Thursday, 26 April 2007

A Slow Thursday

Not sure if I am just tired or what but I have floated through today with the greatest of ease. I think part of it is my eyes are still itchy so my whole head is a bit behind the 8-ball right now. Plus work has been slow.... with the exception of this guy who came in and was totally smooth and cheesy but fun.

Anyway outfit of the day goes to this lovely girl I saw wearing a cream/blush dress all floaty and pretty with buttons- sort of Little House on the Prairie crossed with Chloe. With brown stockings and high brown boots. I'm not normally a fan of brown on brown, particularly tights, but this looked ok with the dress. The killer was that she had STUNNING makeup- really pretty and subtle but so enhancing, and awesome hair, short bob type slightly messy kinda assymetrical covering half her face..... and she smiled at me in a way that made me feel like she liked my outfit back, so that got her extra points. hehe!

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Cutting it Down

Late night shopping in Melbourne last night has eliminated 3 Ways To Spend Tractor Cut. The KGB jacket is too expensive and doesnt fit 100% right, the Leona dresses just didnt sit right, and I bought the shoes..... so they dont count, although I will have to pay myself back from the tractor money, which will mean less tractor money to spend, but I have shoes... ok too complicated.

What I'd really like is a causal style of dress in a great fabric/print/colour that I can wear all through winter with tights, boots, flats, cardigans, jackets, things underneath, etc, and do you know how hard that is? I tried on no less than ELEVEN dresses last night and NOT ONE of them was worth anything. Not sure where to go next... cheap is good but they are generally pretty crap and not that warm. I think Cue would probably have something but they are so expensive. I dont know where to go next.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

A Cut to Spend...

So my dad had this tractor, right, that he didnt want anymore, so I put it on ebay for him, for the low low price of 1800 bucks, and told dad if it sold for more than 2500 I deserved a cut ( for answering all the emails ebay admin etc). And the bloody thing sold for $3300. So I get a cut!

Its also my birthday. So while I'm at work I am thinking of ways to spend the cut. Its about 200 bucks, depending on how generous dad is feeling on the day, and this is what I'm thinking about buying......
  • Tsubi high-waisted skinny jean- totally awesome colours and no muffin-top!
  • Dizingof KGB jacket- stunning. Long coat too expensive but jacket!! Its achievable!
  • Leona dress. Leona Edmistons cheapo range.... i love a nice dress.
  • US Vogue subscription (might get this one anyway)
  • New shoes- current winners are black flats from Shubar with 3 ankle straps. (might get these anyway as well.) And new cons.
The first 2 would require extra funding from me. The last 3 wouldnt, but arent quite as fabulous. So do I buy a semi-extravagant birthday present, or something totally out there?! Shoes would actually be useful, as would the dress (for work) and I could wear them TOGETHER! Vogue sub is a given, but this is an easy way to afford it. Skinny jeans I'm not 100% sure about, and Dizingof jacket is quite expensive. Can I have more than one? How many birthday presents can one buy oneself? How much money is too much? I wish I knew. Or I wish my mum didnt make me feel guilty about buying stuff, then I could have everything!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Things I Love Right Now

I sat outside the GPO yesterday in the sunshine eating my lunch and listening to the nearby florists music which was the Beatles!, and watching the people go by. Here is what I liked:

Beige trench coat with tan heels and bare, pale, legs; all black with black ballet slippers, grey tshirt dresses with black tights; plaits; high waisted "corporate" skirts with killer shirts; sharp coats; babydoll style dresses wit full skirts; interesting scarves; simple and elegant black dresses with funky details like keyholes etc; men wearing pale pink shirts with very polished brown shoes; young girls who are obviously ballerinas with amazing posture; tough looking women walking in amazing shoes.

More tomorrow. Also stay tuned for the most amazing winter coat ever- if I can find a picture.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Oh the pain..

So how do you think they get their hair so perfect? Do they REALLY have hairdressers/stylists at their houses for events like this? (They are at Tom Fords party, which I guess is a good enough occasion for a hairdresser). Damn them! Although I have to say Gwyneths ends are looking a little dry. Ha! But its still long long long, and shiny, and perfectly frizz-free, and not boofy. I LONG for my hair to be this long, haha, and shiny and frizz free and flat but still with movement and a little bit of volume.....

What to do? I guess I need to be more stringent with the deep-conditioning... and probably a bit more attention to general hair styling wouldnt go astray.... but i just want it to be nice!

Failing that i could cut it off into a little angel-afro halo and really get stuck into the curls for maximum effect..... how cool would that be! But first I want to get my shortest layers down to my shoulders, then a fringe, and a colour, then a big chop.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

A Dress Debacle

Bought a new dress from Retrostar, and I'm not sure about it. Its sort of a 20's style, in an 80's interpretation (crapper fabrics, and knee length, not floor), with shoulder pads (easily removable), sequins (!) and drapey bits. Heres the top of it- the photos come out sideways, I cant fix it, I dont know how.... its the right way up on my desktop it just wont flip on blogger.... anyway! tilt your head sideways....

