Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas, Lovers!

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and New Year, have a happy safe holiday!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

le marché de nuit

Last night I met up with some friends and went to the night market. Its a great place to have something interesting for dinner on a hot lazy night and then peruse some great stores. One of my many purchases last night was a bonsai cactus. Its absolutely minature!
There are stacks of people out and live music playing. Make sure you get there sometime this summer. Its on every wednesday till the end of Feb 5-10pm.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Summer Market!

The Garden Market (Birdwood Ave, Royal Botanic Gardens, South Yarra) has all sorts of treats such as garden stuff- including water features, displays, garden ornaments, plants as well as sculptures, photography, handbags and fashion! its specially handcrafted stuff and on selected dates til May, the next one is on 12th January. Call 0425 856 167 for more details.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

2 days in Paris

Miss Zoe and I were invited to an advanced screening of 2 days in Paris which is being released on 26th December here in Australia. It is a french film starring Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg. You can read the plot summary here because I don't want to spoil it for anyone!

Who wouldn't be jealous of this couple who live in NYC and holiday in Venice and Paris. Their arguing throughout the film was annoying at first but became quite endearing towards the end.

See it if you don't mind a bit of lewd humour thrown in with your romantic comedy and interestingly enough Delpy's real life parents play her parents in the film.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Saturday, 8 December 2007


Lagerfeld Confidential is on at the Nova at the moment- get down there!

My 2 cents for the Best Dressed of 2007 includes (in no particular order) Agyness Deyn, Kylie Minogue, and Cate Blanchett, amongst others. We had a few comments saying Irina Lazareanu also- and she is a very worthy candidate (snaps to our poor Vogue for including her)

More to come!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Lulamae Opening!

I just found the most gorgeous little shop in Park St, Sth Melbourne- its called Lulamae and they are having Opening Drinks on Monday night from 6-9pm. There will be champagne and some very lovely clothes (minus 2 or 3 things that will be at my house by then). Tamara has said you are all invited so come along! They already have a store in Brunswick and have expanded their empire just a little into Sth Melbourne.

At 256 Park St, Monday December 10 from 6-9pm! Website is or call 0417 367 450 for more details.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Love Event!

Screw You, Vogue.

Screw you, is what I thought today as I ate my lunch and flicked through my newly arrived (via subscription which comes earlier) Australian Vogue. Screw you and your pathetic attempt at being one of Australias foremost fashion publications.

For ages now I have been disillusioned with Vogue, as its well known. More recently, I have started being OVER The Age's fashion editors and contributors as well. My annoyance there lies particularly with the women at M magazine from the Sunday Age- NOT with the great goddess Janice Breen Burns, whose column i love so much i cut them out for my scrapbook each week and is the only reason I buy Saturdays Age (along with Mark Dapin, who I also love).

But first to Vogue. Heres my train of thought as I skipped through the pages: "Emmanuel Alt did the cover? she's from French Vogue thats a bit cheap/i am sick of seeing stuff that has already happened ie high waisted wide leg jeans that are coming in the NEXT issue/Keira Knightley is NOT a "swan" or an "Icon of the year" she is a too skinny WIENER/Kate Bosworth is SO NOT worthy of being no. 1 Best Dressed that is an INSULT to your readers/Jennifer Connoly is clearly US Vogues darling at the moment- is that why she makes your best dressed list? cos a continuous ponytail does NOT cut it in my book/gee- luxury really has come down to the masses if THIS is all Vogue can come up with"

This is not the thoughts one should be having whilst reading what should be such a good magazine. Are my expectations too high? Is it too much to ask that they write their own articles, do their own covers, and inform us of the most cutting edge fashion that they possibly can? Its all so safe. Take a risk, Vogue! Show us something outrageous, dare to be wrong! Please! I beg of you! If I wanted high waisted wide legs jeans this late in the race I would be reading Cosmo.

Same goes for you, M. These women have it even easier as its a newspaper and comes out weekly. They could be so on the ball its sickening- but instead they are playing to the lowest common denominator and giving us tired, old, generic fashion. How can we take them seriously? Melbourne is supposed to be the most stylish city in our country, yet our main newspaper is giving us garbage like "Return of The Waist". Really? The waist is coming back? Gosh, theres no WAY I didnt see that coming on like 6 freaking months ago. This isnt rocket science, Rachel Wells, so lift your game. This paragraph particularly irked me "Here, at long last, were a bunch of women dressing for themselves (meaning wearing smocks and sacks)- pretending they couldnt hear, or simply ignoring altogether, the pleas for something "tighter, shorter, sexier, please" from dumbfounded boyfriends and husbands."

Excuse me? At long last? What, so until that last voluminous fashion statement we were all trying desperately to squeeze into a bandage dress that barely concealed our bums and was made out of some kind of pvc so that our partners were happy? Oh no, that couldnt be right, sorry, cos the bandage style dress hasnt yet made it into "On The Radar". My mistake. I may be alone here, but I have never in my whole life met a woman older than about 17 who dresses for men. Unless they are a stripper. Women dress for themselves, or for their friends, who appreciate their outfit, and its just a lucky accident if their partner thinks they look nice. Of course, most women want to look good in their clothes so a lot of the time wear flattering things that men admire. That is a happy coincidence.

I used to look forward to sundays papers and the fashion in them. But these days I enjoy the Herald Sun's Star section of paparazzi shots of stars in their trackpants more than I enjoy Rachel and her crews efforts. Give us the new!! Or at least something interesting. Be an ambassador for Melbourne and show us and visitors here that we really are the most stylish city and then give us proof. Or give me and Maudrey a job, as advisors, or something, cos I am starting to feel that we could do a pretty good job there, despite my inexperience.

I admit I am not having the best day. But coming straight off the weekend and with 2 Vogues in the letterbox this morning (the other is US Vogue, which I really should have brought to work instead) should be lifting me up, not bringing me down! Something must be done.

Dress by numbers

I am kind of disgruntled today. Mainly because the newspapers are doing their job - reporting.
Last thursday the Melbourne magazine in the Age came out and it has only succeeded in annoying me.
It annoyed me because it featured the northern suburbs (where I live) and was saying all the best spots that I feel like I have carefully found and been enjoying. Now there will be a massive influx of hideous chapel street style garbage bins into these nice nooks that are full of individual well dressed pleasant ppl. Then they will wear the same clothes as these ppl and say they "have been coming here forever".
This was the same feeling I had after reading Maggie Alderson's column in the Good Weekend a few weeks ago. She was extoling Facehunter and the Sartorialist for their amazing streetstyle. That is great I agree 100%. The problem, however, was that she was interested in finding exactly what they were wearing. I think that street style is something to be looked at and appreciated as an idea and also a great expression of individuality. Sourcing where they are from totally loses this expression and creates more clones- boring! Its great that street style can influence trends but its not dress by numbers like magazines.

I am so over newpapers and magazines totally telling everyone about everything- music/clothes/hangouts and then the clones coming and swallowing it whole and then all of us having to find fun new stuff which will in turn continue this cycle. Only accept a new trend if it fits in with your own personal style. Its great seeing new things and going to new places but its the over consuming of it that I hate.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

LIM Best Dressed

The Best Dressed 2007 Top Ten list is up on They are Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Maria Sharapova, Christy Turlington, Cate Blanchett, Uma Thurman, Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, Sofia Coppola and Kate Moss. The pictures they have used for these poor women are far and away NOT their best looks (except perhaps for Sofia). Uma looks sort of silly, Charlize looks kind of scary and Nicole Kidman looks a bit possessed. I dont argue that most of these women are all worthy of their positions (Maria Sharapova. Sure she always looks nice, but where's the fun in that if your sponsor is adidas or nike?), but I think Kate Moss (much as I love and worship her whole wardrobe and everything she does with it) is an easy mark and Sienna Miller is NOT best dressed. I am trying to remember that this is voted for, not's personal list, so they are not to blame. But Sienna Miller is NOT STYLISH. She is at best, predictable, and at worst, 3 months behind with bad hair. For what is one of the best style websites in town they could have done better- oh but I am remembering that its voted by the public. Damn.

