Saturday, 30 June 2007

Birdy Update

We received a nice comment from Anthony at The Melburnian about the Pink Pigeon installation I posted about earlier- it was set up by a friend of his and you can read all about it on his blog- which is also awesome for Melburnians with restaurant reviews and stuff. The link is on the right there- The Melburnian.

Its now been 12 days and three feedings, one very stressful water change but no fish deaths! Yippee!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

ponderings on style

photo from go fug yourself

So some stuff today has happened to make me have a think about style- real, actual, personal style.

My friend mentioned to me that she is sick of seeing 14 year olds in babydoll/pinafore/shift dresses around Melbourne. I totally agree although it does make a change from freakin leggings as pants. These girls (this is not confined to 14 year olds but really covering ages 12-40, i think) are not stylish, they are not setting trends, expressing their personality or showing any real artistic or intelligent talent or insight, they are simply following their friends, Sportsgirl, or worse, Portmans.

Then I saw the pic above, also from Go Fug (please go there for a better photo credit) and it made me think, in this order:

"wow, that chick (on the right) has an AWESOME dress on!" "(maybe i should buy that vintage one from retrostar)"

"that girl on the left looks really quite wierd and possibly hungover or something- interesting outfit, shame about the expression"

"girl in the middle looks way to sure of herself for someone who is wearing a Jennifer Lopez dress and looks about 12"

Then I read the Go Fug bit about it and they didnt like the cool girls outfit..... I just think she is wearing something awesome and looks good- yet isnt pandering to any so called "trends" or "looks". She looks individual, interesting, and like she would be awesome to shop with.

Then, I read this on Go Fug Youself about Gwen Stefani; "it's hard not to give it up for someone who clearly is really creative about what she wears, even if what she wears is totally nutola."

Bring on more REAL style, expressions of personality, efforts at looking yourself AND looking amazing, I say. Real style is not dictated by Portmans, or Supre, or Myer. They are fun to shop at sometimes, but they do not make the rules!!

Northcote Style

Style from the exhibition- (I wore the Rainbow Brite tshirt, to the delight of every girl born in the 80's that I came across)
2 of The Trips ( great band!

This band is called Groove Transgressions- no idea of their myspace sorry but look at the singers shoes!! (if you can see them)

pretty in pink

Have you seen the pink birds?

They live on corner of Swanston and Collins (near Chanel). Not sure what the exhibition is called or is for etc, but LOVE the pink pidgeons.

Friday, 22 June 2007

dilemmas dilemmas

What should I wear tonight? I'm going to an exhibition with live music. This?

Or this?

The fishies wont help me ( or come out from behind the plant)

Great tank though hey!!?

Thursday, 21 June 2007

(k)It Girls

I present to you- the gorgeous Christine and Rochelle, from Kit Cosmetics on Chapel St.......

Fabulous hair colour and AWESOME nails! (PS the glitter eyeliner is still all over me, but i love it)

Dinosaur Designs (also on Chapel) has the most awesome window display right now. I always love their stuff, but this pink-ness really does it for me:

(fish are still alive. Its been 4 days and 1 feeding.)

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Ugly sister.....

Ok i couldnt get the pic to work but check out this weeks 10 best dressed on and then tell me that Clare freaking Danes is NOT a poor mans Marykateorashley Olsen.

Perfect for my Rocket....

So what do we think of the Josh Goot collection at Target?? I like the silver stuff.... but only tried it on over jeans so not really sure as to the true bumpi-ness revealing potential of it.... On second thoughts though the black skirt could work.....

had mega spending spree the last 2 days on Bridge Rd, Chapel st and the city..... beware the Salvos in Windsor they have awesome stuff up there.... heres what I bought-

4 whiskey dubloons from salvos- totally cool for red wine
new jeans 70's style high waisted from DOTTI only $70!!
Rainbow Brite t-shirt- i know, you want one too
Viktor and Rolf style white top with silver stars
Neon orange nail polish (pics of lovely makeup girls coming soon) (also i told you i was into fluoro nails- or didnt i end up posting that?)
mascara- maybelline lash discovery for those interested
Street magazine from Genki

4 teeny tiny fishies from the Aquarium on Chapel St. They are White Clouds, which means about 1.5cms long with red tails and fins. They live in an ultra stylish tank with some river rock-style gravel (no nasty red or purple gravel for them) and one cool plant that looks disturbingly like parsely. No treasure chests or "no fishing" signs allowed. I am considering letting my mini kewpie doll have a diving holiday, but not til the fishies stop hiding behind their tree and come out to see me. Pics coming up.

