Tuesday, 27 April 2010

yes yes i'm very late

but I've been getting my thoughts together.

And the title of My Favourite Collection goes to.....

Dries Van Noten (photos from style.com)

totally brilliant, I want to dress like this all the time. Runners up include Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton (of course) and Celine.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

monday was my birthday

it was glorious. The lovely Maudrey gave me Sophie Dahls cook book, and the boy made me the chicken curry for birthday dinner. My parents gave me high tea at the Langham, red roses, and elbow length leather gloves. The boy gave me an art deco french brooch.

Its now time for full speed ahead saving for Japanese Holiday. I am torn between paying off my credit card and saving money.... knowing full well that if I pay off the credit card it will just fill up again as soon as I arrive.... but have little chance of paying it all off and saving money before hand.

In the meantime,
I want these. In black, not suede, with the studs down the sides of the zip. They are Beau Coops, you can get some at Zomp (but only if you have bigger feet than me, as they dont have many sizes left). I love them. They are unisex, like mens shoes, but with a very feminine cut. Excellent heel, beautifully made. I like the grey ones in this picture - at zomp they only had black or tan, but tan is good, no?

why is it that when one decides to buy nothing but food that temptation comes along in such a delicious way?

Saturday, 3 April 2010

advice from karl lagerfeld greatly appreciated

now that I've come to terms with being a grown-up and all, I start to realise maybe the reason I feel a little less than sprightly is because I dont dress like a grown-up. I know that sounds ridiculous, like who'd-wanna-dress-like-a-grown-up, but I mean it in a different way.

At the moment, most of the time I wear sneakers and running tights (as leggings) with a little skirt and tshirt/jumper as I walk to work and back each day (at work I wear a uniform). This is brilliant at 7.15am as I dont have to think about it or worry as the only people that see me is the guy in 7/11 as I buy my Up-n-Go and the dudes at work, who are all dressed the same anyway.

Where this falls apart is after work, when at least 2 out of 5 nights I end up in the city, either shopping, drinking, having coffee or equivalent with friends. Here I feel underdressed, messy, too casual, and inappropriate for most cafes, let alone most bars.

What I'm looking for is an outfit I can walk in easily, that with only a change of shoes can be suitable for post-work activities, including drinks. Obviously anything too dressy will require another outfit (and prior notice).

What also worries me is that this seems to have spilled over into other days as well. Those damn running leggings are just so bloody comfortable. In fact I'm wearing them right now. With a tshirt. And a cardigan. And my slippers. But I am at home, alone, with a cup of tea, so its ok.

Am I afraid to dress up? To overdress? I dont think so- my business hours style is almost the complete opposite. The uniform consists of a suit- high waisted pencil skirt, shirt, jacket. I always wear heels, unless I know I will be walking/standing for a long time. When I go to work for shows, I always wear the same sort of dressy stuff, and heels. So why the disparity? Am I compensating for one with the other? Do I have no middle ground?

In an effort to help this today I went to American Apparel. I bought a pair of dark metallic silver leggings (high waisted). Then on the walk home I bought a pair of clear heart shaped sunglasses. I love them both but as soon as I got home I realised the problem is that I have nothing to go over the leggings, and I dont want to wear them uncovered. So I SHOULD have bought a cute little high waisted ice-skating skirt. But this doesnt solve the problem.

I need to think of outfits I would not hesitate to wear to the Hairy Canary at 6pm that I could also pair with sneakers in the morning. Doesnt really matter how ridiculous that looks, as long as I can walk in it (this excludes pencil skirts and usually jeans. Its 3 kilometers.)

I think my wardrobe consists of 2.5 elements: Extreme Casual, Extreme Dressy, and Corporate (.5) (dont have much of this, but enough to make it useless in either other category).

ugh I am tired of this now. to be continued..... hopefully the answer is shopping!