If you could vote who would you have as the Best Dressed Woman? And best dressed man? We will publish results (if we get enough), otherwise you will all be subjected to MY best dressed list mwahahaha. Rest assured there will NOT be any Sienna Miller, or any of those overstyled sort-of "actresses" ie Kate Bosworth, Hayden Panettiere, etc. These people do not have their own style therefore can never be considered the best at dressing.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Unique In Melbourne

Streetstyle gives me so many different emotions. Sometimes I become obsessive about it, desperately wishing I didnt have so many plain tshirts but instead had dozens of interesting, patterned, "tops". Other times it depresses me for exactly the same reason- nothing in my wardrobe ever comes close to being a candidate for streetstyle. Usually what happens is I end up going through my wardrobe hoping to find something that I've forgotten about that is suddenly MAGIC and PERFECT and looks fabulous with jeans, as well as taking about 5 kilos off and looking effortless.

Maggie Alderson wrote about streetstyle in the Good Weekend a few weeks ago- and Maud has a LOT of opinions on this subject so I wont go into it too much, except that I too was disappointed that all she wanted to know was where the subjects get their clothes from, presumably so she can go get one of her own. I dont understand she is on about here. The whole point of streetstyle (particularly in Europe, I find) is that these are people who wear unique, personal items that- as they will often tell you- they get second hand or free. Good luck finding that, Maggie. And at the other end of the scale, a lot of the subjects of The Sartorialist, for example, are wearing serious designer pieces. I think this is because a lot of them are fashion magazine or store people, and fashion is their job. The annoying thing about this is, they all look amazing, and for a lot of us (including me!) this kind of amazing is completely unattainable.

This is why the first option is so good- cheap, original and personal. And telling millions of website viewers where you get your special junk from would spell death. No one wants someone else copying them, that is the domain of school girls and Dotti. Instead I think its much more interesting (and safe for these gorgeous stylistes) is what look they are into, what aesthetic they relate to, and what labels or designers they admire. Hearing that someone likes Martin Grant, divine tailoring, and 20s deco styling is painting such a lovely picture- and if you like their style you can find your own way to dress it. Hearing that their shoes are from Diesel, their skirt is from Myer and their scarf is Burberry is really quite boring.

Not for the first time there is going to be some attempts made at some of our very own Love In Melbourne Street Style. Hopefully this time it will actually happen- my last effort at this was a complete failure and I didnt see a single look I liked. So dress up and come out and maybe we will meet- and then we can chat about how you put your outfit together- what fun.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

All or (almost) Nothing

Generally I am of the "put my energy into good skin rather than makeup" camp of the cosmetics industry and wear sunscreen, mascara and lip gloss- current favourite Nars "Babe" (its kinda orange!). Or just an eyelash curl and some Kiehls #1.... depending on the occasion.

But recently I have branched out and bought some crazy makeup. Glitter eyeliner, turquoise shadow, gold powder, bright-pink blush. And this is where the problems start- remember how I want to go out Kylie-style? I could also go out John Galliano style:

Love the smoky glitter eyes, LOVE the stuck on diamante lips.....sigh. The question is- how do I do this? As someone of limited makeup skills/tools/colours, this is a tricky thing to pull off. Going from almost nothing to full on catwalk/music video makeup is not going to be easy. Chances are if you come round to my house unannounced on any given night I will open the door with a half-face of glitter, or what will look like 2 black eyes but on closer inspection will turn out to be seriously BAD black eyeshadow....

Secondly, where would I go with this sort of look? Does anyone know anything about "Retro" which I hear is a club or something on Lonsdale st? What about gay clubs, would they be more amenable to my dress code (makeup code?)?

also- I have spent at least 40 minutes today trying to find a picture of Kylies band to show you- and try as I might I cant find even ONE. Does anyone know the trick to finding pics of what you want on the net? There MUST be a trick, there just must be. And its currently eluding me, dammit! I need help.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Saturday Morning

I'm not going to pretend I am in a great mood today- its sunny and I'm at work. I also have the worlds worst hayfever, where the only drug that helps is Phenergan, and I cant take that during the day as generally you need to be awake at work, so I've been to the chemist and asked for something "good", and they laughed and told me "just hang in there, it will pass." Not comforting!

To add to my annoyance I have seen two white hippy skirts today. I love to poke fun at people wearing funny clothes generally, but its not often I am annoyed by others choices..... and its nothing personal. I just hate white. Not all white, but white "bottoms" ie pants and skirts are NOT ON in my book. They are not flattering, and create all sorts of underwear/VPL/chubby-bits problems. I also do not like boho, hippy, etc, and a tiered, mid-calf length white skirt made out of some kind of barely opaque cotton epitomises everything I hate in a garment. You do not look like Mary Kate Olsen, you do not look like Elizabeth Hurley. You look like you bought your skirt on holiday, or possibly at the Falls Festival. Fun at the time, but not city wear. Lol I just googled "white hippy skirt" and a picture of Sienna Miller came up.

Ok thats the rant out of the way. Now I am going to make a Spending Budget for this week. Much saving is needed, to stop me buying cheap junk (fun as it is) and to help me buy better quality, more long-term stuff. Like good quality shoes and lingerie, two things that are always better the more you spend.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Cairns, glorious Cairns

So we didn't quite make it with the postcards, but we did have a fantastic holiday and are back home now, ready to continue blogging. As you can see Cairns has wide streets, palm trees, blue skies, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Prada, amongst other things. Great place. Much as we love Melbourne- it doesnt have Dior! (or palm trees for that matter)

I feel the blogging has been few and far between lately and I must confess I am experiencing a small bout of writers block. My problem is I have no internet at home, so when inspiration strikes I have to wait til I go to work or the library to get it down- by which time I have either forgotten or lost inspiration.

Hopefully this will be rectified soon. Meanwhile here are some observations:

There is nothing new/interesting to buy in Melbourne. The shopping in Cairns was great (between us, 3 dresses, a kimono, some hair clips, silk pants, scarves, dvds, massages/eyelash tints)

There is too much fake tan about. Pale Porcelain is IN, orange/brown real or fake is OUT.

I cant find anywhere to go where I could dress up as one of the band members in Kylies band in her "2 Hearts" video. I want to have a glitter face, a butterfly over one eye, crazy hair, or sparkly boots and see others dressed the same where we can all disco out to some actually GOOD music. Any help?

I saw (and was nearly run over by) a woman running a red light whilst fixing her hair in the rearview with both hands.

And finally, I will try and come up with something better for next time.


Monday, 5 November 2007

Love in Cairns!

We are going to Cairns today! So excited and pumped for poolside lounging and magazine reading. Ahh the joys of tropical north QLD. Try not to miss us while we're there- we will send a postcard xxx

Saturday, 3 November 2007

I spy at the races

Its what, 13 degrees this morning? With a definite looming of rain? Those girls going to the races must know something I dont, I reckon, either that or its magically 10 degrees warmer out at Flemington. On my way to work today I saw more flesh than I have in the last week. I've seen bare legs, bare arms, bare shoulders, and the bosoms! My god.

Remember that column by Maggie Alderson years ago that was then published in her Handbag Heaven book? About spotting "celebrity" hair styles on normal people? 6 points for Sarah Jessica Parker, 10 points for Cameron Diaz? You can do the same with Race Day Decolletage.

For 5 points, the J-Lo. This is usually halterneck, usually slit low enough to see a little of the top of the stomach, occasionally held up somehow with tape or something, but generally freeboobin', and jigglin'. If you catch her on her way to the races she will probably be running with a slight hobble (due to impossible shoes) and if you are unfortunate you might catch a wayward nipple. (Dress is usually fitted around waist with flared out skirt, in a pattern of some kind, often bright colours.)

For 4 points, The Sarah Jessica Parker. This is usually not overt cleavage, but instead covered up with a sweetheart neckline strapless dress. 50's style, with a big skirt. There are a lot of these at the races. Coupled with shoes that have bows on the toes (tows?), and some kind of awkward fascinator, they seem to be the simplest option. Luckily you wont see too much boob, unless she loses her dress completely (which isnt entirely off the cards, depending on her level of drunkenness) but she will probably be sunburnt on her shoulders, back and arms, poor love.