Also we are compiling a list of bars/shops/places to go/see/buythingsfrom around Melbourne. Input welcome!! We will work out the details soon...... thanks to Tom!!

my big sisters wardrobe

so they with all this world getting smaller, save the environment goodness going about this melbourne chick kate spears has been running this cool clothing exchange thing at the last couple of fashion festivals. i wanna go next time seeing as both zoe and i don't have older sisters lol. you take some clothes you don't wanna wear anymore and exchange them for buttons and then you get to use the buttons to "buy" other ppls clothes that they have brought for the same deal! such an awesome idea so we can have new clothes and not spend anything plus get rid of the old crap! i think captain planet would be proud.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

something goot?

Josh Goot today!!! yay but I have an exam first boo!

Monday, 18 June 2007

melbourne walls...

I'm a huge fan of good graffiti. I wish I had the talent and the guts to do it but as I don't I will just take pictures of all the ones I think are cool and publish them here for you all to appreciate as well. My favourite is this little guy that pops up all around the suburb I live in. hehe i love how he is just a stick dude but still gets around so much and has personality or something. stay tuned for more of his adventures...

Saturday, 16 June 2007

This is how cold it is in Melbourne

This is my street last night- so cold i could photograph the FOG. I was trying to photograph the reflected light from the Town Hall at the end of my street- but couldnt cos the fog was so thick! But see how orange the sky is? Thats the town hall reflected in the fog!!


here is the awesome Lexington Bar. I feel this is the sort of place that could EASILY be a skank-attending-with-requisite-too-cool-tanned-boy wearing fluoro pink patent stillettos (the skank, not the boy, who would undoubtedly be wearing jeans, possibly skinny, with either a fluoro tshirt or a very fitted black suit jacket) with a small cork platform- think Payless Shoes- and leggings and faux-silk patterned minidress from Gasp on Bridge Rd with a long chain with a pink heart on the end dangling down past her VERY small but determinedly pushed up a la Sophie Monk cleavage.

Anyway lets hope it stay classy and gorgeous and full of elegant beauties and their doting men slinking around in Chloe-esque wedges and REAL silk dresses cos this is what it looks like-

Please excuse the slight blurriness. They make excellent cocktails.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Tell me this isn't Jackie O

Its from's LA Street Chic....... please no this woman cannot be considered so trendy on the other side of the world..... sure she has cute style- but its GIRL NEXT DOOR PEOPLE, THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

June Covetables

A few new things I'm trying on for size- coloured tights; leggings OVER tights (super warm for super cold Melbourne days); messy hair; CRAZEE hair; dresses that create a new shape- like trapeze shapes, round shapes, anything that is not my body shape but instead moulds something new; colourful costume jewellery; red and pink; long silk scarves instead of thick woolly ones; foundation mixed with moisturiser; one long side plait; clashing patterns; Coles purple green bags; adidas running wear WOOHOO; hot pink; multiple layers (minimum of 3); Amy Winehouse; Henry Miller and American Vogue Subscriptions- my "first issue should arrive shortly"!

And here are some pics I found on that sort of emphasize what I'm saying....use your imagination OR just admire....
Sensational colour, and hair!

Again, this is the hot pink we are all waiting for, and I love the shoes. Also it brings back my need for a pink hoodie from Quality Tops.

Tres Tres Cool

I've been blog-wanderin' today and came across a little gem again called Une Fille Comme Moi (according to my dashboard widget translator it means A Girl Like Me). Its all in French, so I cant understand a word, but the drawings are so perfectly divine I had to share 2 with you to inspire you to go have a look......( i have taken them straight from her page....i hope she doesnt mind.... or cant read English)Please go look at her blog. particularly if you can read French. Dont you just love the Chanel-esque bracelets on this one!!? The link is to the right......

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Pics of Melbourne

Maud and I decided we needed some more street style and general pictures of Melbourne up here, so here is my first attempt, with new camera!, bit arty-farty/stupid I know, but these are from the Madame Brussels rooftop balcony.
This is (down between the trees) The Paperback bookshop, and the Job Warehouse fabric place....... opposite Mme Brussels on Bourke St.
Old sign.... not sure what for.....
This is where I now want to live- top floor with the curve window..... thats the Windsor towers behind....


Here it is- finally. I cant get the stain out, which is worrying, and imagine it with a cinched waist with a wide brown belt, ok? Now sigh and admire the pattern...

Zoe did a bad bad thing

Ehehehehehehehee! I did a bad thing. Not bad as in hurting anyone or involving any people, sort of, but still bad. I felt guilty for about 24 hours...... now I just kinda giggle when I think of it. Heres what happened....

Months ago (like back in summer) I found this dress that was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I didnt buy it but went back 2 days later to get it and it was SOLD OUT. Like, completely, but the shop ordered me in the very last one, which was technically 2 sizes too small but the style of the dress allowed me to get away with it. I wore it to death, to the point where the shoulder straps were starting to kinda come away from the body cos they were so tight.

