Sunday, 29 July 2007

disposable fashion?

Ok I think that Maggie Alderson is great and she has a column in the age good weekend magazine here in Australia so for the benefit of you overseas ppl or anyone who missed it I thought that it was such a good one this week that I am popping it here for you to read (its not on the age website yet otherwise I could just paste a link!). I like it cos it is full of most of the things that I have been thinking about/been bothered about recently...

'Opportunity knocks' Maggie Alderson 28th July 2007

Yesterday, while sitting on a train, I had an entirely new experience: I was bored by a fashion magazine. This has never happened to me before and I didn't quite know where to file it in my head.
In normal circs, a good fashion magazine can send me into quite a swoon over the aesthetic possibilities of life and even bad ones are fun, because I can be enjoyably cross with them. What happened to me yesterday though as I leafed through the glossy pages could really be summed up by the word "whatever...”
At first I couldn’t understand what was going on. Was I ill? Depressed? Jaded? Then I turned over to find myself yet another page crowded with still-life pictures of clothes and accessories and their price tags. That was when I realised that I am just overwhelmingly bored with Buy This!, Get This! And You Must Have This! As the majority of a magazine’s content.
Of course the whole point of fashion mages is to reflect the perpetual forward motion of that industry, based entirely as it is on the ascendance of the new. It’s just that in the old days those new trends and moods were translated in magazines as conceptual ideas, which stretched the mind and delighted the eye – not just as a non-stop shopping list.
So if that is what fashion magazines are these days, I decided, then maybe they are no longer for me. That was quite a lowering thought.
Cut to later on the same day and I was online reading a profile of Jane Shepherdson, formerly the brand director of the ultimate low-price, high-style chain store Topshop, as enthusiastically frequented by Kate Moss (who also designs a range for it), Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Claudia Schiffer, BeyoncĂ© and even Michael Jackson. It’s a UK-based business, but under Ms Shepherdson’s control it became an era-defining fashion force that has shaped the current state of retail worldwide: buy the latest look ultra cheap, buy loads of it, wear it a few times, chuck it away.
Fashion shopping like this is disposable consumption at its most obscene and has led directly to the current state of magazines as glorified catalogues. Indeed there is a whole new genre of mags now that are nothing more than glossy shopping lists. They make us feel a little bit queasy – and I think they must have started to have similar effect on Jane Shepherdson.
She no longer works for Topshop. She resigned last year in circumstances that have never been fully explained, but were clearly not related to results. The brand was making annual profits of $300 million when she left.
So I was very interested to read what one the cleverest women in world retail is doing next- and it rather blew my mind. She is going to work as an unpaid consultant to the charity Oxfam, advising them how to take their chain of op shops to another level. Wow.
Why is she doing this? Because she has reached the same uncomfortable conclusion as many shoppers: that this kind of frenzied fashion shopping is ethically and environmentally insupportable. She believes people are starting to find it “a bit boring” to open their wardrobes and find them full of “cheap rubbish”. And she also confirms what we all know in our bargain-loving hearts is true: if clothes are crazily cheap in the shop, “someone, somewhere down the line is paying”.
So while the details of what this retail guru is going to do with Oxfam are still to be revealed, we know it will be based on fair trade, organic fabrics and recycling second-hand clothes. And it will also be cool.
Shepherdson’s Pauline conversion to ethical fashion is the most compelling and encouraging indication I have seen yet that we are on the brink of a huge shift in consumer attitudes.
Other retailers – and fashion magazine editors – should take serious note.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

just a few little somethings i had to get off my chest

1. People who push past you to get ON the tram while you are trying to get OFF the tram- you cant fit on here til i am out STINKFACE

2. People who go on and on about their grand travel plans and want your opinion then when you finally get a chance and pipe up with "yeah, go to New York, i'm going to move there soon" they go "mmm" and turn away to check their emails. MY LIFE IS IMPORTANT TOO. I AM MORE INTERESTING THAN YOU. And you have boring style and getting a haircut every three weeks does NOT make you a metrosexual- it makes you a mummies boy with too much money- MOVE OUT OF HOME WEINER.

3. Slow walkers. The Melbourne Pace is MEDIUM/FAST, not slllloooooooowwwwwwww with prams and toddlers and stoppings in the middle of the footpath.

Ok thats it I think I am done. Oh no wait

4. Housemates who decide you have personally wronged them by moving out and decide to move out too- thus causing stress and annoyance and so help me liz if you make this difficult for me I will get my revenge SOMEHOW, SOMEWHERE.