For 7 points, the Posh Spice. She gets more points cos its a harder one to pull off (and I like her). This is the extreeeeeemmmmeeely tight dress, with hem somewhere betweem bottom and knee, depending on skank level, often strapless but sometimes with those very wide-set thin straps. Underneath this glad-wrapped frock is one mother of a push up bra. It lifts, separates, then PUSHES so she has 2 perfectly round half globes showing out the top of the dress. She is often very tanned, very skinny, with very high heels and a proper hat.

Next is what I like to call the Sporty Girl Next Door. She is part Swimmer, part tennis player, part basketballer. There is no specific celebrity for this but if you imagine Jodi Henry crossed with Martina Hingis, you are on the right track. She has the buffed body, the muscly legs and arms, with a floral v necked, a line skirted, thick strapped dress. She wear heels, but not too high, and cant wait to get them off so she can party properly. Her hair is out, she has a hat, but it will spend most of the day on someone elses head while she laughs hysterically. The cleavage is small, subtle, and usually naturally tanned. She likes the races, but wants to go to the pub after. 6 points.

Lastly, theres the Queen Latifah. This voluptuous lady has a great silhouette, and shows it off with a wrap dress/cross over neckline. She gets a cleavage you could keep $300 in, and she is proud. She usually wears loud colour, with a big hat, and some saucy heels. Loves the champagne, and isnt afraid to plonk down on the picnic rug for some man-scouting. 7 points.

Rare is the Lindsay Lohan or Mischa Barton at the races. Mischa wears something loose and sheer, with flats and wavy hair. Hippie hat, and no bra. Lindsay wears some killer shoes, and something short, possibly loose but tight around the hem, with a crazee hat and no bag (so 2 free hands). Also no bra. 9 points for either of these.

I saw one Posh Spice, at least 4 J-los, 5 SJPs and a Queen Latifah this morning. None of them wore coats. One of them had a cardi on. I was wearing jeans, 2 tshirts and a leather jacket. It had rained already. It was 9.30am.

The boys meanwhile seem to be stuck on the "suit with pale cream/white/nude crocodile skin (faux) shoes with pointy toes, hair dishevelled into a mohawk/spiky/blond tips combination". Its not always a good look guys, especially if your pants are slightly too short, which is my absolute worst male style pet hate. I know you think the suits look great, and they do, but the shoes and hair are letting you down.

The best racewear I saw this morning was almost entirely on older women (I mean women over the age of approx. 45, I dont not mean any offence, especially as they all look so damn good). They were almost all wearing very chic black and white combinations, with stunning PROPER hats (chuck the fascinators, girls, please), great shoes and glowing skin. I saw about 4 of them today. I call her the Helen Mirren. 10 points for her. She has great hair.

The other winner was probably what you would label the "Gemma Ward". Tall, thin, very long toned legs, with a short black and white tunic on, small jacket (she clearly has brains) hat that looked great from one angle, and slightly egg-timer-y from another (not holding that against her, it was outside the box, so its a plus) and cool heels. That she could walk in. Maybe she was sent from a designer to be in Fashions on the Field, apparently that happens a lot with models, or maybe she just has great style, and lovely poise. 10 points.

Friday, 26 October 2007

LIMs Rule Of Shopping

Today we've been msn-ing about shopping rules- or what SHOULD be shopping rules, more accurately. (The msn-ing is because we are both at work, and this is how we often spend our days)

1. If its the right thing, but the WRONG colour, dont buy it.

2. If it is SLIGHTLY too tight, but should be fine, cos you're going to go to the gym more often anyway, dont buy it.

3. If you've been dreaming of the uber-item, and you find something similar, hold out for the Golden Item- you will wear the lesser one a few times before you realise its Not Quite Right, and then be annoyed with it, and incapable of buying The Real Thing, cos now you have something thats almost the same.

4. If its what you want, but when you try it on it makes you look bigger/wrongly proportioned/slutty/early-to-mid-90s or cuts the circulation to your arms off, dont buy it, instead think of something else you want.

5. If you're on holidays, and you find something fun, that you wouldnt buy in Melbourne, but hey- you can wear it by the pool and no one knows you here anyway, dont buy it. Or you will be stuck forever with a crap tshirt/dress/sarong/hat that you cant throw out cos you bought it on that awesome holiday with blah-blah.

6. If you start trying on random "this'll be funny" stuff with your friend and you find something that actually kinda looks pretty good, but its red, and you hate red, dont buy it. You will only look at it once a week and think- that would be perfect, but its red. I dont wear red. (insert your own colour of hatred if its not red)

To be continued (its almost 5.30 have to pack my bags ready to leave on the dot)

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Its Bachelorette to you, thanks

It hasnt sunk in yet but uni is finished, unless I fail something, cross your fingers for me, so now I can fully devote my time to thinking about things I would like to wear/buy/investigate.

I am listening to Bat for Lashes on youtube as I write and I have to say I want to like her so much I go straight to JBs after work and buy it, but I just dont. Meanwhile I cannot stop listening to CSS and Grinderman, and have developed a definite unhealthy obsession with Nick Cave. He is the same age as my father, he is balding, he is somewhat grumpy, but my GOD is he one hot man.

I went to see Grinderman at the Forum last week, and it was the best gig I have ever been to (barring Prince, of course). The energy of these guys! Its just amazing. I took some majorly blurry pictures but you can still recognise Nick Cave and how hot he is.
Blurred. But I like to think it adds to the atmosphere of the photo.

In other news, facebook is taking up most of my worklife- does anyone else have this problem?

Maudrey and I are vacationing in Cairns in a week or so and we will send you all postcards... It will be a vacation in the way I imagine the word "vacation"- lots of drinks with umbrellas, lounging beside pools in 50's style bikinis, big sunglasses, lots of sunscreen and a ginormous pile of fashion magazines.

I am also trying to restrain cravings for the new cadburys chocolate with clinkers bits in it- sooooo yummy.

And finally, this has been the most pointless post ever, but it has succeeded in wasting some work time for me as none of my friends have done anything interesting on facebook in the last hour.

Monday, 22 October 2007

how many clothes make the perfect wardrobe?

Jesse on Hel looks said this and it got me thinking...

If I wore only my most favourite clothes everyday then perhaps I would be happier with my outfits? I love reading Hel looks for the outlandish statements that people make about their fashion choices...

"I only wear Gucci or YSL shoes"

"I am inspired by a NASA scientist on holidays"

"I only wear second hand clothes or clothes I can get for free"

I love pink and Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and the kind of romantic roccoco gilded styles but I was wearing jeans and a RED (!!!) top on the weekend- this might be someone elses dream outfit but its not mine so why should I be wearing it?

I love how KL wears his rings and collars like a uniform and how Anna Piagi has her hats. I don't want anything in particular to be my signature style just yet but that is no reason for wearing clothes that are cute but aren't ME!

Friday, 19 October 2007

eight morsels of randomness

Avast tagged. Here goes...

When it's quiet at work, I really enjoy searching my hair for split ends and snipping them off.

My ringtone du jour is 'Jump around' by House of Pain.

I simply can't bear people cleaning their nails with other nails- the clicking sound that results from this public grooming makes my skin crawl.

I have dual nationality.

If I had to choose my celebrity doppleganger I would pick Sophie Dahl in a heartbeat.

I love listening to really bad pop and gangsta music when I work out.

I will soon be adopting a cat with one blue eye and one green eye.

I am awful at figuring out what someone means when they spell things out aloud. It is still an effective tool in keeping things secret from me.

The others who I have tagged know who they are...

Monday, 15 October 2007

Its nearly party time

And I want to celebrate finishing uni by partying hard at a bar somewhat similar to this one, featured in Kylie's "Spinning Around" video, where we can wear a little bit o Stella McCartney and a little bit o vintage, and everyone looks awesome and is friendly and the music is good and everyone dances! Any ideas?

I'm not saying I want to writhe on a bar wearing gold but one of my friends might want to....

I have been watching Kylie on youtube and it makes me wanna be a better dancer.... and I do like her new song! And new look.... its a good re-invention this time, I like it.

