Saturday, 27 September 2008

What game?

I loathe football and everything its associated with, so today I thought would be a quiet time to visit the Art Deco exhibition. Upon arriving it was quickly apparent that EVERYONE who loathes football in melbourne had had the same thought. It was busy. But still lovely, and awesome, and inspiring, as Art Deco has been doing for me since year 11 art. My favourite pieces were the dresses near the end, and the posters.... I love a good ocean liner poster. All time top five desert island favourite piece is this photo by Cecil Beaton of Miss Nancy Beaton as a shooting star (photo from designboom). I love Cecil Beaton and all his photos, particularly the ones of the Queen and her sister, but this is just divine. I am 100% with maudrey when she says if she's ever photographed for Vogue etc she will ask to be portrayed as a shooting star.....

Friday, 5 September 2008

just another dress

this was in MX yesterday and on fug. I really love it...

What dyou reckon?


Oliver Peoples:

Marc Jacobs:

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Pink Chanel with flower

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Thursday, 4 September 2008

A Luxe Day

Went to the Fash week Luxe Collective on Tuesday night..... It was a nice show, beautiful set up, awesome catwalk, very cool. The collections were also pretty dang cool, I covet several dresses, one in RASPBERRY pink/red, beautiful, one-shouldered ANYTHING, hems cut higher at the front then flowing into a mini train at the back...delicious.

What I didnt like so much was the SKELETAL models.... they all had nice hair etc... but girls that skinny scare me. Walking in those ridiculously high, and teetering shoes, you shouldnt look like you'll collapse into a pile of pick up sticks..... anyway. I also didnt like the dresses that were shown that have been available to BUY in david jones for MONTHS..... that is NOT what fashion week is about, but other than that and the fact I still dont like Aldo shoes, it was a good night!

I think I will go to RMIT show on saturday night also, that should be interesting at the very least. I also want to do the rounds of the following Melbourne fashion-related things....

the Kimono exhibition at Immigration Museum
Art Deco exhibition
Fashion Noir
Belle du Jour at ACMI

lots of fun to be had!