So its quite tight around the waist, and that loose kinda pleaty section at the bottom goes into a point at the front and back over the skirt, which is kinda pencil-y due to being stretchy, but fine. The top has shoulder pads as I mentioned, and looks VERY 80's Neighbours, but when its on its much better, great V-neck and lovely draping- thats more of a 30's vibe than 20's I guess. Its quite Cate Blanchett at the Oscars or Maggie Gyllenhaal (or not, they'd probably only wear it if it was real silk and floor length). It looks good on, its cheap, I can return it and swap it for some vintage clutch bags if I decide its not for me, I dont know where I'd wear it, but I really like it. I just need an event. So come on, bring forth the invitations to themed parties!!! I have a great dress, particularly if your theme is "20's cocktail" "1930's Mystery Night" or "80's Glamour!"

Monday, 9 April 2007

Packing a punch

I am procrastinating... hahaha nothing new here I know! its 11.22am and at 1.30 I have to be out of my pajamas and packed ready to be away for 3 days! help I have no idea what to pack. I think the weather will be nice but melbourne can always turn into a crowded house song so I am worried. the worst thing when your away is pining for something perfect in your wardrobe that seems infinitely far away once you have crammed the last thing into your overnight bag and locked the front door! boots, cons, thongs, jeans, cardigans ahhhh its too hard. so instead of thinking about it I am catatonic and blogging instead. pretty sure maggie alderson would have a sweet idealistic colour co-ordinated idea about the situation. I guesss the main thing is that I look cute, am comfortable and warm enough. sheesh maybe I should just pack more pajamas! and now its 11.26 hahha time is ticking away tick tick ticking awaaaaaay! ok I will go and try and sort something out and I'll get back to you with what worked xxx

Thursday, 5 April 2007

A Favourite Wardrobe Part 2

Finally, I love this:
It has it all- its a hot suit, its Vivienne Westwood, it makes her look both completely stunning and amazingly too-cool, as well as being professional and trendy enough for Vogue. Also it has a killer collar, which I am particularly partial to.

I also love: the white faux-wedding dress she wears to the Black and White Ball with Aidan, the low back V sparkly dress she wears to the navy ball for Fleet Week, the black dress for Brady's baptism, among countless others that dont spring to mind right now.

A Favourite Wardrobe

Been filling in time at work and looking at "look" pictures on the Sex and the City website. i couldnt find the ones of the insides of their apartments which is what I really wanted but this was pretty intriguing too. It amazes me how much of Carries stuff is hardcore designer. Even her African Dance singlet was Chanel. And I know you cant really take this seriously cos she's not a real person- but how does she afford that!!?? I dont get it. I cant even work out how she affords her apartment. She doesnt really have a real job, sort of, and she spends SO much money.

Anyway I totally love her wardrobe and dream of one day having my own walk-in filled with designer stuff I havent worn yet but will, and here three of my favourite Carrie Outfits:
This is when she sees Burgers friends in the bar (Burger was such a weiner). I mainly love the dress and hair. Its just so cool!
This is the most awesome Paris outfit ever. It made me want over-the-knee boots. And a little something from Chanel.

Oooh gotta run boss on warpath! To be continued....

Vague Vogue

Do you subscribe to Australian Vogue? Has yours arrived this month? I subscribe, and mine hasn't. Theres a few possibilities: 1) That they are having a delivery problem, and its a few days late, 2) that they have forgotten mine, or 3) they are not sending mine, out of spite, cos I've sent them a couple of cranky emails lately.

I will call them shortly, to find out, but in the meantime I will buy a copy from the newsy over the road from work. Which means I will eventually end up with 2 copies, which doesnt bother me, but its one more issue I have with them.

Is anyone else getting more and more annoyed with them using US and UK Vogue articles and fashion shoots that are months old? I am so sick of it. Especially since we are all reading EVERY DAY so we know what is in American Vogue before it even comes out over there, let alone over here, LET ALONE in Aus Vogue three months later.

American Vogue is a credit to Anna Wintour. I really love it, its up to the minute, interesting, intelligent and cutting edge. I dont see why our Vogue should be anything less, yet we are putting up with all this second hand stuff.

I'm over it. And the thing is, I cant stop buying Aus Vogue, I just cant, so what I really want is for them to step up and start doing their own thing. They must either be so lazy they cant be bothered or so lacking in local talent they are forced to buy overseas stuff. Either way I dont think they are trying hard enough. I think its time for a revolution. I really hope they read this. (I'm sure they wont.)

Which Bar?

Trying to find somewhere to go for my birthday, I want somewhere mysterious and dark and sexy with nooks and rooms and cocktails. I've narrowed it down to three possibilities- Bond, Arthurs or Baroq. Does anyone out there know which is the best? Here's some pics to jog your memory:
Thats Bond. Here's Arthurs:
Couldnt get a pic of Baroq but their function man has sent me some very nice emails and I can apparently pop round there to have a look-see at their rooms- but what if only 5 people show up to my birthday? I'll feel really silly if we have a huge room all to ourselves and theres only a few of us there.

I also need dress-code theme ideas. It has to be magnificent, and stylish. In keeping with the style of the bar, obviously.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

another similar one

I think that once we have read street (hope no one else is thinking of getting it for an ucoming event wink wink) that this would be my next on the to-read-list. It looks pretty sweet but i think its only about japan. why is it that what other ppl are wearing is always so interesting? one friend of mine has recently gone from the sporty spice look to a more alana hill-esqe look but somehow she still just looks like sporty spice in a tea cosy. i wanna tell her that the sporty stuff does actually suit her and her new look clashes with her personality and that she just looks wrong but i can't because she is happy! eep what to do?