Thats all. Now I have to go back to the essays.... Send us bar ideas!! If we like them we will invite you to the party..... but you have to do your research on Kylie and come dressed appropriately with several dance moves....

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


ok for some reason ( I suspect operator error) my links in the post below dont work... so dont click on em. Use the link list instead....

AND: Fred is Easy Street Fashion and has done his 8 facts already ( I love the stuffed thingy), emma is If You Cant think of anything nice to say..... I really should have made more effort with the tagging thing. Sorry!!

Ow Anthony! Dont tag so hard!

So we have been tagged. I am going first- 8 Random Facts about Me. This is really hard! But here goes.....

When I was little I had dead straight hair. When I was in high school it went CURLY- like thick, corkscrew curly. Lately, its been getting straight again. Weird. At the moment it is kinda wavy...

In my backyard lives a teeny bunny named Eddie. He is a grey dwarf lop bunny.... he has a green harness, loves to hop around while tethered to his hutch, and does racing laps of the loungeroom. He has a pretty bad turning circle, and screams to a stop so his legs flip out behind him- hilarious.

I dont like gold jewellery. In fact I hate it.

I have an obsession (bordering on unhealthy) with Art Deco furniture and accessories. Currently I am lusting after a floor lamp....

At my parents ranch I have 2 Palomino ponies- one big, one small, both gorgeous, fat, and naughty. The mare is going into foal this year so I will be a grandmother!

My all time absolute desert island top 1 musician is Prince. This is definitely an unhealthy obsession. But you just cant beat him! ( I agree the recent album was average. I cant find my copy to listen it into goodness... so pretend I never said that.)

I have a Diploma of Music and play flute. I also play electric guitar in mine and maudreys band- I am kinda a cross between Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and say, Courtney Love on guitar. In an outfit that is a little bit New Young Pony Club, little bit Kylie Minogue. We need a singer, bassist and dance trio, and our World Tour 2007 starts soon.

last one!! ummm.... I am reading Marilyn French's "The Womens Room", a feminist novel. I dont want to go all feminist on you, cos this blog is not about that really, but if theres one thing that makes me angry, its people other than the woman or women in question judging and making choices for them.

I now tag JohnnyOnline, emma, fred, the stiletto effect, and maudrey. Thats all. I cant be bothered with all 8- its the end of the day. And I never bought into all that chain letter passing one, anyway. There, thats 9 facts for the price of 8.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Ahh, procrastination

Its my 2nd last week of uni, and my day off. I have approx. 8000 words to write and one exam to do before next Friday. I am yet to start any of it. Instead, I am procrastinating.

For example, today I have so far changed sheets, washed dishes, tidied, moved linen to a new drawer, made a shopping list, made some phone calls, wiped down the outside of the kitchen cupboards, spent some quality time on facebook, emailed some people, read some book, and finally, in desparation, tried to pour the beans out of the bean bag into a box, so i can wash the cover, cos the bunny weed on it. Do you know how hard that is!!?? TOO hard.

So now I am wondering- is it ok to watch a movie whilst studying? Will anything sink in? Does it matter? Can I eat a massive bag of maltesers? Does the study cancel out the calories? Should I go into the city to buy/borrow the textbook I need for the exam today, or leave it til next week?
Also, a few weeks ago we recieved a comment asking for help. Anonymous (i'm guessing not her real name) wants shoe shops and strong bobby pins. I havent posted about it yet as I was waiting for inspiration and some helpful advice from friends, and then forgot, and then miraculously came across some helpful info from friends, and remembered! So here it is:

Bobby pins are tricky. You can buy hairdresser-strength ones in massive containers from Hairhouse Warehouse or Petra, I am not sure how strong these are. Best to ask the "hairdressers" who work there. But you can get lots, and in many sizes including HUGE.

Otherwise try an actual hairdresser, or a smaller shop/salon. Theres one in Clarendon St Sth Melbourne, near Park St, if that is close to you.

For shoes, our favourite is Zomp (in the city, preferably). Obviously it depends on budgetary allowances, but David Jones have seriously stepped up lately and have TONS of hot shoes. If you are desperate try Myer in the city but its more pain than its worth. If you want classic Zomp usually have some stunning shoes for less than $200. As well as some extremely stunning shoes for more than that!

You hopefully will find black peep toes almost anywhere, the gold ones might be harder.... and here is where I run out of steam. I am not really a "shoe girl" but instead just wander the streets aimlessly until shoes find me... which is more often than not at Zomp. They often have sales. I tend to avoid things like Nine West (except for the amazing silver sneakers which I own and LOVE) and Zu etc, because I like my shoes either comfy and happy for work or crazy and extravagant for play, but they might have some gold shoes- specially leading up to spring racing. I also frequent Payless Shoes on Elizabeth St, for "trendy" pairs- they cost almost nothing and wear out at about the same time you get sick of wearing them. Perfect.

Does that help? Do any readers have any better ideas? If you let us know, we can put them in our shop link list so everyone can play.

So now its back to the facebo- I mean study. If I dont post for a while its because I have had a massive, last minute panic attack and am desperately trying to work out how to do the least amount of work and still pass.

Monday, 1 October 2007

And we're already at Paris!

Its Paris already and that is my favourite Fashion Week but here are my highlights so far from New York, London and Milan:

These amazing shoes are from Christian Louboutin, made specially for David Lynch's Fetish exhibition opening soon in Paris- aren't they fabulous!!?

This is from Versace: love the hair, the colour, the shape, and WHERE did Carmen Kass get that cleavage! Its incredible!

Dolce & Gabbana.... there were several dresses similar to this one, but I love this the most for the garden colours- its so beautiful.

And this is by far my favourite dress out of all collections so far- its Roberto Cavalli, Lily Donaldson looks amazing and eerily unlike herself, the hair is gorgeous and the dress is just stunning- the colour, the print, the shape- its all just stunning.

What has everyone else liked? I thought the Marc Jacobs prints were awesome, and am looking forward to Chanel as usual this week as well as Dior....

(pics are all from

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Brownlow "Style" 2007- laugh with me, friends

I found hundreds of pictures out there of these women in their various get-ups, and I do not have the time or the stomach to post about them all- so here are my favourite "Stars on The Red Carpet" (from ninemsn). Stars, indeed!

Bree Hately, Adam Mcphee. Bree has taken the visible g-string to a new conceptual level. Instead of an actual g-string she has instead a dress so low cut in the back she needs a strap to a) cover her plumbers smile at the bottom and b) hold it up so the dress doesnt slip further, and choke her with her own jewelled neckpiece. Or maybe thats why his hand is there- added security against slippage.

Chantelle Raleigh: "I'm so cute, right?! my hair is sooo pretty and if I stand like this you can't even tell that the boob area of my dress doesnt BEGIN to cover anything." Hamish Mackintosh: "I may look a bit dopey, but I'm real clever- I'm at the brownlow with Christina Aguilera haha- beat THAT Chris Judd!"

In what looks like their Year 12 Formal couples picture with Travis Cloke, Bethany Taylor has somehow stolen that dress Scarlett Johansson wore to a premiere somewhere, and combined it with her Cranbourne hairdressers best ever effort- long corkscrew curls with dead straight long fringe.

Kaiti Williams: "Hi! I'm Kaiti! With an a-i! I'm from the country or something but I have this great sparkly dress and I got my sister- she's our regional bodybuilding champion- to teach me how to stand with one leg bent and my chest out and I got one of those Sophie Monk bras from Myer so I have the BEST cleavage! My partner Jason Gram got too excited in the car so my hair is a bit boofy at the back but I think it makes me look kinda mysterious and like, sulky or something? I mean sultry?! Dont you think?!"

I dont know what to say here. The dress seems to be gaping at the top, she has spaghetti straps (and she's in good shape, i know, but spaghetti straps are not a good look), she's gone for a bit of a Erica Baxter Dior wedding dress big frill hem but it just doesnt work in that colour or lace, her face is shiny and her hair, well I dont hate the hair. I do hate James' though. (James and Tania Hird).

