy tent? A fifties frock that is gorgeous but you cant move your arms in it?

If you're anything like me you'll spend time staring at all this stuff, not quite game enough to try it on cos its slightly depressing, but wishing you had occasion (read balls) to wear them.

This is the tough question: If you cut the length off, the sleeves off or adjust the waistband, will it ruin the item or make it wearable?

If its a vintage couture special one-off item then maybe dont muck with it too much, but if you bought it at Retrostar and have never worn it GET YOUR SCISSORS. Why not? You'll never feel comfortable in it otherwise, and if you go carefully and slowly it might become your new favourite outfit. Best part is, its FREE!

If it makes you feel dowdy, try adjusting the hem to a length that suits you.

If its a little tight across the bust/arms, take the sleeves off.

See if you can take out darts to make things looser, or put them in to give more shape.

Put press studs in rows of buttons that gape open.

Use cut offs to make belts, or bags, or headbands.

Try stuff- see if you can pin it in place first to suss the viability of your plan, but dont be afraid to do it! I have officially 3 new dresses in the last few days when I was always too afraid to adjust them. I've worn two of them already.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Dear Future Husband

Please get me a Diorette when you propose- I'll even pay for it
Love me xxx

Monday, 9 June 2008


Yes, this post will contain spoilers, but I assume (or hope, at least) that if you read this blog, you have already seen the Sex and the City Movie. Come on, its been out for like, 5 whole days by now...

I wanted this movie to be a massive wardrobal inspiration for me, and it totally was, except I liked it so much i've forgotten most of the outfits. What I do remember is HATS (didnt I tell you??!) hooray, and also that when I got home that night I couldnt sleep because all I could think was "why on earth would I be afraid to NOT wear anything? As long as it has a sense of humour any outfit is cool".

I also liked the belts, and shoes, but i feel too much attention was paid to the Dior shoes where perhaps there could have been others. I also am not 100% convinced about Carries apartment makeover. I realise its mean to symbolise it being a grown-up apartment, but she hasnt changed at all! Look at how she ran back to Big after he thrashed her yet again by "not being able to get out of the car". I liked her old apartment. I also liked that after the failed wedding, and after she kind of recovered a little bit, it looked for a while there that she might actually stay single, and that Miranda might too and Samantha as well, and that would be, like, OK. But no, in the end Carrie went back to Big AGAIN, and forgave (or forgot) AGAIN, and had a predicable happy ending. The show was so good because it showed that women could actually be happy single and that was not something to be ashamed of, and I think the movie sold out here a little.

Other than that, I want want want print dresses, and good hair, and STUFF. I know its anti-eco and all that to want useless stuff but let me clarify by saying i dont want just ANY useless stuff i want clothes. Vintage, new, classic, outrageous, el cheapo, le expensive, all of the above. For the sheer point of having choice. And a myriad of options.

At the same time, I cant quite bring myself to spend any money at the moment. Part of me desperately wants to let go and consume, the other half is frantically trying to think of ways to save and grow and accumulate more money for potential lengthy overseas trips. I am so torn. Do I spend $250 on a trench coat that suits me and fits me and is kind of the shape i want, or do i continue with what I've got and keep my 250? Do I use my tax return (providing i get one) to buy a new laptop, or do i keep my tax return and use my bf's computer (slightly inconvenient, but free)? I just dont knowwwwwwww.

Luckily, the first eligible piece i found to buy was a metallic gold wonder woman belt which miraculously fits me (fat me?), closely followed by a tan leather wide belt for the grand total of FIVE sequins. If you walk out of your house tomorrow and theres a trash and treasure at the end of your street, dont discount it- you WILL find something awesome there, I promise.

I'm off now to put everything i dont wear on ebay again, and also to read interviews with Keith Richards, who combined with Carrie Bradshaw (predictable yes, but you know you want every single one of her outfits too) continues to be my style inspiration.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Stuff that I like...

Mmm I was at the op shop yesterday and I spent a total of $15! I bought a vintage blouse, a lollypop pink cardigan with pearl buttons, a bow ring and this ornament thing for my room. All very exciting things! Did Zoe and I tell you about our new op shop rule? We decided it was only worth spending under $10 on something crappy or actually invest in something decent. Let me say there have been no really decent things yet but it has definitely curbed the crap impulse buying.

Here are some things that I've seen and liked recently...

