Thursday, 29 November 2007

LIM Best Dressed

The Best Dressed 2007 Top Ten list is up on They are Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Maria Sharapova, Christy Turlington, Cate Blanchett, Uma Thurman, Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, Sofia Coppola and Kate Moss. The pictures they have used for these poor women are far and away NOT their best looks (except perhaps for Sofia). Uma looks sort of silly, Charlize looks kind of scary and Nicole Kidman looks a bit possessed. I dont argue that most of these women are all worthy of their positions (Maria Sharapova. Sure she always looks nice, but where's the fun in that if your sponsor is adidas or nike?), but I think Kate Moss (much as I love and worship her whole wardrobe and everything she does with it) is an easy mark and Sienna Miller is NOT best dressed. I am trying to remember that this is voted for, not's personal list, so they are not to blame. But Sienna Miller is NOT STYLISH. She is at best, predictable, and at worst, 3 months behind with bad hair. For what is one of the best style websites in town they could have done better- oh but I am remembering that its voted by the public. Damn.

If you could vote who would you have as the Best Dressed Woman? And best dressed man? We will publish results (if we get enough), otherwise you will all be subjected to MY best dressed list mwahahaha. Rest assured there will NOT be any Sienna Miller, or any of those overstyled sort-of "actresses" ie Kate Bosworth, Hayden Panettiere, etc. These people do not have their own style therefore can never be considered the best at dressing.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Unique In Melbourne

Streetstyle gives me so many different emotions. Sometimes I become obsessive about it, desperately wishing I didnt have so many plain tshirts but instead had dozens of interesting, patterned, "tops". Other times it depresses me for exactly the same reason- nothing in my wardrobe ever comes close to being a candidate for streetstyle. Usually what happens is I end up going through my wardrobe hoping to find something that I've forgotten about that is suddenly MAGIC and PERFECT and looks fabulous with jeans, as well as taking about 5 kilos off and looking effortless.

Maggie Alderson wrote about streetstyle in the Good Weekend a few weeks ago- and Maud has a LOT of opinions on this subject so I wont go into it too much, except that I too was disappointed that all she wanted to know was where the subjects get their clothes from, presumably so she can go get one of her own. I dont understand she is on about here. The whole point of streetstyle (particularly in Europe, I find) is that these are people who wear unique, personal items that- as they will often tell you- they get second hand or free. Good luck finding that, Maggie. And at the other end of the scale, a lot of the subjects of The Sartorialist, for example, are wearing serious designer pieces. I think this is because a lot of them are fashion magazine or store people, and fashion is their job. The annoying thing about this is, they all look amazing, and for a lot of us (including me!) this kind of amazing is completely unattainable.

This is why the first option is so good- cheap, original and personal. And telling millions of website viewers where you get your special junk from would spell death. No one wants someone else copying them, that is the domain of school girls and Dotti. Instead I think its much more interesting (and safe for these gorgeous stylistes) is what look they are into, what aesthetic they relate to, and what labels or designers they admire. Hearing that someone likes Martin Grant, divine tailoring, and 20s deco styling is painting such a lovely picture- and if you like their style you can find your own way to dress it. Hearing that their shoes are from Diesel, their skirt is from Myer and their scarf is Burberry is really quite boring.

Not for the first time there is going to be some attempts made at some of our very own Love In Melbourne Street Style. Hopefully this time it will actually happen- my last effort at this was a complete failure and I didnt see a single look I liked. So dress up and come out and maybe we will meet- and then we can chat about how you put your outfit together- what fun.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

All or (almost) Nothing

Generally I am of the "put my energy into good skin rather than makeup" camp of the cosmetics industry and wear sunscreen, mascara and lip gloss- current favourite Nars "Babe" (its kinda orange!). Or just an eyelash curl and some Kiehls #1.... depending on the occasion.

But recently I have branched out and bought some crazy makeup. Glitter eyeliner, turquoise shadow, gold powder, bright-pink blush. And this is where the problems start- remember how I want to go out Kylie-style? I could also go out John Galliano style:

Love the smoky glitter eyes, LOVE the stuck on diamante lips.....sigh. The question is- how do I do this? As someone of limited makeup skills/tools/colours, this is a tricky thing to pull off. Going from almost nothing to full on catwalk/music video makeup is not going to be easy. Chances are if you come round to my house unannounced on any given night I will open the door with a half-face of glitter, or what will look like 2 black eyes but on closer inspection will turn out to be seriously BAD black eyeshadow....