Chantelle Delaney: "Sorry? What did you say?......YES! This is that dress Kylie wore years ago to some music awards ceremony- dont you think I fill it out really well?! I've always loved that dress she wore so when Jess here invited me tonight I thought- I'll get my teeth whitened and find mums old silver bag and WEAR IT!"

Jess Sinclair: "hehehe- honey, just stand up straight- just.....ahh, the photographers looking right at us- just lean back a bit, you're ahhh.... busting out there babe...."

"I'm Rebecca Twigley, you probably saw me last year or the year before in that great red dress with the neckline slit to the pubes- yeah? Well I'm still with Chris Judd so I thought this year at the Brownlows I'd go for something classy, something sophisticated, did you see that the papers called me "demure"? I really like the way this fabric changes colour in the light- its something different for the footy fashion, you know? I know i've become something of a role model to the younger girls coming through so I am setting a good stylish example with the bustier top here and the ruffled hem. I made Chris wear a really good suit too, cos so many of the boys look the same- but I think he really stands out tonight, dont you think? All the Victorian clubs are fighting over him, its SO tiring for us. Melbourne will be good though- I really feel at home with the fashion here- the other Brownlow women are all so fabulous. We're such a power couple. We're gonna get married, you know, one day, but in the meantime I have SUCH a Jane Austen cleavage- see, I am LITERARY too, not just a style icon!"

Olivia Carafa gets my vote for Best Dressed. She looks natural, gorgeous, and the colour of the dress really suits her.

There were so many other laughable ones but I couldnt get pics to put up here.... see Anthony Koutafides wife and also Jason Akermanis' partner- both quite giggle-inducing!
These pics and more are from

Monday, 24 September 2007

So many purchases, so little money

Its a Poor Week for me this week, and as is always the case I have no money and SO many things to pay for. So I am trying to distract myself by writing lists, looking at magazine websites instead of the real thing, and trying to remember that I have an American Apparel order on its way- therefore filling the purchase hole i am currently sulking in. They say 6-8 days for shipping, so it should arrive this week! I ordered:

Baby Rib Cross Back Summer Dress
Cotton Spandex Jersey Short Sleeve Tshirt Leotard, and long legwarmers (i'm sure you can picture those yourself)

The dress is gorgeous and hopefully will get loads of wear over summer. But the real star here is the leotard. Maud and I have for a while now been pondering the good old bodysuit- and as we are both obsessed with a) long tops and b) warm tummies this seemed the PERFECT solution. Maximum coverage, and hopefully maximum comfort. No midriff or bumcrack or love handles to be seen here! Plus it has a scoop neck and back which totally suits us both.

And in case you were wondering- American Apparel is opening a Chapel St store soon!! No word on when or exactly where, but my bet is on the shop next to Zomp, and in the next few months. And then we can all shop for bodysuits together. I also desperately covet the silver and gold lame leggings, and numerous other bright sparkly things. The ordering is easy and hopefully quick! Give it a go! And let us know what you pick up! We need feedback particularly if you buy things we like.... eg aforementioned leggings or magenta skater dress!

In other news, its the Brownlow apparently tonight and I am OVER hearing about the "style". For one I hate footy and for 2 I hate football girlfriends style. I also hate g-strings, plunging necklines, year 11 formal hairstyles, j'aton "couture" and the fact that they all claim to be "models". Ralph/Zoo/FHM doesnt count, girls!

I refuse to watch this ridiculous event BUT I will scour the net tomorrow to see the hilarity that is the Red Carpet, and then poke fun at them right here. I will be completely hopeless with names and boyfriends but as they all look virtually identical I dont think we will have any problems.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Style In Melbourne (Just not in Who)

Walking home from work the other night I came across us in shop formation- called Melbourne Style, at 155 Clarendon St Sth Melbourne, it has the best window display:

I couldnt get in as they were closed, but a squiz at their website (see link list) has me wanting one of these:

Have a look they are super cool.....

Also I went to Bobby's Cuts on Tuesday in search of jeans, they only had skinny's in stock for girls at the moment, but Bobby (or store-worker-person) was really helpful and sent me in the direction of some other places- which I really appreciate when shopping- someone who isn't afraid to reccommend somewhere else when they don't have what you want. Their website is:

In other news, if you want a good laugh check out Who mags 2007 Best and Worst Dressed. The list is ridiculous (Sienna Miller number 1??!) and Jodi Gordon at number 8- who on earth is Jodi Gordon? Apparently she is on Home and Away..... she is wearing 3 of the most generic Bec-Hewitt outfits I've ever seen.

Heres the list:

Best Dressed:
  1. Sienna Miller
  2. Dita Von Teese (no complaints there)
  3. Chloe Sevigny (ditto, although they could have swapped 3 for 1)
  4. Cameron Diaz (a safe choice)
  5. Katherine Heigl (ditto)
  6. America Ferrera (shoulda been higher!)
  7. Justin Timberlake (the only male on this side, bit random)
  8. Jodi Gordon (???)
  9. Hayden Panettiere ( no idea who she is, but she looks like a pre-spazmo Britney Spears)
  10. Kate Middleton (boring)
  1. Avril Lavigne (this at least makes sense)
  2. Coco (and I do love Ice-T)
  3. Britney Spears
  4. Kelly Clarkson (blerggh)
  5. Jessica Simpson (ditto)
  6. Bai Ling (do most people even know her? nutcase definitely though)
  7. Joss Stone (hideous)
  8. Amy Winehouse (but she has a look! yes she is cracked out most of the time, but she is cool!)
  9. Victoria Beckham (I disagree with this one cos personally I love the zebra dress with hot pink bra combination)
  10. Pete Doherty (token worst male? I think he has some style, its just hidden under the cold sweat. kate wouldnt go out with him if he was badly dressed, I know that for sure)
What do you think? I hate most of the bests and the "Judging panel" comments are ridiculous! Only 4.50 sequins for some lunch break entertainment though....

Saturday, 15 September 2007


To avoid confusion and so you dont think we are complete wierdo's, the I heart delta post is an msn conversation we had after maudrey seeing the linked article......

Thursday, 13 September 2007

I heart delta - what else is new?

Maudrey says:
i really like the new delta song

Zoe says:
i think i have heard that
Zoe says:
sounds just like her, despite the "makeover"?
Maudrey says:
Maudrey says:

Zoe says:
i was so disappointed in her makeover
Zoe says:
they talked it up soooo much

Maudrey says:
Maudrey says:
it was like more eyeliner

Zoe says:
and its basically her with jennifer hawkins pose
Zoe says:
Zoe says:
same hair
Zoe says:
same kinda outfits

Maudrey says:
kinda verging on portmans chic
Maudrey says:

Zoe says:
yeah hahahahha

Maudrey says:,22049,22407163-5006009,00.html
Maudrey says:
"how i got sexy"
Maudrey says:
While Team Delta sources designers and outfits to complement her Brigitte Bardot look, they insist the 22-year-old is the mistress of her own makeover.
Maudrey says:
Brigitte Bardot look,
Maudrey says:
Zoe says:
right so the puppies gone, the streaks are gone but basically thats it?

Maudrey says:
nothing that i can see

Zoe says:
yeah me neither
Zoe says:
i think she had a more interesting makeover with the short hair
Zoe says:
this is just a return to pre-cancer
Zoe says:
although I do like that dress

Maudrey says:
"She's gone from being a 'fairy girl' to a rock chick Kate Moss type."
Maudrey says:

Zoe says:

Maudrey says:
she soooo hasn't
Maudrey says:
Maudrey says:
i think its funny

Zoe says:
me too

Maudrey says:
its like the emperor's new clothes

Zoe says:
yeah she has better dresses but big deal
Maudrey says:
everyone sees this new thing that isn't actually but agree that it is there just cos everyone else can apparently see it

Scrolldown: A Tribute To Fug

Here is Rachel Zoe a few months ago. Still busting out those 70's dresses (although we are all in favour of the maxi this summer) with dry hair, protruding front-ribs making her look like she has 2 sets of collarbones, pretty much no body fat. That dress is basically hanging free off her shoulders, which I suppose is the point of her style, as a coat-hanger. I dont like the print of the dress, but thats just personal opinion. And I hate the WHITE BAG ewww and NANNA SANDALS, but they seem entirely appropriate when you scroll down.....
This is from like last week, or so. Still more pairs of collarbones, even less in the boobular region, and the hairstyle is ageing her about 20-30 years. She looks like a poor mans David Bowie dressed in a Rachel Zoe costume at a Hollywood Theme Party. And those arms are scary!