5. Fake blonde, fake tanned, fake makeup-ed "fashion girls" who turn up at spectacular fashion documentaries looking like they've just come from their job at Gasp on Bridge Rd with I'm-into-fashion-attitude. You are NOT into fashion you are into Cleo. Take your stripy highlights and go back to Camberwell or wherever you came from.

Right thats it. Thanks.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Clear all plans for next Friday 5pm!

Last night was the first screening of Lagerfeld Confidential at the film festival. I loved it so much I was completely starstruck and barely drew breath the entire time. His house, his books, his jewellery, the drawers and drawers of collars, it was all just fabulous. Seeing him talk and go about his daily life was something I'd never seen before, and it was a bit odd- he is a lot older than my perception of him. And funny! Although the commoner other patrons at the Regent last night who laughed at all sorts of not-funny things was NOT APPRECIATED. This was a documentary people, not a piss take. Or maybe I was taking it too seriously. No, I think they just dont appreciate him in the same way I do.

Anyhoo I am plotting ways to get out of work early next friday to see the other screening which is at RMIT Capitol Theatre - the location for my accounting lectures, which totally thrills me- and I think you should all go too. Its worth it for the fashion shows and backstage glimpses of models like Daria Gemma Lily etc.

In other news, I tried on the silver shoes of glory and not only do they fit they are better on than off! The little old lady at DJs who served me was lovely and funny- she called me Miss and kept saying "they're just beautiful" which is perfectly true. Two thumbs up for the DJs service. I appreciate being treated nicely whilst buying my first pair of designer shoes!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Lagerfeld Confidential, UK Vogue, and more

Maud and I are going to see Lagerfeld Confidential at the MIFF on Thursday! I cant even begin to tell you how exciting this is for us. Karl is my all time favourite designer and Most Stylish Man. I hope the movie is good. I cant see any reason why it wouldnt be. Is anyone else going?

Today for lunch I bought UK Vogue to read during my break..... there has been some debate lately about Vogues vs. Other Countries Vogues, specifically US vs French, and I've found it REALLY interesting to read what people think of the different versions. Personally I wish so badly I could read French, and then my bible would officially be French Vogue. I recently bought a subscription to US Vogue due to my increasing anger at Australian Vogue. If any of you out there read both Aust and US Vogues you may have noticed that Aust Vogue is basically a replica of US Vogue from 2 or 3 months earlier. Same articles, same fashion spreads, with no mention of where they originally appeared. And, in case you are interested, a US subscription costs only $80 AUSTRALIAN, which is basically the same as an Aussie Vogue subscription- for the same content, when it is current. Not two months later.

UK Vogue is interesting. I read a comment from someone who complained that it was full of society wives and social pictures, which is true, there are too many social pics of boring parties. Other than that and the fact that its a few months old when we get it and the beauty pages are full of things we cant get here, its an ok read. Perhaps not as fashion-y as US Vogue, but I still enjoy it occasionally.

Any comments? What do you think of Australian Vogue? Useless, or am I too harsh?

Now. Check this:

Is or is not Katie Holmes waaaaayyyyy out of her depth here? I realise Jada Pinkett-Smith and Posh are not exactly known for their impeccable taste at all times, but in this picture they are setting the dress code- and Katie is NOT conforming, and its not in a good way. What was she thinking? The dress is NOT flattering and she looks kinda like the awkwardly growth-spurted tallest teenage girl at the family Christmas party- except with Louboutin shoes. She really needs a necklace. Or to have her dress taken in a bit. And purple shoes with red dress? I just hate the whole look. Grow down, Katie! You are too young to look this way. Especially when you have the misfortune to be standing next to Posh, who has the incredibly buffed body 9and outfit) of a 20-something year old.

I love Posh Spice. And now that you all know my secret shame I am free to go forth and gush about her. I know she seems like a bimbo, with no taste, and no brains, but I think most of the time she looks good. I love her hair. I dont love her cleavage but I give her snaps for it- she has had three kids, after all. And I think I am justified in saying that Jada knows she looks like she is copying Posh, and Will is blissfully ignorant of the fact he looks like he is copying David. I love it. pic is from

Friday, 20 July 2007

Quick Quiz

Ok guys, we know you readers are out there, and we know you like us, but we'd like to know a little more, if you dont mind.... If you have the time we'd love you to answer some or all of these questions in a comment.... (it'll be quick promise)

1. How did you find us?

2. Are you from Melbourne?

3. What do you do?

4. Whats your favourite aspect of fashion? Favourite magazine, designer, label, shop etc?

5. Favourite Daria character?

6. Best thing about Melbourne fashion?

7. Anything you would like us to investigate/include/write about more?

Thanks so much! All questions are optional...... If we get some feedback we can make LIM bigger and better than ever before......