Last weekend, I went back to the shop, and they had another of my dress- in my size. So because I loved it so much I bought that one too. My mother (who is not normally so conniving) suggested I return the old dress with the new receipt under the claim that the dress was tagged wrong, and too small. I scoffed "peh- you CANT do that!" at her and went home and hung up my new dress next to the old one.

Hours later, after mum had left, I thought- you know, theres really no point in having 2 if i'm really only going to wear one..... maybe I'll sell it on ebay! But if I returned it..... would get money back not some measly $15...... but dont have reciept mum took it with her......maybe if I just rang up shop and asked.......

20 minutes later I was in the shop as they popped a refund through on my card..... the nice man there was SO apologetic and helpful as I said all sorts of things like "but are you SURE cos i understand that I havent got the receipt" ("yes love dont worry this sort of thing happens ALL the time its not your fault!") guilt started creeping in......

By the time I got home and only had one perfect dress hanging up and $59.95 still in my bank account I was feeling better. Its just that they were so HELPFUL..... if they had've been the usual narky salespeople and had whinged about how DIFFICULT it was I would have felt much more righteous and haughty about the whole situation...... but thankfully my guilt is quickly dissipating. Now if only it wasnt 13 freezing degrees outside perhaps I could WEAR the dress....

Friday, 8 June 2007

much of a muchness

We were just complaining yesterday arvo as we shopped that at the moment in Melbourne we don't seem to have had anything new happen fashion wise for like a year. Its all the same and still overpriced for seethrough knits and babydoll dresses and everyone looking as though Rachel Zoe has styled them. I would love to see some new things going for decent prices that you know will last for a while or even just more individuality happening. Just to encourage the healthy obsession with street style thats happening here at LIM here's another book that is on my wishlist!

Friday, 1 June 2007

secret wardrobe

ok so its examtime and i thought i would confess my study outfit hahaha. please note the artists rendition above. there are alot of hearts involved let me tell you from the start.
-bright pink flannel pj pants with white and hot pink hearts all over
-white nightie covered in pastel purple/blue/pink hearts with normal purple trim (worn underneath)
- aforementioned matching pj top
- navy blue with white flowers moomoo with 2 huge pockets on the front large enough to hold mobile phone, tv remote and bottle of water- worn over the top
and for really serious study (like this weekend)
-a huge pastel pink hoodie worn under or over the moomoo layer
-blue and pink woollen kneehigh striped socks (pj pants tucked in of COURSE) knitted for me by my finnish grandma
so there you have it...basically a walking pink heartcovered doona- hopefully i will pass!

Tram vs Eyeliner OR Wet Hair vs After 5 Makeup?

This morning I witnessed the most bizarre thing. I was on the tram on my way to work, and it was packed (as usual, stupid useless public transport) and in front of me was a lady sitting down. As I got on and was jammed in front of her, she took out a compact and started putting on foundation. It was a pressed powder kind, so at first I thought she was just putting on powder, but it soon became apparent she was going for some high-level coverage.

Then she pulled out an eyeshadow compact and proceeded to do her eyes, with 2 different colours then another colour all over the lid from another compact.

Next (this is all while holding the first compact in one hand for the mirror) she pulls out a pencil and LINED HER EYES. Perfectly. On a tram. I couldnt believe it!

By now it was clear that this wasnt just a touch up on the way to work and I was becoming amazed at the sheer amount of makeup she had in her bag- which was one of those stupid "clutch" traingle bags with a shoulder strap. Anyway next she did mascara, to MASSIVE lengths, then (this was by far my favourite bit) she pulls out a brow pencil and coloured in her eyebrows!! And then brushes them out with a little brush. Next she did blush, for which she had a big blush brush LOOSE in her bag - must get so messy- and then lipstick. Just pink gloss though, I was a bit disappointed she didnt do the full line, blot, and real lippy.

Isn't this incredible? I dont wear makeup on a day to day basis so this shocked me. Who does their makeup in public?? She makes it so obvious that she needs all this help to look good (and she did look good when finished, if a bit full- on for me), in public! I could never publicly shade in my eyebrows or line my eyes, not least cos i'd look totally stupid doing so. The other thing that surprised me is how much stuff she was carrying around with her. She had a small bag, HUGE wallet, and at least 3 compacts, 2 pencils, mascara, lip gloss and a blush brush. The most I ever have in my bag is a lip gloss and sometimes mascara!

The other thing that got me this morning was that she went to SO much effort with the face, but she had wet hair tied in a ponytail/bun thing. I am all for running-late-wet-hair, for sure, but if you are this full on about appearance surely you could dry off your hair?? Or tie it into some kinda of trendy knot or something? She seems to be putting all her eggs into one basket here. If you are happy to go to work with crap wet hair surely you can relax on the makeup a bit? Maybe I'm just not understanding other womens relationships with their foundation here cos I dont wear any. Does anyone get this woman? Would you go out with a full face of makeup and wet hair?