Monday, 10 September 2007

6 Things You Might Not Have Known About MMSFW

1. Like in dreams, normal girls CAN be recruited last minute to be models. It happened to a volunteer on Wednesday. She was tall thin and lovely, nervous, and pretty good at it!

2. Models dont necessarily have great bodies. They are small, for sure, but they still can have a big bum, wobbly bits, big boobs, round tummies, short legs, and cellullite. Theres not many that have toned perfect figures, just like the rest of us!

3. Lots of people dont want their showbags, and volunteers eat the leftovers for dinner between shows. Decidedly unglamourous, but if you had no prospect of dinner until 10, you too would drink 2 litres of water and eat 3 chocolate hearts while scrabbling under the seats on your knees.

4. Backstage people/organisers are all nice, with like 2 exceptions. They are also quite stylish, some more than others, but generally quite normal.

5. If you are a dresser, you get to see male models in their underwear.

6. When volunteers get picked to model, some other volunteers spend hours sulking cos THEY didnt get picked, and they actually are a model normally- (that must be why they are volunteering.....ooh nasty!)

From now on my attention will be diverted to New York Fashion far nothing has astounded me, but and have reviews and pics aplenty! they are both in our link list.....

Friday, 7 September 2007

MMSFW Part Two


Silver shoes; some great bold colours; wide legged shorts; high waisted a-line shorts; frills; pleats; lots of fabric; printed/plain silk dresses- over opaque tights, leggings or nothing; wedges or big curved Prada-esque heels; all-white (dont like this ones chances); long wavy hair or short angular haircuts; scarves for men (patterned ones not knitted ones, worn very big and loose bandanna style); high top sneakers of all colours over skinny jeans; bike shorts under summer dresses; disco tights- sequins, sparkles, glitter; pink jeans for men; jumpsuited hoodies; loose, draped, oversized cardigans and tops with hoods for men and women; silver in general; high heels, the more unique the better; 60's stewardess scarves for girls; small, real fur scarves (not the right word....stoles? neck ties? small things done up around your neck, anyway); loads of black eyeliner and...

NO- big skank cleavage; midriff; or buttcrack at all.

From last night: Christine and Jayson Brunsdon. JB did a range of silk evening/cocktail gowns over white singlets and even jeans sometimes, with black cons. It looked great! Nevenka had some nice maxi dresses, but hideous shoes. Anna Thomas had some Chanel-inspired shorts, blazers and stripy stuff, fairly run-of-the-mill. Husk had some dramatic shoulders, and very cool dark silver silk dresses.

This is from Wednesdays show- silk pleated dress on a sassy model with great hair.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Fashion Week So Far

Ok. I have just spent 20 minutes (yes its a long time, but I'm uploading photos onto facebook so my mac is running a bit slow) writing a post to get you to spot the difference between GPO Spring Glamour Shopping Affair on Monday night and backstage at the Town Hall yesteday preparing for the shows last night, but then I realised it was too easy. It was good, too, shame really.

Instead I am going to write about my Monday Night/Tuesday Day, and you can comment on the differences yourselves.

The GPO thing was not exactly what I was expecting. I'd had a less than perfect day leading up to it so I wasn't really in the mood but a good dinner set me right, and then we arrived. It was packed full of people, like so full you could hardly move, and not all of the shops were open, like Belinda, which I really wanted to go into, the people in charge were looking important and down their noses, while not having the outfits on to pull that off (in my opinion) at a fashion week gig, while the guests, sorry "VIPS" looked kinda scared/intimidated, bored, and like they had worn something "nice". Which is all fine, people can wear whatever they like, etc etc, but I wanted MORE. My first fashion week function and I expected to be blown away by the sheer amount of people I wanted to photograph to put up here on the blog, for you all to see. Instead, there was not that many, and only one I can remember 2 days later. Did anyone else go? What did you think? The hair models looked like friends of the organisers with fake tans. I didn't see the normal models although maudrey reported they looked "pretty".

At any rate, this was not what I was expecting of fashion week. I moped on the way home. Then I got up the next day, dressed in black, and went to the Town Hall to pack showbags.

What a difference! The first person I met was wearing vintage Pierre Cardin, the second was wearing a white frilly shirt, a cream short sleeved kinda bondage-y jacket,and black cons. Jan Logan walked past me and smiled. Models arrived, looking happy and COOOOOOOOL. Like relaxed, comfy, super-gorgeous layered cool. Everyone was nice. EVERYONE. The other volunteers were fun. We worked way hard, and our reward was getting to put bags on seats as the male models did their run-throughs on the catwalk. And the odd Frankie magazine that was left over. If you are going to any shows, you can look forward to some Kevin Murphy hair stuff, some Napoleon primer, some other skin stuff, and a bucketload of pamphlets. (If you are front row you get stockings, too).

Its basically exactly what you hope fashion shows/weeks are all about. Racks of clothes, gorgeous people, loads of fun and hard work. I am now trying to get tickets to whatevers left....

I'm back volunteering this afternoon/night, and I might go to the afterparty. Which is at the GPO. I dont know, maybe it will be different this time?! The bars are gorgeous. So is the building, I guess. I'll just take my friends and ignore all the snobs!

Monday, 3 September 2007

Shiny Women and Farmy Men

I'm sure you've seen this around.... its an Issey Miyake bustier currently on show at NGV, in their "Super Bodies" exhibition, a small but fierce fashion exhibition in the Myer Gallery.
I love this. I also love most of the other outfits they have there, although they are VERY suit-y, which gets a bit....meh. However I picked up a quote from Thierry Mugler (whose suits make up about 80% of the exhibit):

"..(The Mugler)... Woman is a conqueror, who controls her look and her life. She is free, self-confident and she's having fun!"

I think that quote is perfect. I am becoming increasingly more feminist and I wish women everywhere could or would be free, self-confident, in control of herself and having fun! And to think its a quote from 20-odd years ago. You should see this exhibition- its tres cool. Heres the other quote I liked, from the website

"She’s a fighter who likes seducing and arousing, a dynamic that never causes her to lose sight of her goal. Clothes for her are at once the armour protecting her integrity and the challenge which forces her to surpass herself. She looks like a superwoman: leather, furs, cottons, shiny fabrics, skin tight dress, and trousers – all obligatory. Her colours: contrasting, dazzling, bright, violent."

Elle, 1985

Around Melbourne recently I have noticed this intriguing trend among businessmen (so far no women). Suit, in any and every form, covered up in the rain by a drizabone. Not a trendy raincoat, or a "citified" drizabone, but a real, oily, muddy-looking, aged, 3/4 or full length Drizabone. I've worn a lot of drizabones in my day being a pony clubber from way back, but I have never seen one in Melbourne before, least of all on a polished man in peak hour PT travel!

Its a good look. They look like established farmers from ginormous stations in the middle of nowhere who have buckets of money and wear Ralph Lauren around the farm cos its so well made, and then pop on their thousands-of-dollars suits to go into the city to see their accountant, when they realise- its raining, better cover up. Ahh! My drizabone. Perfect.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

water'll they think of next?

Ok so to start with let me apologise for the title worthy of a joke from my dad- i couldn't resist

Now thats out of the way...

Water is something I obsess about all the time. Mostly because its always an issue here. At the moment we have water restrictions and I am constantly turning off taps and yelling at my friends when they rinse plates and let the water run whilst they turn and pick the next one up! haha I don't think I will ever be able to not be concerned about wasting water- its been drilled into my psyche for all eternity.

The other reason for me posting about water is that it seriously is the cure for any malady under the sun. I don't know how many times a good chug of water has cured a headache or cleared my skin beautifully for an exciting night coming up. It seems like Miss Zoe and I are forever telling our wiener friends with headaches and bad skin and puffy eyes to drink more water and then they can look as radiant as we do but they never pay attention!