Dear Anonymous,

So you work in the David Jones shoe department eh....... thats interesting cos I was in there the other day and did you know my MJ shoes are cheaper at your work then at Myer? I was SO pleased about this cos I really loathe Myer and hate buying things there. As you may be aware, both Myer and DJ's have sold out of my size in MY shoes in Victoria BUT there was one pair in Perth, which are currently making their sweet way over to Bourke St mall.

So a giant layby awaits. However there will be a tax return also sweetly coming my way so it may not be as diabolical as I think...... they said 7-10 days which is anytime from tomorrow (unlikely as its a Saturday) to Tuesday (perfect cos its my day off!). Provided they fit. Cross your fingers for me!

Love Zoe

Thursday, 19 July 2007

deyn to notice

wow agyness deyn is so awesome! imustnotcutmyhairimustnotcutmyhairimustnotcutmyhairimustnotcutmyhairimustnotcutmyhairimustnotcutmyhairimustnotcutmyhairimustnotcutmyhairimustnotcutmyhairimustnotcutmyhair

Monday, 16 July 2007

evil chain stores

I know we all like chain stores because they provide us with affordable knockoffs that make us happy but grr sometimes when I have gone to great lengths to find my own version or style that is inspired by the real thing it REALLY BOTHERS ME when I see it perfectly copied in a chain store a few MONTHS later. Case in point is of the clear headband I was so stoked to get on ebay (see 24th MAY post) and now as of friday they are in sportsgirl! has this ever happened to anyone else? I don't like it when I have been wearing something for ages and then it becomes available to the general masses who
a) haven't got a clue that sportsgirl (or even worse portmans eeew) are ripping off someone else's idea or
b) start saying things to me like "oooh those are really in fashion right now"
I know what I am wearing and I like it cos I like it not cos its "really in fashion right now".

Thursday, 12 July 2007

recent goodness

ok so this is the gorgeous (pure silk vintage) kimono i bought at shag the other weekend when miss zoe and i were on brunswick street. seriously love it and it has already had one outing to much success. i love it for all the super colours it has and the rest of my life longevity it inspires in my wardrobe. i think i will still be wearing it when i'm eighty (even if its just over my bathers at the beach)
secondly there was no internet at work today! the horror! so this kept me company...

and it was 100% worthy, vogues other than australian vogue are so awesome and i love agyness deyn (must keep growing my hair must keep growing my hair). and the chick in the argentina holiday is me.. maybe i will scan it in -she was in this sweet little candy pink buggy car and a stripey shirt love it!

Uh Oh......

Oh boy. I think I'm in love.... they have these at Myer and David Jones and they are $525 but.... somehow...... with some funds from somewhere... perhaps after a lengthy layby, they might be mine. Haven't tried them on yet, so there is room for a change of mind, but so far... its been 2 days since I saw them and the love is growing. They would just be SO GOOD with summer dresses, shorts, jeans, skirts, pants, denim, black, basically everything I own. Is $525 too much for the perfect shoe? Also does anyone know if American shoe sizes are different to ours? and if so, would, say, a 7 American be a 9 Australian? (this is very important, please help me, if this is true I can get them on sale!)

And, I have entered another phase of "I think I want some new things" in manner of: black skirt (Josh Goot for Target perhaps?); silver singlet (ditto); legwarmers (to wear under boots); turquoise scarf; black pashmina; a baggy black dress for casual. Young and Funky not Old and Classic!!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Rant Part II

Hands up who hates "nice" tops?? As in "Jeans-and-a-nice-top"? Smart casual? The outfit your mother wanted you to wear out to your friends birthday parties so you looked nice and pretty to impress your friends parents and not look skanky or cheap?

Now think back, how old were you when your mum said this to you- 15, 16? Thats almost 10 years ago for me- my mum has moved on, so why hasn't your outfit? The fact that this combination has become acceptable Friday/Saturday night going out wear for people over the age of 18 is starting to really get to me.

When you were little this made you look less skanky- now it makes you look MORE skanky. So, heres is my Saturday Night Checklist

1. How old are those jeans? Are they tight at the thigh and flared from the knee? Do you have to stand up dead straight to avoid any plumbers smile?

