Saturday, 5 June 2010


I dont know if you ever went there but City Basement Books closed recently.

I was there the day before closing-day and everything was $1.
I bought 3 books, a biography of Princess Margaret, a big picture book of European Castles and a Lily Brett short stories. I could have looked in there for ages but to be honest it was a little depressing, and most of the really good stuff was gone. The amount of books left though was amazing - as well as all shelves being full there were piles everywhere and tons on the floor, lining the walls like these ones above.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

too many magazines

this is one pile of magazines in my house. Its by far the largest, currently standing at approx 3 foot high.

They're mostly Australian Vogues, which pains me. I am THIS CLOSE to chucking them out. But this would involve:

1. Going through each issue to find scrapbook pictures
2. Keeping any possible winner issues (eg edited by Karl Lagerfeld, the Princess Mary one)
3. Ending my dream of having every issue (from about 1999 - late 2007, before I finally hated it so much I couldnt spend money on it anymore), so really, my dream of having every issue is over, and I dont even WANT ANY issues now, so maybe its time.

Next problem: What do I do with them? Library? Op Shop? Recycling? Angry backyard bonfire? Simply put them out the front of my house and wait? We put 2 bikes out there once and they were both gone within 1/2 an hour.

The other mags in that pile are the always enjoyable American Vogue (DEF keeping), which I do love, several English, French, and 1 Italian Vogue (keeping), lots of Australian Harpers Bazaar (better than Vogue- but why keep?) and my new and current favourite magazine- Inside Out. A house magazine. I dont know if this means I'm getting old or nesting or what, but I LOVE it.

Anyway, I am trying to look at magazines like books- if you love it, keep it, otherwise, it goes to Booktalk to be replaced. I can have a lovely (small) collection of AWESOMENESS and this will save me space and not give me a little shudder of annoyance everytime I look at it. This way they might even fit onto a bookcase (if I had any room on the bookcase, but my books are finely edited now, so there is no culling to be done there).

Finally, I have another similarly sized pile at my parents place in the country that they have just sold (the place, not the pile). This is going to have to go, clearly, as I'm pretty sure I will be pushing it to get them to move all the furniture I have stored down there, let alone a giant pile of crap old magazines, when they go to the new place.

Do you hoard stuff you no longer even like the look of? I think its emotionally relieving to get rid of stuff, not to mention house-cleansing and space-saving. On my way to work today I will stop by the library and ask if they would accept a large donation of magazines. Cross your fingers they say YES and lend me a large trolley.