Style starts with glossy hair & clear skin and its only a sip away!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A Vent With A Happy Ending

Regular readers may have picked up on this from my usual rantings about various things but I cannot STAND useless people. I am having trouble with an ex-housemate at the moment and I swear I have never met a lazier, more arrogant, useless, irritating, FRUSTRATING person in my life. Why do some people think (despite six normal months of living in the same house) that you are out to get them? And take it hard, and make it their mission to make your life as difficult as possible even though you have done everything to make their lives easy? (Just to make myself feel better, this jerk is also 30 years old, thinks women are there to furnish his house for him, single and going to stay that way forever as no self respecting modern women with HALF a brain would come within 30 feet of him). Deep breath.

I just had to vent. Its one thing after another with this guy and I am so tired of dealing with him.

On a good note, here are

6 Things You Want for This Warm Melbourne Weather!
  1. Big happy sunglasses
  2. Sunscreen
  3. A dress- long and flowy and possibly very bright OR for the men cuffed shorts just above the knee
  4. extremely cool sandals of the variety I have on layby or similar; OR havianas in the brightest colour you can find
  5. A hat! Just wear it! You'll look awesome and be happy!
  6. A big bag to carry your essentials, PLUS all the happy things you'll find out on your warm afternoon walk
Now, who wants a special Melbourne Bloggers Sunny Afternoon where we can meet each other, hang out and play in the sunshine?

Saturday, 25 August 2007


Remember my future husband?

Well check him in his city suit!!

I have impressed myself! (pics from The Sartorialist)

Friday, 24 August 2007


Finally! An end to these tired trends! This is from Outside Sources blog:

Outside sources

adult education

For those of us tired of the baby doll and the sack dress, the news that the end of that particular fashion moment is near will come as a relief. As Cathy Horyn explains in today's New York Times, fall dressing is much more grown-up. "The clothes are at once elegant and practical, but more, they project an attitude that is above the trendy fray: not a contentment, but certainly a reasonableness." Sounds reasonable to us.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

summer is on the horizon

Recently we have had some delightful spring weather in Melbourne and this has led Miss Zoe and I to begin dreaming up our holiday to celebrate that we have both finished our uni degrees this year but more importantly the clothes that we will wear on said holiday! I can't wait to wear a lovely long flowing maxi dress - this one at Topshop looks like a winner (even though topshop is in the UK and not here in Melb).

The other thing I am excited by is American Apparel - a store I was obsessed with when I was in Berlin earlier in the year. Now it is available for the sunburnt country with an Australian online store. favourites include this romper suit- too cute!

Monday, 20 August 2007

As I was saying....

To re-iterate what i've been banging on about lately!! This article is from The Age, saturday 18/8/07. She says it so well!

Be yourself

August 18, 2007
"I LOVE Alber Elbaz; how utterly wrong he looks in a world seething with people trying so-ooo hard to look right."

"I LOVE Alber Elbaz; how utterly wrong he looks in a world seething with people trying so-ooo hard to look right."
Photo: AP

Fashion won't work its magic if you're not, writes Janice Breen Burns.

Alber Elbaz is an elegant Tweedledee of a bloke with a smug/naughty smile and pop-eye spectacles that accentuate his slitty, sparkly eyes. He's fond of goofy bow ties, droopy trousers and high-top trainers done up with extra metres of loopy white shoelaces. That's him, pleased as a salon poodle after his spring/summer 2008 collection show in Paris. He is Lanvin's creative director and one of the most influential men in fashion. Isn't he smashing?

I LOVE Alber Elbaz; how utterly "wrong" he looks in a world seething with people trying so-ooo hard to look "right". You know what I mean; fat people lipo-sucked, slim, old people slicing bits off to look young(ish), wrinkly people Botoxed smooth, brown people bleached pale and pale people baked brown. Don't get me started on almond-eyed Asians wanting walnut shaped eyes either, or walnuts wanting almonds.

The world has gone nuts, but Elbaz is still Elbaz, the metaphorical tip of a thrilling, lovely iceberg, the epitome of NOT WANTING. Not pining, not craving, not wishing. Just arrogantly, confidently, narcissistically being, revelling in who he is. This is the key to good fashion. Jot it down. This is how you unlock fashion's power.

Self-acceptance like that is a miraculous accessory for striking, carefully picked clothes. It is uncommonly chic and particularly popular on fashion's loftiest echelon where Alber "Tweedledee" Elbaz, John "Ain't no oil painting" Galliano, Jean Paul "Me neither" Gaultier, Vivienne "Who gives a toss" Westwood and Donna "Rhinoplasty? Don't be a clod!" Karan, among many, many technically unattractive others, direct the seasonal looks that trickle down and eventually seduce us all. Aren't they smashing? Ugly/beautiful/evocative/powerful/enviable/fashionable/fabulous. Smashing.

For a ridiculous number of years I have preached the power of a good frock, a nice suit, a new hat - the self-concept of Decoration before Alteration - but apparently, it isn't enough any more. In the past three or four years particularly, the stream of pleas from sad little poppets wishing they were someone else has thickened through my inbox: "I'm short - how can I look taller?", "I'm chubby, how can I look slimmer?". "I'm thin." "I'm florid." "I'm in a wheelchair." "I'm ugly." There are the nearly-but-never-quite-lovelies, too, who can't seem to envision their own worth, let alone potential beauty: "I want hair like Jennifer Aniston's." "That dress like Rhianna's." "Mischa Barton's jeans." "Cameron Diaz's bikini." Go on, I think; you might as well say it: "I hate myself."

While I have been banging on about the power of fashion to unlock who we are, a generation has been marinating in a culture that reveres model looks above all. They genuinely believe anything different can be solved - should be solved - by the right surgery, or the right frocks. Wishing for one painfully narrow definition of beauty is a lifestyle, scheming to achieve it - one way or another - a life project. Self-acceptance; what's that?

Good grief.

Time to revisit the basics. And so I give you the lovely Alber Elbaz. And, come to that, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Valentino Garavani, Miuccia Prada, Karl Lagerfeld. A thousand others. They are fashion's marvellously, technically "unbeautiful" people who use clothes unselfconsciously to express who they are, and who, incidentally, wield more power in the world than most technically beautiful people ever will.

It's time to switch allegiances and goals or, at least, expand them a bit. What do you want to be? Powerful, or pretty?

Friday, 17 August 2007


If I had this dress..... ( and this hair, come to mention it) ......

I would ask this man out........

(pics from and sartorialist)

Thursday, 16 August 2007


I am about to join a breed of women commonly refered to as 'powerwomen'.
The powerwoman is primarily found in the Melbourne CBD. Her dress is typified by her 'powersuit'and sheer black stockings. The main point of interest, however, lies in her footwear to and from work. While at work she maybe wearing some unassuming pumps or cute ballet flats, she changes these in favour of white ankle socks and runners for the commute in and out of the city. The stockings being worn underneath is, in my opinion, the worst part!
So why am I joining this breed you ask? I blame daylight saving! It is getting lighter when I leave work therefore the dangers associated with walking home are lifting and it really hurts to walk for 40 mins in 'cute shoes'. This is the first time in quite a while where fashion has lost out to practicality. I draw the line at ankle socks though!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Did anyone read the M magazine bit in Sundays Age? With the Kath and Kim Couture article? I loved loved loved it cos I sort of never consciously realised that by dressing Kath or Kim in a certain brand of clothing they were giving masses of negative publicity to that brand. The best part of the article is this bit

"And then there are the trends in evening wear, which any watcher of the Logies or the Brownlow would recognise, a sort of bare-all look that can only be described as Zoo magazine chic. "There's a shop I love, because it's so nude," Stuckey laughs. "I can't use it. I can't put those clothes on Gina. Who's not 22. And needs to wear a bra. But I love to look. It's a shop called Gasp. And every time you look at their window display, you understand why it's called that."

lololololololololololololololololol. Zoo magazine chic. There is SO much of that around! And its heaven is Gasp.

I am so pleased that there are other more important people around who are enjoying making fun of these people even more than I am!

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Us Vs. Them

I've been looking at a LOT of streetstyle blogs and been very inspired and intrigued by what I've found out there- look out for an update in our links list!

