Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Winter Coat Drive

If you clean out your cupboard and find some old coats you dont wear anymore, or have replaced, maybe you could drop them off at one of these points around town for Off Your Back, a charity that is distributing winter coats to homeless and disadvantaged people:

1. MARS (Melbourne Art Rooms) 418 Bay St, Port Melbourne

2. LYGON COURT 333 Drummond St, Carlton Drop off - Car Park Attendant Â

3. YARRAVILLE SQUARE SHOPPING CENTRE Cnr High St & Williamstown Rd Yarraville Drop off at BiLo

4. BAKERY HILL SHOPPING CENTRE Victoria St, Ballarat Drop off at BiLo

5. RUSDEN HOUSE 662 Blackburn Rd, Clayton Drop off at Reception

6. TONIC 13 Martin Street St Kilda

7. SANDY 103 Tooronga Rd, Malvern

8. JANE RODWELL 43 Mercer St Queenscliff

9. EQ CAFÉ BAR Dure Dara100 St Kilda Rd Melbourne

10. FOLLY FARM 13 Cards Lane Olinda

1 1. ARTS CENTRE cloak room

I'm sorry I dont have any more information, but it is starting to get really cold so if you feel like a clean out, theres lots of others who could do with some more warm.


Do you find clothes or do they find you?

As mentioned, I've been searching for a coat for winter (which is already upon me). I thought I knew what I wanted, I thought I found it, and when it came to the crunch I could not do it. I couldnt pay for it, I couldnt take it, I couldnt go through with it. Searching for all that time, finding what I thought I wanted, and realising that I just didnt love it enough. The problem was that I could leave it behind.

I want more out of my purchases than that. I want to be scared to leave the shop in case someone else with more readily available funds swoops in straight after me. I have to run back to places after worriedly trying to make up my mind and then deciding I cant live without it. I want to LOVE things so much I HAVE to have them.

And so it goes that when you stop looking, you find beautiful perfect things! Like a lovely ivory coat half price and an awesome biker clutch bag also on sale. A black sequin cardigan and a hoodie covered in gold stars!

I believe that aside from the basics (including skivvies in good colours, any idea where they live?) you come across clothes by accident and thats the best way to buy. You can still avoid the impulse purchase, and sometimes you may not really NEED the awesome items, but they are the most fun, and the most likely to be worn.

And this brings me to my next point, which is slightly contradicting, BUT. Do you have a wardrobe half full of things you never wear? A maxi dress in an insane print that you cant wear cos its just a gaudy tent? A fifties frock that is gorgeous but you cant move your arms in it?

If you're anything like me you'll spend time staring at all this stuff, not quite game enough to try it on cos its slightly depressing, but wishing you had occasion (read balls) to wear them.

This is the tough question: If you cut the length off, the sleeves off or adjust the waistband, will it ruin the item or make it wearable?

If its a vintage couture special one-off item then maybe dont muck with it too much, but if you bought it at Retrostar and have never worn it GET YOUR SCISSORS. Why not? You'll never feel comfortable in it otherwise, and if you go carefully and slowly it might become your new favourite outfit. Best part is, its FREE!

If it makes you feel dowdy, try adjusting the hem to a length that suits you.

If its a little tight across the bust/arms, take the sleeves off.

See if you can take out darts to make things looser, or put them in to give more shape.

Put press studs in rows of buttons that gape open.

Use cut offs to make belts, or bags, or headbands.

Try stuff- see if you can pin it in place first to suss the viability of your plan, but dont be afraid to do it! I have officially 3 new dresses in the last few days when I was always too afraid to adjust them. I've worn two of them already.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Dear Future Husband

Please get me a Diorette when you propose- I'll even pay for it
Love me xxx

Monday, 9 June 2008


Yes, this post will contain spoilers, but I assume (or hope, at least) that if you read this blog, you have already seen the Sex and the City Movie. Come on, its been out for like, 5 whole days by now...

I wanted this movie to be a massive wardrobal inspiration for me, and it totally was, except I liked it so much i've forgotten most of the outfits. What I do remember is HATS (didnt I tell you??!) hooray, and also that when I got home that night I couldnt sleep because all I could think was "why on earth would I be afraid to NOT wear anything? As long as it has a sense of humour any outfit is cool".

I also liked the belts, and shoes, but i feel too much attention was paid to the Dior shoes where perhaps there could have been others. I also am not 100% convinced about Carries apartment makeover. I realise its mean to symbolise it being a grown-up apartment, but she hasnt changed at all! Look at how she ran back to Big after he thrashed her yet again by "not being able to get out of the car". I liked her old apartment. I also liked that after the failed wedding, and after she kind of recovered a little bit, it looked for a while there that she might actually stay single, and that Miranda might too and Samantha as well, and that would be, like, OK. But no, in the end Carrie went back to Big AGAIN, and forgave (or forgot) AGAIN, and had a predicable happy ending. The show was so good because it showed that women could actually be happy single and that was not something to be ashamed of, and I think the movie sold out here a little.

Other than that, I want want want print dresses, and good hair, and STUFF. I know its anti-eco and all that to want useless stuff but let me clarify by saying i dont want just ANY useless stuff i want clothes. Vintage, new, classic, outrageous, el cheapo, le expensive, all of the above. For the sheer point of having choice. And a myriad of options.

At the same time, I cant quite bring myself to spend any money at the moment. Part of me desperately wants to let go and consume, the other half is frantically trying to think of ways to save and grow and accumulate more money for potential lengthy overseas trips. I am so torn. Do I spend $250 on a trench coat that suits me and fits me and is kind of the shape i want, or do i continue with what I've got and keep my 250? Do I use my tax return (providing i get one) to buy a new laptop, or do i keep my tax return and use my bf's computer (slightly inconvenient, but free)? I just dont knowwwwwwww.

Luckily, the first eligible piece i found to buy was a metallic gold wonder woman belt which miraculously fits me (fat me?), closely followed by a tan leather wide belt for the grand total of FIVE sequins. If you walk out of your house tomorrow and theres a trash and treasure at the end of your street, dont discount it- you WILL find something awesome there, I promise.

I'm off now to put everything i dont wear on ebay again, and also to read interviews with Keith Richards, who combined with Carrie Bradshaw (predictable yes, but you know you want every single one of her outfits too) continues to be my style inspiration.