Friday, 29 August 2008

Bourke St puts it on

The new sportsgirl next to Dotti opens tomorrow- its meant to have like stylists and all this fancy stuff..... and mecca is open at myer AND the new david jones bit should be opening soon too!!
My pick at Mecca is the this 3-pan eyeshadow palette, complete with Kajal Eye Liner, is hot off the red carpets of Hollywood. With both matte and shimmer shades, plus an onyx kajal liner, the gray and pewter hued palette was inspired by fall's couture fashions. Enclosed in a fab faux-patent leather casing, the palette is wrapped with a gorgeous rosette accessory. Don't you DARE get there before me cos they are limited edition!!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

right now

I covet: all black- from head to toe-, zips, very polished and pretty hair, tough shoes, ruffles, florals, fur muffs, new books, covergirl Queen Latifah mascara, comfy shoes for walking around, extreme-denier tights (i'm talking 120 denier PLUS- if you can find them), wine after work, and skirts that give you a waist and a bubble bottom (tulip shaped, in other words). And now I am going to put every single piece of clothing I own but never want to wear again (for now) into a big bag and hide it somewhere for 2 weeks. And see what happens.

Monday, 18 August 2008

A Diva through and through but...

I love Diva. No really - I love it. I love that I can pretty much guarantee to find a knock off to add to my rose jewellery obsession, be able to find "musthaves" for my new "transformation" or most recently raid "Carrie's Closet" (didn't we all cringe but secretly love that one). The thing is in Victoria alone there are approx 33 stores. That is ample access for the 2 million women of Melbourne to kit themselves out in the same stuff. So here is my dilemma. Where is there fun and different stuff that doesn't cost the earth. You guys are gonna love me! check out Etsy- A place to buy (and sell!) all things handmade. Full of cute stuff I mean look at all the catergories! hehe geekery!
Accessories Art Bags And Purses Bath And Beauty Books And Zines Candles Ceramics AndPottery Children Clothing Crochet Everything Else Furniture Geekery Glass Holidays Housewares Jewelry Knitting Music Needlecraft Paper Goods Patterns Pets Plants And Edibles Quilts Supplies Toys Vintage Weddings Woodworking

I really enjoy browsing this site and its great to get some one of a kind things- hehe there's even things to encourage my raging appetite for all things twilight!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Dear Mecca

Why, oh why are you moving to Myer?

You are such a good fit with David Jones! Myer has none of the cred of DJ's, and you will be subjected to the crammed, ugly walkways of Myer..... please dont do it! Your David Jones space was always so lovely and clean, minimalist, we could cruise in, wander around, enjoy ourselves..... At Myer we will be pushed and shoved, forced to step aside for prams and idiots, forced to listen to teenagers screaming about the Basement.... while Britney Spears new fragrance ad plays on repeat on a tv nearby....

Looks like your Little Collins st store will be getting a lot more visits. I'm sorry Mecca, but I feel disappointed in you. I love you and all your products, and you are basically the only place I go to for makeup and a lot of other lovely things, and Mauds perfume alone is enough to make you a great destination- but Myer? I wont do it.

And while I'm angry with you, I'd also like to point this out- why do you keep a record of our purchases, send us nice letters about new products, as well as very pretty brochures, but you never reward us for frequent shopping? It would go a long way to repairing the friendship.

Love Zoe

Monday, 11 August 2008


This is my new baby..... Isnt she sleek and shiny? She totally fits with my latest aesthetic which is simplicity. Everywhere I look there seems to be people talking about simplicity, paring things back, keeping it simple. Almost minimalist.

Its interesting cos I feel like its one kind of style that suits me. I look uncomfortable in layered, boho hippie type outfits, overdone and silly in overly girly outfits and sort of bogan and squishy in Sporting type outifts. In high school and for a few years after I had extremely thick, curly hair, which has now calmed down to a still thick but more of a straight wave. But my hair for years stopped me from wearing frills (too much), florals (way too feminine), red (way too vampy) and any form of flowers in my hair (wayyyyy too Penelope Cruz). Now I could wear almost all of them (I would still avoid the red, though) but I am favouring sleeker things. Prints still feature heavily in my dream wardrobe, but they are paired with very little else, mainly just black tights and solid shoes. I want to wear one dress, not a dress over a top with a cardigan, 30 bangles a necklace and statement shoes. I want to wear a black tshirt with an amazing skirt and thongs. Or jeans and a striped top, with messy hair. Easy. Am I recovering from a hair episode that didnt sit right, or am I finding my own personal style? Either way, I like where this is going. It will make the "Should I Try This On?" debate much less frequent. And realistically, I know what suits me, I just get distracted by what looks good on other people.

The other thing holding me back right now though is the weather. I could easily wear jeans and a striped top (and ofter do) but not many people see this as they are almost entirely covered by a jumper, a coat, a scarf, and usually gloves and/or beanie. Bring on spring!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Self Preservation

A new cafe everyone is raving about located in Melbourne CBD...
Self Preservation is a Jewellery Store, Cafe and Art Gallery. Stocking local and international designers, as well as one-off pieces from their in-house studio. They also have a range of vintage and retro jewellery and collectibles. They serve coffee, breakfast, lunch, cakes and snacks, as well as a selection of beers and wines. In the Art Gallery at the rear of the store and upstairs they show emerging and established artists, as well as an eclectic collection of affordable art.

business-like fashion

I've recently become addicted to a website I found called The Business of Fashion, which recently published an article about the Top 10 Online Magazines which you can find here. If you are into online fashion magazines have a read and see what you think. I think its a great list and they all make a change from when its not show season.

Other than that BOF links to articles on the net about fashion, which is great as I find The Age's fashion section is not really updated often enough for my liking! However though, if you are after a something a little different on The Age (or Sydney Morning Herald) website try the Executive Style section- they seem to get a lot of style and fashion articles there that never make it to the Life&Style section.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Love her!

chip of ye olde block

I was at an engagement party yesterday (a rather dressy one) and one of my friends commented on the unkemptness of my chipped nail polish. Before I could say anything another friend defended my nails saying Oh that's just one of her things- she loves the way it looks. I was surprised- a) that someone else would notice! and b) that non-grooming could be a "thing". Did anyone read this article about it in the New York Times.
I mean its just chipped nail polish! hehe gotta love MK for her perfectly groomed un-groomedness.