By far the 2 most interesting things I've found are this article titled "Are These Clothes For Real Australians", ( )about the catwalk shows for Myer and if these clothes are in touch with what "real" australians want to wear, and Hel Looks, a Helsinki street style blog.

There were a few comments on the ninemsn article which STUNNED me. Such as this, from sunumabridge, Adelaide-

"An interest in fashion is one of the the primary signs of an immature brain. Fashion is an artificial construct whose main purpose is to extract money from weak-minded people. The fact that fashion continues to exists shows that our society is not yet mature enough to act in a rational, adult manner."

Most other commenters had fairly generic things to say ie sick of muffin tops, design for larger sized women, most women arent size 8 etc etc, or they are negative ie fashion too expensive, no one wants real designers etc, and it came as a massive contrast to what I found on Hel Looks.

There I found that the same words kept popping up- Second-Hand, Innovative, Individual, Colour and Creative! How exciting are they! My 2 favourite quotes are

"You must wear high heels when you go out" from a girl in GREAT shoes, and

"Outcase people are interesting and inspiring" from a guy in green tights and a crazy cardigan.

I wish the people commenting on ninemsn had seen or read that blog. It seems to me a lot of these people dont see Australian fashion the way I do. Where is their sense of adventure? Where is the call for innovation and interesting styles? Are they all happy to wear generic boring things they can buy at Chadstone or Highpoint, do they not appreciate our more adventurous designers putting effort into making individual clothes?

Of course I know not everyone is like that. And maybe I havent done enough research, but there are a LOT more people out there wearing polar fleece and "smart" black pants to work in the morning than there are people wearing fascinating, beautiful, carefully put together outfits.

What do you think? Is the majority of our society content with the chain-store glum offerings? Do they not have a want or need for anything more? Are they even aware this stuff exists? Or are we really a culture of black wearing people who cant afford the more exciting stuff?

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Public Service Announcement

Dear men of the world,

Why must you insist on wearing so much cologne? Yes I'm talking to you! (not you you're fine) ok ok so I might not mean every single one of you but some of you- wifffy! I mean the fact that I posted my letters when YOU did I can still smell your cologne 20 mins later that is saying something. you almost knocked me out!
tell me why you do it guys... are you masking heinous BO that not even extra strength deoderant can cover? I meet you in queues, on public transport and in cafes and I don't know how to tell you without hurting your feelings.
please help me out by wearing some so you smell yummy but don't leave me gagging in your wake.

Love Maudrey xxx


Zoe and I are Melbourne girls. So as good Melbourne girls we are trying to get into volunteering at fashion week coming up in September (as you might have already read in previous posts).
So far the whole thing has been relatively painless. We had to fax a form in ( still unsure why they asked us for our sizes on it!) and then we also had an interview yesterday. The deliberation about what to wear to a fashion interview had us at our wits end! Too good and outfit and we seem desperate and too crap we seem like we haven't got a clue about how to dress ourselves but really we needn't have bothered because everyone there was just normally dressed really. We were secretly fearing that there would be floaty-babydress-permatan-blondies as far as the eye could see but the 2 girls i saw were very pleasant looking and the interviewer girl herself was casually dressed in jeans and tshirt.
It also seems like front of house is the way to go rather than behind the scenes which we orginally thought would be better. We thought backstage would be cool cos you get to see all of the designers and clothes first hand but you are actually assigned a model that you personally are in charge of to dress etc! not for me! Front of house is more the showbag people directing smiling kinda thing which is great!
So now we wait to see if we are in!

Monday, 6 August 2007

A tight fit...

So I am in the new house, and its super teeny but super cute. All of a sudden I live with no less than 7 guitars, as well as about 300 CDs.

The house is very small, right, to the point where currently the main bedroom consists of: bed, drawers, wardrobe, and 2 clothes rails. And nothing else will fit, except my desk, which I have relinquished to his computer. Add to this the fact that we haven't unpacked any clothes, so they are all over the floor as well as the spare room, and its a small disaster zone.

We had an argument over what to do with all the clothes which didn't go well for me. He suggested first off that perhaps I didnt need quite so many and could I ebay some of the ones I never wear? (Remembering dear readers, that I already HAVE ebayed everything I dont wear.) I tried to kind of skirt this issue by suggesting railing-arrangements to suit us both, with full wardrobe intact, and he then suggested we share the wardrobe* space and half the rail space.....

*My wardrobe is a hot pink ikea kids wardrobe that looks like the one out of Beauty and the Beast. Its not huge. My clothes take up the entire thing, drawer included, plus one extra clothes rail, and several boxes.

I pointed out that my stuff needs almost three times the amount of space he was suggesting, and THEN he said that maybe I should start packing away the out-of-season stuff. This isn't necessarily the worst idea.... I guess.... but how can you categorise your clothes into things you DEFINITELY WONT WEAR for the whole of winter, or summer, or whenever? To keep him quiet I agreed to put away bathers now and heavy coats in summer. This, mind you, only involves about 6 items.

Can anyone help? Currently I am in charge of unpacking clothes so I have control over what goes where.... but in fairness I guess I should look into ways of storing some things better..... I cant really sell anything else I am pretty much down the winners and everyday-ers. eeeeeee!

I will keep you updated. Please comment with any space-saving ideas you have- any at all!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Random Post

Today I am moving house, but right now I'm at work. My fabulous family are moving house for me, which is so nice of them cos its a crap job and something you shouldnt have to do for other people but still. My stupid work didnt seem to realise that maybe I'd need a day off right now BUT ANYWAY.

The point of this is that my brain is in 8 places at once, trying to deal with oldhouse/newhouse, housemates, moving, boxes, work, bills, bonds, etc etc, and maud and I have fashion week volunteer interviews on Wednesday and my whole wardrobe is packed into a giant red check bag, a GIANT box, 3 smaller boxes, one suitcase and so far 2 green bags. All I have out is filthy track pants, a matching jumper, a tshirt, and slippers. Bit depressing.

I really want to pick up my laybys but I just dont have time! And I'm hoping that cos most of my awesome wardrobe stuff (ie the stuff I dont wear that often cos its "special") will become new again when I unpack it after being packed for soooo long (one week tomorrow, haha), thus giving me a new perspective on the clothes I already own. Theres nothing better than seeing something in a new light. I bought that Supre cartoon tshirt too, and then took it home, and packed it in a box. So there is one small very brightly coloured light at the end of the moving house tunnel.

Bring on old-wardrobe-new-inspiration!! And now I go to immerse myself in unpacking, and re-arranging. Back soon.....

Friday, 3 August 2007

jean-ie in a bottle

recently miss zoe helped me finally get my room into some kind of working order! its great now all my clothes are hung up instead of being strewn across the floor and i chucked out loads of crap i didn't want/need/like. now i have less clothes and everything else that goes in a bedroom. i was amazed how many pairs of ankle socks i chucked out and also just how many clothes i was holding on to that don't fit or have something intrinsically wrong with them so although they are on the right brainwave - i will NEVER wear them cos they are NOT RIGHT.

this all led me to a sad realisation... i wear my black skinny jeans almost everyday! i love them dearly but that can't be good for me or the jeans. so yesterday i ventured out to get some other options to wear on my bottom half. basically tho i wanted another pair of jeans. i found the most perfect pair of back skinny jeans but in the spirit of shaking things up a bit i moved on from them. sigh in hindsight shopping for jeans should be done whilst wearing some kind of loose dress or skirt or something so as time wears on you can just hoik it up and try them on underneath- i do NOT recommend going through this process with skinny jeans ( i think i pulled them off and on like thirty times yesterday)

i was getting tired of of my own efforts so i went into a shop that sells jeans (i don't want to promote any particular one here lets just say it WAS NOT (!!!) justjeans eew)and in the end surrendered to the slightly annoying sales girl who in the end just brought me all the styles they had in the shop and i tried them all on. i am relatively happy with my choice - blue denim wider leg etc and i will wear them after all the pairs i tried on. if anything this whole experience has shown me that i really really like skinny leg jeans but too much of a good thing can't be that great so i will wear these other ones but my heart belongs to skinny back home.