I love the colour and contrast of this jacket

ok and I have probably posted this one before?? but again with the recent Trinny and Susanna goodness- I realise that Scarlett's dress would be perfect for my apple shape to wear to a wedding coming up! maybe a bit booby tho... (please just ignore her hair and Natalie Portman altogether)
and these girls- I love their casual colour and how comfortable they look. And the hat! Why do I never remember to wear my hat?? Its all in the details don't you think?

and the contrast here between the tights and sandals is so good- and again the general colours and comfortableness of it all. Just goes to show you can dress with comfort and style on days off!

p.s check out the SATC movie premiere party pics here courtesy of our favourite

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Style Transformation

Massive lack of posting lately is due to a) new job overload, b) death of laptop and c) because of a and b, complete lack of things to write about.

I have experienced a period of Not Wanting to Buy Anything. This was great cos I wore more of the clothes i already own, had money left over each week before my next pay, and didnt waste my time slogging round the shops moaning about how theres nothing to buy. (well, i did moan about that a little bit, i'll be honest)

But now I've come out the other side into a new phase- Reinventing My Look. New job, new look, and I have already worn more interesting, exciting and "me" things in 4 weeks at the new job than I had in 4.5 years at the old job. And i may be getting a bit up-myself here, but i feel these days more like I dont care what anyone else thinks, and that me feeling disappointed at the end of the day that I didnt wear the dressier option and instead wore jeans is more important than worrying if anyone is talking about me. Big. Deal.

Problem now is, where do I go from here? I have enlisted a stack of magazines, 2 quality fashiony friends, and sex and the city to help me out. (PS cant WAIT for the movie and it had better inspire me hardcore, I tell you what!)

heres what I have so far:

I love this ad so, so much.... the headband, the pearls, the eyeliner, its so cool.

This is a detail of a full outfit from the sartorialist, but for me this tiny section is enough. the black tights, the gold band on the dress, its so relaxed and yet fabulous...

This I like for the chic simplicity (also from sartorialist- see our links list). And I think i want a blanket-scarf- so warm!
This combination of her gorgeous hair (this is from Facehunter- see links) and her Chanel-esque dress, the black and white, the pretty flowers, its simple but fierce and lovely.

And finally, Emmanuelle Alt (both these are from sartorialist). Cool, this woman is just cool. Very rock, very french vogue, very right, all the time. If I could transplant those exact 2 outfits I would be happy.....

Where to from here? I think these pictures suggest i am moving into a harder style, as opposed to comfy jeans and tshirts, etc, but also a more refined style. I am not one for boho, or 70s (except 70s jeans) or hippie styles, they just make me look frumpy, silly, and a bit podgy. I am also not one for flowy, frilly, overly girly styles. After watching Trinny and Susannah and studying their books at borders lol, I come to the conclusion I am either a Skittle or an Hourglass. Leaning more towards Hourglass cos I have pretty broad shoulders. Maudrey and I agreed that while T & S's rules on dressing for your shape are definitely something to keep in mind (ie, skivvies really DO look ridiculously bad on me precisely because of said broad shoulders, large bosom and relatively short neck) it is possible to dress for your shape, while still following your own trends and always trying things that may NOT work just in case you have struck upon a miraculous cut of something and in fact you look amazing. Therefore, I am going to have a scrapbook-brainstorm now and write some lists of Things I Like, Dont Like, Look Good In, Look Silly In, Hate, and Love.

And tomorrow I will pop up to Mecca for some red lip gloss. This is going to help the transformation, I can just tell.

If any dear readers can see some trends emerging from the pictures i put up, or any glaringly obvious items I should own, please speak up! I often cant see the wood for the trees.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Logies II

I could go on for hours about the Logies fashion, but I wont, I will just say I quite liked Kate Richies dress, although it pains me to admit it; I quite liked Natalie Bassingthwaites dress; I hated most of the others, and I absolutely LOVE this:

About time a man tried something a little interesting/fabulous! I wish they bothered more often. I think a lot of the girls last night could have learnt from Rhys too- you're allowed to be as fashion-y as you want, you dont always have to play it safe!

Logies- hit or miss?

I love Australia and I think we have great fashion- where was it last night at the logies though?
(For our non aussie readers- the logies are an annual tv awards show)
I really couldn't see anyone who's dress I envied or who's machismo was heightened by a hot suit. I don't want to sound incredibly harsh but I was really disappointed! I thought that most of the dresses looked like they were some thing I would have loved to wear to my formal back in 2001! There we some that weren't too bad but nothing amazingly inspiring.

Here's a recap...