Secondly, where would I go with this sort of look? Does anyone know anything about "Retro" which I hear is a club or something on Lonsdale st? What about gay clubs, would they be more amenable to my dress code (makeup code?)?

also- I have spent at least 40 minutes today trying to find a picture of Kylies band to show you- and try as I might I cant find even ONE. Does anyone know the trick to finding pics of what you want on the net? There MUST be a trick, there just must be. And its currently eluding me, dammit! I need help.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Saturday Morning

I'm not going to pretend I am in a great mood today- its sunny and I'm at work. I also have the worlds worst hayfever, where the only drug that helps is Phenergan, and I cant take that during the day as generally you need to be awake at work, so I've been to the chemist and asked for something "good", and they laughed and told me "just hang in there, it will pass." Not comforting!

To add to my annoyance I have seen two white hippy skirts today. I love to poke fun at people wearing funny clothes generally, but its not often I am annoyed by others choices..... and its nothing personal. I just hate white. Not all white, but white "bottoms" ie pants and skirts are NOT ON in my book. They are not flattering, and create all sorts of underwear/VPL/chubby-bits problems. I also do not like boho, hippy, etc, and a tiered, mid-calf length white skirt made out of some kind of barely opaque cotton epitomises everything I hate in a garment. You do not look like Mary Kate Olsen, you do not look like Elizabeth Hurley. You look like you bought your skirt on holiday, or possibly at the Falls Festival. Fun at the time, but not city wear. Lol I just googled "white hippy skirt" and a picture of Sienna Miller came up.

Ok thats the rant out of the way. Now I am going to make a Spending Budget for this week. Much saving is needed, to stop me buying cheap junk (fun as it is) and to help me buy better quality, more long-term stuff. Like good quality shoes and lingerie, two things that are always better the more you spend.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Cairns, glorious Cairns

So we didn't quite make it with the postcards, but we did have a fantastic holiday and are back home now, ready to continue blogging. As you can see Cairns has wide streets, palm trees, blue skies, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Prada, amongst other things. Great place. Much as we love Melbourne- it doesnt have Dior! (or palm trees for that matter)

I feel the blogging has been few and far between lately and I must confess I am experiencing a small bout of writers block. My problem is I have no internet at home, so when inspiration strikes I have to wait til I go to work or the library to get it down- by which time I have either forgotten or lost inspiration.

Hopefully this will be rectified soon. Meanwhile here are some observations:

There is nothing new/interesting to buy in Melbourne. The shopping in Cairns was great (between us, 3 dresses, a kimono, some hair clips, silk pants, scarves, dvds, massages/eyelash tints)

There is too much fake tan about. Pale Porcelain is IN, orange/brown real or fake is OUT.

I cant find anywhere to go where I could dress up as one of the band members in Kylies band in her "2 Hearts" video. I want to have a glitter face, a butterfly over one eye, crazy hair, or sparkly boots and see others dressed the same where we can all disco out to some actually GOOD music. Any help?

I saw (and was nearly run over by) a woman running a red light whilst fixing her hair in the rearview with both hands.

And finally, I will try and come up with something better for next time.


Monday, 5 November 2007

Love in Cairns!

We are going to Cairns today! So excited and pumped for poolside lounging and magazine reading. Ahh the joys of tropical north QLD. Try not to miss us while we're there- we will send a postcard xxx

Saturday, 3 November 2007

I spy at the races

Its what, 13 degrees this morning? With a definite looming of rain? Those girls going to the races must know something I dont, I reckon, either that or its magically 10 degrees warmer out at Flemington. On my way to work today I saw more flesh than I have in the last week. I've seen bare legs, bare arms, bare shoulders, and the bosoms! My god.

Remember that column by Maggie Alderson years ago that was then published in her Handbag Heaven book? About spotting "celebrity" hair styles on normal people? 6 points for Sarah Jessica Parker, 10 points for Cameron Diaz? You can do the same with Race Day Decolletage.