2. Is your top a) halterneck b) have triangular bikini style boob-coverings or c) a boob tube?

3. Are you wearing a singlet underneath cos its so low cut?

4. Is it sheer or have a handkerchief hem? Is it empire line?

5. Are you wearing high heels? Stilettos? With a small cork platform?

6. How straight is your hair? Do you have tiger stripe highlights?

7. What will your friends wear?

If you've answered "yes" to most of these and "the same thing/a top of mine" to the last one- consider this for a while. As a friend of a friend says- its all about what you want out of a night, so get yourself off to a good start and re-think if this is really how you want to be perceived..... (unless you're going to Frostbites, in which case check to see if you have a tighter pair of jeans you could wear instead.)

now scroll down and read my post on individual style and looking cool.

Ok. These women look good in dressy jeans- Kylie Minogue. Kate Moss. Gemma Ward. Cameron Diaz. Heidi Klum. There are a a few more but I can't list forever. I think they can pull it off because they either have the designer goods to back it up or they are pulling a casual look in a not-so-casual setting. I love that casual style- they look too cool for words.

But trying to mix casual with dressy in the form of jeans and a nice top isn't ticking ANY boxes. It just makes you look like everyone else. Wear a dress! Wear some killer pants! Wear a tiny skirt! Wear a fabulous dishevelled top with messy hair and some unbelievably chic accesories and be casual- but please dont mix your dress codes- smart casual is not style.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Rachel Zoe- leave us alone!

I've never been much of a fan of her styling.... or her dress-up dolls ie Mischa etc, but she's never been.... offensive, or anything, but all of a sudden she is giving me the irrates big time.

I'm not sure if its the fact that she continues to dress herself the same way she dresses "them", or that she continues to wear full length 70's dresses in almost every picture I see, but this I know- HER STYLE HASN'T CHANGED. I guess she thinks she's onto a good thing, and fair enough, she did set some major trends I GUESS, but Rachel, love, we have moved on without you.

Over the hairstyle, over the open pouty lips pose, over the long necklaces and giant floppy handbags, over the tan, and the (dare I say it?!) mutton dressed as lamb.

I want to see her in a killer suit, with some sharp shoes, a pointy hairstyle- perhaps a variation on Posh's?- and a luminous, pale skintone. This would impress me, Rachel Zoe, go forth and start a truly new trend. And start styling some normal sized gorgeous women, please, and give us all a break with the skinny whingers.

On a lighter note, tomorrow is the Design Market at Fed Square carpark. We went last year, and it was great. (or was it the year before?) We'll be there tomorrow, anyway, looking for awesome new stuff and street style. So if you live in Melbourne, get down there and wear something so killer we trip over each other trying to take your picture. From 10-3, Sunday 8/7/07. For more details go here>

Thursday, 5 July 2007

A crowning glory


Today is going to be sooo much better than yesterday I can just feel it. For a start I'm wearing my new Dinosaur Designs black chunky bangle and i've had 2 fudgy wudgy cookies with my morning cup of tea.

Also, I found this:pic from
This is my new aim in hairstyling. I love it- the messiness, shinyness, prettiness with a bit of grungyness of it. Not 100% on the crown- but obviously the chances of me coming across a Lacroix crown are slim to nil at this stage. I also desperately covet the makeup, AND the jacket. I dont know who this is, (please help me out) but I like her and everything she does.

I'm so sorry for the terrible pun. Its making me giggle so much hehe

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

so far so lovely

These are my current 2 favourites from the Dior Couture range, but I've only had a quick look. Pics from I love the first one for being the most perfect fairytale creation and the bottom one for being so stunningly simple.

Hanging out for Chanel- its up on but the slideshow is kinda slow and annoying, i will persevere but I wish was a bit more speedy!

later on today...... I've dredged through Chanel coverage (i got REALLY bored at work.) Deep breath in.... for the first time ever, it didnt grab me. Incredible fabrics, of course, but I didnt steal a single pic to share with you! Not one! The only thing about it is the style of boot they were modelling is almost the same as some I own and was considering selling on ebay! Mine obviously dont go all the way up but they are above knee, and I was thinking about moving them on as they were quite fitted all the way down the leg.... and shamelessly now I have become a bit star-struck and I will hold onto them and instead proclaim to be marvellously fashion forward like I pre-empted this new style of boot, haha, I'm kidding, but I will see them in a new light from now on thats for sure. Also I loved Karls outfit. He never ceases to impress me, if not with his collections, then with his personal style.