Tuesday, 25 August 2009

how do we feel about...

hiring a personal stylist?

After my sulk 2 posts ago, my mother (who knew nothing about this) emailed me today and asked if I would like to go to this personal stylist man with her. First appointment is a "personal assessment" then next appointments include assessing the wardrobe you already have and culling, before going shopping together and being told what to buy. Or maybe I am being too sceptical.

My reservations are thus:

  • I dont know this person- what if I completely hate their personal style? How can I trust them?
  • What of their fashion credentials? What if I know more about fashion than them? (this may be unlikely, but possible!)
  • I feel like I know what they will say to me, and I dont want to pay $300 to be told I have a small waist, therefore should wear full a-line skirts with pretty cardigans in a lovely 50s style. If I wanted to wear those type of things, I would wear them already. And sometimes I do, but I dont need someone else to tell me that.
  • What sort of stores will they take me to? They better be good. And by good I mean somewhere I've never been before, with incredible clothes, at good prices (doesnt have to be cheap, just worthy).
  • I want them to understand me when I say pretentious things to them about the style I want. And to be intimately knowledgeable about people like Emmanuelle Alt and Scott Schuman.
Am I asking too much? Does anyone have experience with these people? Do they know what they're doing? In a Grace Coddington way, not a Sportsgirl way?

Please report back,

Monday, 24 August 2009

things to think about...

stripy tops
wide-leg pants
extraordinary jackets
impressive belt
super shoes
low necklines
tough jewellery
unusual colours - like dark butter yellow and bright kelly green
baggy tops

Sunday, 23 August 2009

wearing my leather

I feel like everything I wear these days isnt "me". I cant work out what "me" is, but yesterday I tried this jacket on and it was so perfect, I couldnt NOT buy it, even though I was most definitely not in the market for another leather jacket.... I think I am going to have to put away all clothes that are not right, and go with a really small wardrobe of things that feel good to wear. Do you ever get that, when everything looks wrong and makes you feel uncomfortable, in both a physical and mental way?

If I had to label what look I think I want these days, I would say........ quite masculine, very sleek, with old-fashioned bits like gloves and pretty headbands. Big pants, waistcoats, very tight-waisted dresses, high heels, very loose tshirts, man jumpers. And a little brown leather jacket that feels more like a cardigan is a pretty good start, i think.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

whats up, b.o.m?

whats with this weather? foggy at 4pm last week, gale force winds today.... this does not a pleasant walk to work make! Or indeed, a smooth hairdo.

The cure for this winter weather though, is simple: half price cocktails and The September Issue at Como cinema. Who's in?

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Regimes and Daydreams

I'm on a "too many pastries in paris + sick of spending $30 a week on metcards" regime of walking to and from work (3ks, 30 mins, hardly a hill in sight, not THAT serious) and its going well. Bought a new umbrella from NGV- just like this one from Stella Brella:

So now I wont even get wet in the rain. Still, I spend most of the walk wishing I was here, where in my daydream it NEVER rains in Paris and indeed, I would just spend my day wandering the streets in the sunshine, perhaps with a parasol instead. Its totally twee, I know, but wouldnt YOU like this view from your apartment?