For 5 points, the J-Lo. This is usually halterneck, usually slit low enough to see a little of the top of the stomach, occasionally held up somehow with tape or something, but generally freeboobin', and jigglin'. If you catch her on her way to the races she will probably be running with a slight hobble (due to impossible shoes) and if you are unfortunate you might catch a wayward nipple. (Dress is usually fitted around waist with flared out skirt, in a pattern of some kind, often bright colours.)

For 4 points, The Sarah Jessica Parker. This is usually not overt cleavage, but instead covered up with a sweetheart neckline strapless dress. 50's style, with a big skirt. There are a lot of these at the races. Coupled with shoes that have bows on the toes (tows?), and some kind of awkward fascinator, they seem to be the simplest option. Luckily you wont see too much boob, unless she loses her dress completely (which isnt entirely off the cards, depending on her level of drunkenness) but she will probably be sunburnt on her shoulders, back and arms, poor love.

For 7 points, the Posh Spice. She gets more points cos its a harder one to pull off (and I like her). This is the extreeeeeemmmmeeely tight dress, with hem somewhere betweem bottom and knee, depending on skank level, often strapless but sometimes with those very wide-set thin straps. Underneath this glad-wrapped frock is one mother of a push up bra. It lifts, separates, then PUSHES so she has 2 perfectly round half globes showing out the top of the dress. She is often very tanned, very skinny, with very high heels and a proper hat.

Next is what I like to call the Sporty Girl Next Door. She is part Swimmer, part tennis player, part basketballer. There is no specific celebrity for this but if you imagine Jodi Henry crossed with Martina Hingis, you are on the right track. She has the buffed body, the muscly legs and arms, with a floral v necked, a line skirted, thick strapped dress. She wear heels, but not too high, and cant wait to get them off so she can party properly. Her hair is out, she has a hat, but it will spend most of the day on someone elses head while she laughs hysterically. The cleavage is small, subtle, and usually naturally tanned. She likes the races, but wants to go to the pub after. 6 points.

Lastly, theres the Queen Latifah. This voluptuous lady has a great silhouette, and shows it off with a wrap dress/cross over neckline. She gets a cleavage you could keep $300 in, and she is proud. She usually wears loud colour, with a big hat, and some saucy heels. Loves the champagne, and isnt afraid to plonk down on the picnic rug for some man-scouting. 7 points.

Rare is the Lindsay Lohan or Mischa Barton at the races. Mischa wears something loose and sheer, with flats and wavy hair. Hippie hat, and no bra. Lindsay wears some killer shoes, and something short, possibly loose but tight around the hem, with a crazee hat and no bag (so 2 free hands). Also no bra. 9 points for either of these.

I saw one Posh Spice, at least 4 J-los, 5 SJPs and a Queen Latifah this morning. None of them wore coats. One of them had a cardi on. I was wearing jeans, 2 tshirts and a leather jacket. It had rained already. It was 9.30am.

The boys meanwhile seem to be stuck on the "suit with pale cream/white/nude crocodile skin (faux) shoes with pointy toes, hair dishevelled into a mohawk/spiky/blond tips combination". Its not always a good look guys, especially if your pants are slightly too short, which is my absolute worst male style pet hate. I know you think the suits look great, and they do, but the shoes and hair are letting you down.

The best racewear I saw this morning was almost entirely on older women (I mean women over the age of approx. 45, I dont not mean any offence, especially as they all look so damn good). They were almost all wearing very chic black and white combinations, with stunning PROPER hats (chuck the fascinators, girls, please), great shoes and glowing skin. I saw about 4 of them today. I call her the Helen Mirren. 10 points for her. She has great hair.

The other winner was probably what you would label the "Gemma Ward". Tall, thin, very long toned legs, with a short black and white tunic on, small jacket (she clearly has brains) hat that looked great from one angle, and slightly egg-timer-y from another (not holding that against her, it was outside the box, so its a plus) and cool heels. That she could walk in. Maybe she was sent from a designer to be in Fashions on the Field, apparently that happens a lot with models, or maybe she just has great style, and lovely poise. 10 points.